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Shawn Childs’ Win

Finding a balance between season long baseball and writing about each team in the NFL is a bad combination to be competitive in daily baseball. In some sorts, I’ve been involved in daily sports on a small level since 2009. I’ve always had the mentality to go for the big score whether it be playing a Superfactas at the dog track, chasing a pick 6 at the Breeders Cup, or even a Super Hi-Five the day after the Kentucky Derby. I’ve been chasing the million dollar dream for two years in daily football as well.

My Fantasy career has been built in the high stakes baseball and football market. I’ve been in the hunt to win an overall prize multiple times in both baseball and football, but my team has never PERFORMED in the winning moment. I have a great story where I lost $25,000 on the last day of baseball when all I need was one strikeout to win after my team trailed the 1st place team by 38 points in late August in a 15 team league. My baseball teams have finished in the top five in an overall competition four times. I had a Fantasy football team 3rd overall headed into the last weekend only to drift back to 7th when two or three of my player left the game in the first quarter with injuries. I had a football team that was on the door step of running down an overall title one season only to see my QB (Tony Romo) and RB (Felix Jones) get hooked in the first quarter in Week 16 as the game meant nothing to Dallas when the Giants won their game which finished shortly after the start of the 4 PM games. Last year I drafted a team with a partner in football that finished 4th overall in a major contest. That team lost Julian Edelman, Keenan Allen, and Le’Veon Bell during the season leaving me one strong roster slot short of winning a huge prize. Hell, I’m not a great horse handicapper, but I went to the Breeders Cup in 2007 at Monmouth Park. My two partners and I threw in an $1152 Pick-6 ticket that finished with a five out of six with the losing horse coming in second. We picked up $4500 where the winner took home $400,000.

Even this season in baseball, I have a baseball team creeping up the overall rankings (16th this week) while winning my league. Unfortunately, I’ve had six mid-week injuries over the last two week added weakness to me offensive starting line-up.

I really enjoyed the early days on daily baseball when Fanduel offered a $10 contest on Friday night where the winner could win a seat in a destination final seat. I like the once a week format and the overall prize drew me in.

Over the last couple of seasons in baseball, my workload for football really picked up in May leaving me only April as fair shot to take a swing or two. Bankroll has been an issue in my whole career in the daily space as my dreamer mentality delivers many losing days. I don’t have the time to develop one roster I like to chase the head-to-head matchup and the work involved for my level of entries would be worth my team.

I have a running joke with a friend of mind about a three games winning streak in daily sports. I felt if I could get hot for three days, I had a chance to build my bankroll quickly. For this to happen in baseball when you are fighting a war with a BB gun compared the big stack bazookas, it seems like a waste of time and money. Well every dog has his day as long as you have a dollar and a dream.

On July 19th, my account at Fanduel was just about on the mat. I deposited $350 the next day. After drifting slightly up and down for a week or so, the light of daily baseball started to shine in my direction. The first progression came on July 27th after pushing my bankroll to about $1000. This solid winning night allowed a push to a higher level. A couple of $300 entries later; the bankroll was on another mini move upward. A third winning night push the poor kids to the $3000 level and the destination final moved back onto the radar.

Somehow the streak continued for a fourth night after pushing higher and higher on the entry levels. A $3 entry (57 teams) delivered over $3300 in winnings plus some other action on other contest. The bankroll landed over $6000 headed into the last day in July. That night the Hail Mary swing came in a $500 qualifier where the team finished 9th returning $600.

The go big or go home mentality shined brightly on Sunday with one click of a button there was a $1000 entry in another WFBC qualifier event. Needless to say, reality set in when a couple of thousand in entries returned a measly $35.

As calendar turned to August, it was time to get back to reality. The home front had bills to be paid and this cowboy approach was surely going to end in some kind of losing misery. With $3000 removed from the account and over $1,000 in entries on the table, this magical run only had about $125 left in the account so tossing nickel against the wall was in the plan going forward.

Well, this story added another exciting chapter as daily gods shined through for one more day. On Tuesday morning, the bounce was still in the step as bankroll pushed back over $2000.

So with the a few dollars back in the pocket and the rainbow still in sight at the edge of the horizon, it was show time on Tuesday night. Fanduel was nice enough to put up a $300 contest where the winner could win $100,000 plus they had a $25 WFBC qualifier.

With four $300 entries in hand plus a bunch of $25 swings, the account drifted back under $500.

I tweeted (@Shawn__Childs) on Wednesday that everyone wants to be Tommy G for a day. For me, that day came on August 2nd 2016.

I won’t go into the decision making or the drama of the win, but the summer of 2016 will go down as special time in my Fantasy career. I think there were seven or eight entries with this roster:

The two biggest win on this night came in the $300 MLB Super Monster and the $25 Qualifier. Here’s a look at the final standings:

The account balance on Wednesday morning was over $65,000 while also scoring a trip to Nashville where the upside of $250,000 and downside being $5,000.

The key pitcher was Dylan Bundy who was a player I identified a few weeks ago in the season long contest when I wrote this on the Week 13 MLB Waiver Wire Report:

The Tyler Wilson experiment for the Orioles as a starting pitcher looks to be just about over. Over his last six starts, Wilson allowed 26 runs and 53 base runners in 31.2 innings with 17 Ks. My sense is that Baltimore will move Dylan Bundy into the starting rotation. Over his last five games, Bundy hasn’t allowed an earned run in 12 innings with two walks and 12 Ks. His average fastball has been about 96 in each of his last six appearances. If you are looking for a buy and hold, Dylan should be picked up this week. He’s only pitched 35.2 innings in 2016 so he should have plenty of life left in his arm over the second half of the year.

It’s been a fun couple of weeks with another big moment possibly coming in Nashville on August 20th. I’ll be working hard over the next month on the NFL research for season long and daily games and this contest can be found at FullTimeFantasy.com. I’m fully in tuned with football while being active in the daily football. Over the past two years, I’ve been at the DraftKings and Fanduel destination finals as a co-pilot.

My next step is getting in draft shape for the season long contests in Vegas at the beginning of September. Until the next time, hit them straight and dream big as it only takes one day to be right to go on a magical Fantasy ride.

  • Shawn Childs


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