2022 Fantasy Football Draft Kit

FullTime Fantasy presents our 2022 Fantasy Football Draft Kit, composed by the legends of high stakes fantasy football.


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Yes, you’re reading that right. Out of 200+ websites, our team won #1 Most Accurate Draft Rankings! In other words… rankings you can trust. Be warned. They won’t look like other cookie-cutter rankings you see everywhere else. Not only did we take first place thanks to Billy Muzio (Ranked #1) but the other half of our dynamic duo Jody Smith, finished #8! Combined, these two players help bring you the best possible draft rankings you can find anywhere and we have the receipts to prove it. We won the contest in 2012 as well.


Our draft kit is built by absolute legends of high-stakes fantasy football, guys (and gals) we call when money is on the line. Put your faith in this team. With our tips, suggestions, sleepers, tools, rankings, and more, coupled with legacy must-have content from FFToolbox, we’ll get you more than ready to:

  • Dominate your big draft day.
  • Consistently win on the waiver wire.
  • Stop leaving critical points on your bench.

Our Rolodex is jam-packed with the true legends of high-stakes fantasy football at the Fantasy Football World Championships. This truly is a who’s who of high-stakes fantasy football. Top World Ranked players like Chad Schroeder, Mike Santos, Kimra Schleicher, John Rozek, Billy Muzio, Brad Kruse and more.  Consider the 2022 Fantasy Football Draft Kit (Powered by FullTime Fantasy) a go-to source for all of our Fantasy Football content — for both free & premium members. Rankings, articles, projections, cheatsheets, tools, Advanced ADP, Preseason Pro, Expert Draft Reviews, tools, contests & more… It’s all here!


Our rankings team is not only backed by the award winning FFToolbox BoxScore algorithm, but it’s now led by previous Fantasy Pros “Most Accurate Ranker” Jody Smith! This ensures our team is well-rounded with the gut instincts and continual practice of high-stakes pros, along with the number crunching analytics, which ensures this team will live up to the hype!


Remember, rankings are much more accurate if you match them to your particular scoring system. This feature is a member-only feature and takes a few minutes to plug in your scoring settings, but in our opinion, it is well worth it.

MEMBER ONLY: CUSTOMIZABLE FANTASY FOOTBALL RANKINGS ($): Every home league seems to have its own customized scoring. This will allow you to input your settings and output our projections, positional rankings and a Top 200 Cheatsheet. 


Need Rankings in a hurry? This is all you need! Print this quick One Pager – ONE-PAGE CHEATSHEET (PRINTABLE)


The Fulltime staff of Billy Muzio, Jody Smith and Scott Atkins all provide their positional player rankings in one spot: CONSENSUS STAFF RANKINGS


Every year Scott brings us his rankings he uses in his big drafts, with tiers and commentary on select players: SCOTT ATKINS RANKINGS


ALL 32 TEAM OUTLOOKS – We dive deep into the legend Shawn Childs and his 32 Team Outlooks, including every fantasy-relevant player, and give you our take!

MOCK DRAFT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP – Great practice for the real thing. If you like the results of your mock, you can enter it into our contest! (Your First Team is Free!)

MOCK DRAFT SIMULATOR – This tool, allows you to select your league size and your preferred draft position. 

ADVANCED ADP  – New feature this year: You can use this tool as a draft tracker. Simply click on the player’s name and it will cross them off your list!

PRESEASON PRO HUB – Please note: This takes you to our tools site, FFToolbox.com, but it’s worth it!

DRAFT ORDER GENERATOR – If you’re a commish of your own league, this is a must use tool to provide transparency around the draft order randomization. Don’t do it at the draft, do it in advance and let everyone practice from their draft slot!

ADP (AVERAGE DRAFT POSITION) – Compare FREE LEAGUE ADP to HIGH-STAKES ADP to see the difference. Upgrade to Advanced ADP above.

Popular Tools & Features powered by FFToolbox


PreSeason Pro ($19.95 value) is INCLUDED for FREE with Your FullTime Membership!

Patience grasshoppah! You can’t rush greatness. The high-stakes legends take their time but they’re putting their reputation on the line just in time for your big draft!

Jody SmithFREE | Brad Kruse | Ian Ritchie | Kimra Schleicher | Shawn Childs | Scott Atkins | Billy Muzio |  John Rozek |

Win your league with FullTime Fantasy Sports’ premium Fantasy coverage. Along with the high-stakes legends of the Fantasy Football World Championships, Shawn Childs, Scott Atkins, Jody Smith, Billy Muzio, Mark Morales-Smith, Mark Deming & Ian Ritchie will give you an edge with their in-depth analysis so you can be prepared on draft day!

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Join a Startup Dynasty Draft – DFWC $299, $75, $150, $500 & $1,000 

Scott Atkins Rankings (always up to date)



Each NFL team plays 17 games out of 18 weeks in the NFL schedule. The game that they don’t play is called their bye week, or “Open Date”. It is important in fantasy football to make sure that your starters and backups do not have the same bye week since one of the primary reasons for drafting backup players to have coverage during the bye week of your starter.

Need Rankings in a hurry? This is all you need! Print this quick One Pager – ONE-PAGE CHEATSHEET (PRINTABLE)

Don’t forget your ADP and DEPTH CHARTS (always updated to the minute)

  • Consensus Rankings (coming soon)
  • Jody’s Tier-based Rankings (coming soon)
  • Scott’s Rankings with Commentary (coming soon)

You know by now that we recommend passing on the top QBs and grabbing two in the very late rounds instead to play the matchups. We have analyzed the schedules and here are the best combos: We call this Quarterback by Committee or QBBC. Same thing with Defenses. Let others waste a pick on the top Defenses and you grab two late and play the matchups each week: DEFBC

If you do grab a stud QB like Josh Allen, you will want to pair him with a QB late in the draft that has a good matchup. IDEAL BYE WEEK QBS

Do you Hate Getting Sniped before your pick? We do too! Get up to the minute ADVANCED ADP, (Reserved for our members) so you know exactly where each player is going in the draft.

Lastly, If you have time to prepare, make sure you mock in our Mock Draft World Championships. No better way to practice for the real thing.

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Draft your team using our On-Demand Simulator.
If you like it, enter it into the bestball contest. Just sit back and watch your team climb the leaderboard!
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If you don’t know just how awesome and amazing the Panini Flawless Football briefcase is, make sure and watch the video! Trading cards are back!

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Win your league with FullTimeFantasy Sports’ premium Fantasy coverage. Billy Muzio, Jody Smith, Shawn Childs, Scott Atkins, Casey Olson, Ian Ritchie, Mark Deming, Roy Larking & Mark Morales-Smith will give you an edge with their in-depth analysis so you can be prepared on draft day!


This replaces our previous Message Boards.
Members can Join us in our Private Member Channel on Tuesday for Waiver Wire advice, Thursdays prior to the TNF game, and then Sunday mornings, for all your WDIS Questions on gameday.
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