Dr. Roto Podcast – Tuesday, October 16

Dr. Roto dives deep into the Week 6 box scores on his search for Fantasy Football trends, developments, and hidden gems!

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Fantasy Funerals

About ten times I week I get asked about whether Fantasy owners can cut certain players from their roster. While I am usually the first one to always preach patience, a Fantasy owner can only be so patient for so long before having to cut bait. Below is a list of players who I think can safely be cut at this point. Some are no-brainers, but some might surprise you. In the case of players like Larry Fitzgerald, I would do my best to try to trade him to some other owner if I could before I cut him.

Bills WR Kelvin Benjamin — If I wasn’t already down on Benjamin before this week, the fact that Nathan (Captain Pick) Peterman is most likely going to be the QB with Josh Allen injured doesn’t inspire me to hold on to him any longer. In fact, my single biggest draft day blunder this season was selecting Benjamin in Round 11 over Austin Ekeler. It might end up costing me a league. I advise you to cut him now before he kills your team too.

Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald — It’s clear the Cardinals are phasing Fitz out and that Christian Kirk is slowly becoming Josh Rosen’s top target. I know it is hard to trade a future Hall of Fame player, but the problem is this: he is not giving you Hall of Fame production. Is it is hamstring that is keeping him back? I expected regression but not like this. Even worse is the fact that the Cardinals don’t look like they are improving on offense any time soon.

Cowboys WR Allen Hurns — You all know that I am a sucker for the revenge narrative and the simple fact was that last week Hurns could not make any plays in a game where Dallas scored 40 points, AND it was against his old team. I would cut Hurns in a heartbeat to pick up a backup with upside like Laquon Treadwell or David Moore.


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