Feature: Ian Ritchie’s Preseason Pro

Former #1 in the World Ranked Player gives his Sleeper, Breakout & Bust for 2023.

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Our annual Flagship Feature is called Preseason Pro. This 2023 Preseason Pro: Ian Ritchie gives you exclusive insight you can find only at FullTime Fantasy. This year’s Preseason Pro picks are included FREE with your FullTime Fantasy Membership! What makes […]

NFL training camps are underway. That means the fantasy football draft season has finally arrived! Our annual Flagship Feature is called Preseason Pro. This 2023 Preseason Pro: Ian Ritchie gives you exclusive insight you can find only at FullTime Fantasy. Here at FullTime Fantasy, we’ve assembled the very best high-stakes players in the world; 5 of the Top 10 World-Ranked players, and one of the top RANKERS in the country — to help you win your Fantasy Football league. Nobody else in the industry can bring you this type of information. Also, we host the Fantasy Football World Championships and these players are gracious enough to lend us a hand to help promote the very best content in the industry. Each of them is putting their reputation on the line for all to see and is providing us with their:

ONE Top SleeperONE BreakoutONE Bust

ONE Comebackand ONE late-round Stash & Cash.

to help you with your upcoming draft. However- it's only one per category! They don't know what anyone else has submitted so you're getting the unvarnished gut check from the very best players in the world. High rollers have offered some of them literally hundreds of dollars for this kind of private advice. And that's just for just one opinion. Here you're getting no less than SEVEN, and Preseason Pro continues to be the elite product of the fantasy season. This year's Preseason Pro picks are included FREE with your FullTime Fantasy Membership! JOIN NOW What makes their opinion so worthy? Simple. They win. Year in and year out they’re winners. While some may ask, “Why would they help me?”, there is no question that when their pride and integrity are on the line, they step up and make bold calls to help others. When we have questions on Sunday, this is who we call. We’re essentially bringing our high-stakes connections to FullTime Fantasy. When your league is on the line, who do you trust? A magazine that contains out-of-date news? No. Those days are over. Not all experts are considered equal Up next, our Preseason Pro: Ian Ritchie offers insight from the Godfather himself. Ian is the former No. 1 ranked fantasy football player in the world. He also boasted the highest winning percentage in the high-stakes industry at one time and had four top-15 tournament finishes. Ian was forced into an early retirement upon founding the Fantasy Football World Championship, but Ian can still dispense some of the best advice out there. That included being "all in" on Josh Jacobs and others last season. Now, it's time to pull out the crystal ball for the 2023 Preseason Pro: Ian Ritchie. BREAKOUT  Christian Watson (WR) Green Bay Packers - A bit of a gamble with a new QB in Jordan Love and what will probably be a new offensive play-calling mix.  But I just can't forget how he finished so strong last season and how he has all of the classic traits of a breakout candidate in his second season. A long-time beat writer I have always liked and trusted, Bill Huber of Sports Illustrated Packer Central, has written of his comparison of Christian Watson and Randy Moss. Bold, yes. But shows a true belief in the young receiver from a seasoned insider. Watson gives you BIG upside and is worthy of a target tag going into your drafts. Also, per FullTime Fantasy's WR Strength of Schedule Tool, Watson and the Packers boast the NFL's...



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