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What is EDGE Boost?

EDGE Boost is the first Bet Now Pay Later (powered by VISA) provider that enables you to take out a responsible, no-interest advance that you can use to bet on games of your choice at any sportsbook, DFS site, or the FFWC! You are then given four weekly installment payments to repay your advance, and if your wager hits, you double your winnings with no fees. Think of it like Affirm, AfterPay, and other Buy Now Pay Later providers. They want you to win because EDGE makes their money from the VISA fees paid by the sportsbooks. 

Imagine this: you’re working hard and the paycheck hits just in time for a mini victory dance. But wait, the big leagues – like that playoff FFWC contest or that winning wager on DraftKings – they’re calling your name, and your wallet’s just not in sync.

Enter EDGE Boost, your ultimate sidekick! They’ve got your back, matching your deposits akin to those incredible sign-up bonuses from sportsbooks. The best part? It’s a recurring thrill! Keep using it, over and over – it’s like having a superhero’s power at your fingertips.

Didn’t hit the jackpot this time? No sweat! You’ve got a generous month to pay them back, no interest, no worries. But hey, when luck’s on your side and that bet strikes gold, imagine this: you’ve got the means to reinvest and double down with PlayFFWC! It’s like being on a perpetual winning streak.

And here’s the kicker: the more you prove yourself as a reliable user, paying back your advances like clockwork, EDGE Boost unlocks new levels for you, allowing higher advances up to a whopping $2,500! Now that’s what I call leveling up in style! So, gear up, get consistent, and watch your wagering adventures soar to new heights!

We haven’t even gotten to the best part. Much like a sportsbook dangling a promo with an odds boost on an easy bet, this app wants you…badly. Join EDGE Boost and they will match your deposits to leading sportsbooks and DFS operators so that you can bet with more and amplify your wins. 

Let’s review:

You can deposit cash with EDGE and EDGE will match the deposit so you can double down on any bet, at any sportsbook or DFS site with no interest or fees.

You simply repay the advance over four equal, weekly installments.

They won’t let you take out too much credit until you’ve proven yourself because they want responsible gamblers on their platform.

Why do they want responsible gamblers on their platform? Because they don’t charge interest, and only make money from transactions. Which is why…they want winners.

They will double any deposit made with any sportsbook or daily fantasy site or at the FFWC.

Sounds pretty good to me. Be responsible, be smart, and double your winnings. 

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Getting Started with EDGE Boost

Get ready to dive into the electrifying world of EDGE Boost, but hold up – it’s exclusively for the 21-and-above club! Just like the sportsbooks across the USA, EDGE Boost is sticking to the age-old rule: 21 is the magic number. To hop on this adrenaline-packed ride, buckle up for a quick verification process. To sign up, EDGE Boost will need to verify your identity with your name, birthday, address, social security number, and more. This helps to finalize your account and make sure it’s secure.

Once you make a deposit, EDGE Boost will match your deposit on your prepaid virtual card. Then you are free to use the card at the top sportsbooks that accept this option.

Using Your Virtual EDGE Boost Card

Using your virtual card is similar to using a debit or credit card. You make your deposit with ACH on EDGE Boost to load up the card. Then, you use the card information as a deposit option on sportsbooks like DraftKings, FanDuel, etc. Deposit the money from the card into your sportsbook and start making your bets.

Remember, on EDGE Boost, you will have to pay back the boosted money you received over four weeks with 0% interest.

Sportsbooks Allowing EDGE Boost

The great news about the EDGE Boost VISA card is that you can use it with all the sportsbooks available in the US. In addition, the card can be used at all daily fantasy sites as well.

More Details on EDGE Boost

As you can see, EDGE Boost is a great platform for sports bettors. It also gives you control over universal daily limits, access to a betting calculator, tracks your betting transfers, and more. Get on EDGE Boost right now to check out your options to start doubling down on your bets.

21+ and Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.

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