Introduction to Advanced ADP with High / Low Draft Windows

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Kenneth Walker


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Have you ever shown up to a draft and every time you’re on the clock, hardly anybody that you thought would be there was still available to draft? You’re using up to date information from the big name websites yet all of the exciting players with upside are seemingly gone each round you’re about to pick. You then either end up with a team full of guys you weren’t targeting and don’t even like or you panic draft and overpay for the targets you do like. You’re already behind out of the gate and the biggest reason why? You’re likely using bad ADP data.

Average Draft Position or “ADP” is a staple of fantasy draft information. You show up to your draft and you see that Seattle Seahawks running back Kenneth Walker’s ADP is 44.

Kenneth Walker
Seattle Seahawks running back Kenneth Walker III (9) runs with the ball.

This information alone lets you know that you have a very good chance of landing Walker in the middle of Round #4 in a 12-team draft. It’s solid information, but then draft day arrives. You have picks 3.10 and 4.03. You pass on him at 3.10 hoping to land him with your 4th round pick and yet there he goes to the drafter on the turn at 3.12. Are you just unlucky or is something else going on? I’m about to tell you why this happens every single year.

The ADP scenario above is common for most drafters. ADP was meant to be a useful draft preparation tool, but it’s value has become stale because everybody has it. It’s goal was to give you a blueprint of how your draft is going to shake out. Well I’m here to tell you that those days are over. It’s actually become one of the biggest reasons people lose on draft day. Things change fast every week during training camp and what seems like every day during NFL Preseason. ADP is only relevant and useful if it’s taking into account recent data only and if it’s being taken from drafters who are as passionate as you are about the hobby.

Enter Advanced Average Draft Position. (AADP)

“AADP” was created to make the information it provides more accurate and reflective of real-time drafting data. For starters, Advanced Average Draft Position is based on the most recent 10 Circa Las Vegas Fantasy Championship and Circa Fantasy Football World Championship drafts. These drafters are passionate high-stakes players who come to their drafts incredibly prepared and are putting serious money on the line with every draft. You can be assured that no picks are based on bad or outdated information.

In addition to Advanced ADP taking insights from only the best drafters and from only the most recent of drafts into consideration, AADP also brings you High / Low Data for each player so you know the exact window of opportunity for the key players you are looking to target the most. Don’t hope your target is there in the next round, KNOW IT.

Let’s stick with Kenneth Walker. His ADP that you can commonly find everywhere is 44.
His AADP however is 37.5 from the last 10 high-stakes drafts with a High/Low draft window between 33 and 42. We call the draft window his MinMax Score and it’s displayed as a range “33:42”.

Armed with this information, you can see that not only has his average shifted up significantly, but his window has shifted too in that not once in the last 10 drafts has he ever fell past pick 42.

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