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2021 Preseason Pro: Darren Summer

Everywhere you look, fantasy fans are excitedly getting prepared for another fantastic season of football.  Mock drafts continue to be a huge part of that prep work, as does getting insights from some of the best pros and analysts out there. One of those experts is Darren Summer, the first-ever two-time FFWC world champion. In […]

It’s one thing to simply get fantasy football advice from a magazine or website that may or may not have qualified help to dole out. But when fantasy football fans can get tips from the best of the world, that’s a whole different ball game.

Darren Summer has won the Fantasy Football World Championship on two separate occasions, becoming the first highstakes player in the entire industry to accomplish such a feat. This year, he has a certain something to say about a Denver Bronco that is bound to move his ADP at least a full round if not two!

These high stakes winners don’t have to do this. They’re not paid to do this. They’re doing it for you. They’re putting their personal highstakes reputation on the line each year to provide you with their ONE SLEEPER, BREAKOUT, BUST, COMEBACK and LATE ROUND STASH & CASH PLAYER to help you crush your big draft. Here is the rare opportunity to get into the mind of one of the most highly-respected fantasy minds out there with John’s 2021 preseason pro exclusively from Fulltime Fantasy.



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