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Win your league with FullTimeFantasy Fantasy Sports’ premium Fantasy Baseball coverage. Shawn Childs, Dr. Roto and Adam Ronis will give you an edge with their in-depth analysis so you can be prepared on draft day!

Know the game, know the players. With FullTimeFantasy Fantasy Sports, we will provide all the resources necessary to have you dominating your competition. When you are a PREMIUM SEASON-LONG MEMBER OF FullTimeFantasy FANTASY SPORTS, you will be fully prepared to beat your rivals. Take your game to the next level. Rankings, analysis, cheat sheets, projections, direct access and advice from all of our experts via our premium forums and more!

About Our Experts

Dr. Roto: Doc hosted the first ever DFS dedicated radio program on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio. He was the winner of the inaugural “Fantasy Experts MLB DFS Challenge,” beating 15 other notable players in a bracket-style format. Known for his visionary plays, Doc’s “Chisen-call” is still widely regarded as the greatest one-day prediction ever given out on the radio. Doc specializes in “$4 and a Dream” GPP plays and considers NFL, PGA, and MLB to be his strongest DFS sports.

Dr. Roto is the heart & soul of FullTime Fantasy Sports. The winner of the FSWA 2011 Newcomer of the Year Award, he first participated in Fantasy leagues back in 1990 and was the subject of a UPN newscast for guiding numerous Fantasy Sports participants to league titles. He began writing in the Fantasy industry with the blogs “Around the Horn Baseball” and “Xpoint Football.” Dr. Roto worked for RotoExperts as a senior Fantasy Sports analyst for three years and is both a Fantasy Sports Writer & On Air Personality who can be heard daily on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio. He also hosts a Fantasy Football Gameday show on 99.3 ESPN in Florida, and is a regular guest on the Matt Thomas show on Sports Talk 790 in Houston and on ESPN 1420 Honolulu with Bobby Curran. Dr. Roto has won numerous high stakes Fantasy Football Championships and recently came in 2nd place overall in the 2017 Online Championship.

Follow Dr. Roto on Twitter and get your questions answered every day on our Forums.

Adam Ronis: Adam has been playing DFS for several years and talks about his plays on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio. He plays MLB, NBA, and NFL. In the inaugural Tout Wars DFS Baseball Challenge in 2016, Adam took second place for a four-figure payout. He tends to focus on cash games but will enter tournaments.

Ronis has been on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio on the morning drive since the inception of the station in 2010. Adam started writing content for Newsday with a weekly Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Football column. He was a Fantasy Sports Analyst and writer for RotoExperts and FNTSY for eight years before coming to FullTime Fantasy Sports in November 2016. Adam was the co-founder and Director of Content for DraftValet, a company that hosted drafts and developed a Fantasy Sports advice app.

Adam has fared well in various Fantasy Sports. He won the Tout Wars mixed league in his second year in the league back in 2015 and repeated the following season. He has won multiple Sirius XM hosts leagues in baseball, football and basketball and has fared well in high stakes leagues.

Adam has been published in Newsday, the New York Post, Daily News, Yahoo Sports,, and the Associated Press. You can read Adam’s articles daily at FullTime Fantasy Sports and listen to him on on The FullTime Fantasy Sports Show hosted on FNTSY Sports Radio Network from 7 – 8 PM ET. He also co-hosts with Lisa Ann Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET on “Lisa Ann Does Fantasy.”

Follow Adam on Twitter at @AdamRonis.

Shawn Childs: Shawn has won six-figures playing this very game we all love. In early years of the high stakes market, Childs was ahead of the curve in player evaluation, draft value, and free agent bidding setting up four top-five finishes in the National Fantasy Baseball Championship.  He has four AL-only Auction titles, one NL-only title, and five Main Event titles plus an overall title in 2012. This success led to an induction into the NFBC Baseball Hall of Fame. Shawn is the ONLY HIGH-STAKES PLAYER to finish in the Top 5 Fantasy Players of the Year on FOUR separate occasions! That’s going up against the best competition in the world! It’s rare, no, it’s unheard of to find a winner of this caliber who is willing to share their thoughts with others, but that’s exactly what Shawn’s doing. He’s more than just a writer, more than just a serious fan with an eye for the game, more than just an expert! Shawn is a WINNER. A PROVEN winner who’s come to FullTime Fantasy Sports with the sole purpose of helping you DOMINATE YOUR LEAGUES.

Shawn has been a high stakes Fantasy baseball and football player since 2004 where he had success in his first season (three titles and $25,000 in winnings). In early years of the high stakes market in Fantasy baseball, he was ahead of the curve in player evaluation, draft value, and free agent bidding setting up four top-five finishes in the National Fantasy Baseball Championship. He has four AL-only Auction titles, one NL-only title, and five Main Event titles plus an overall title in 2012 at RTFBC (netted $10,000). This success led to an induction into the NFBC Baseball Hall of Fame. His success in the high stakes market led to a career in providing Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Football content. On the football side, he’s competed and won in all different formats – auctions, draft championship, main events, and high-dollar leagues. He won 2nd place overall in the 2014 Most Accurate Salary Cap Expert contest at FantasyPros.

As a dual-sport player, it was natural to transition to the daily games where he is a “swing for the fences type of guy.” Childs has appeared in one FanDuel NFL Live Final and one DraftKings NFL Live Final, a season-ending tournament which led to a couple of chances to win over $1,000,000. His best day in DFS came in the summer of 2016 when a wild ride netted $70,000 and a chance to participate in the finals of the FanDuel MLB Live Championship where the winner would take home $250,000. Childs believes that Fantasy sports are a great outlet in life where a person’s passion can turn into a big win. As much as he’s won in Fantasy sports, Childs has also lost many battles. The down days are what motivates him to be a better player and help others find the potential pitfalls in Fantasy Sports. Childs provides weekly quarterback, running back, wide receiver and tight end reports that are one of the many perks of the NFL DFS package. You won’t find reports more in-depth than those written by Childs. In baseball, he is one of the few writers in the country to tackle the whole player pool. This gives a Fantasy owner a consistent view throughout the inventory each season.

Follow Shawn on Twitter at @Shawn__Childs.

monthly subscription6 month subscriptionannual subscription

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