Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Add / Drop
  2. Click the player you would like to place on IR
  3. To the left of the player, there should be a drop down (it should say drop)
  4. Click drop and move to “Add to IR”
  5. Click the big yellow “Submit” button
  6. Now you can add another player!

Here on our new platform, we do not control your subscription, you do. This was a big issue for us and one of the reasons we are no longer with the CBS platform. We always felt requiring someone to call or e-mail to cancel was ridiculous.

If you are a current member of or, Just head over to your My Account page and cancel your subscription.

Due to the nature of the business we’re in, (premium advice) we do not offer refunds as outlined in our terms of service.

If you were a Premium member of, you are getting charged for something you did not sign up for. To cancel your subscription there, you’ll have to e-mail as we are no longer affiliated with them.

Please follow the directions below:

  1. Head to your player dashboard and be sure that you are logged in:
  2. Bookmark your Player Dashboard Page for further use.
  3. Click the big blue MY TEAMS button in the top right hand corner of the page.
  4. Then the MY TEAMS page should show up. Simply click the league you’d like to access.

We have our season-long offers (with an optional add on) along with a bunch of DFS bundles. You can also check out our sports betting sister site Vegas Whispers!

Click the links below to sign up:



Vegas Whispers:

You most likely skipped over the W-9 form when you went through the withdrawal proccess. Please fill out the form by clicking HERE and a check will be sent out to you.

You have to get your balance down to $199 to trade ANY future draft pick. You can do so directly from your player dashboard. The balance will always show the entire year balance unless you pay down on it. Paying it down to $199 will give your team rights to offer and propose your future picks.

There will be a text link on your dashboard under the BALANCES OWED section that says DFWC XX (or whatever league you are in) and then a year dues column with your balance. You click on it and pay.

Also remember, this must be done from the primary manager’s e-mail address.