Advanced NFL Snap Counts Report: Week 1

A detailed breakdown of the snap counts from last week and how that translates moving forward

Snap counts tell us who is playing but they don’t always paint a clear picture of who is producing for our fantasy football lineups. By digging deep into FullTime Fantasy‘s Advanced NFL Snap Counts Report: Week 1, we are able […]

NFL Snap Counts Frequently Asked Questions

The Snap Counts report and tool is invaluable in breaking down what's happening behind the numbers.  

What are NFL snap counts?

Snap counts represent the total number of offensive plays a player participated in during a given week.

Why should I care about NFL snap counts?

The number of times a player is on the field for a player can be incredibly useful. It helps track usage, and how players are used and provide fantasy football managers with the ability to look beyond the usual on-field production by adding context to those more traditional statistics.

How are your NFL snap-count numbers compiled?

NFL snap counts are tracked by the NFL Game Statistics and Information System (GSIS). For the last two years, each player has had a chip inserted in his shoulder pads so that radio transmitters in stadiums can track his every move on the field. This is how the GSIS compiles snap counts (and other on-field information).

How can I use NFL snap counts to leverage my success in fantasy football?

Understanding playing time can be a key factor in setting your weekly lineup. In particular, understanding and identifying trends that might give you an early jump on acquiring free agents or making trades for players who might quietly be gaining playing time.

What are the possible drawbacks to using NFL snap counts as part of my fantasy football lineup strategy?

As FantasyPros recently noted, studying snap counts and the percentage of snaps played is one of the easiest ways that we can determine one of the most basic, but important questions for potential fantasy success: Is this player even on the field often enough to make a difference? That said, NFL snap counts only outline playing time, and being on the field is only the first step to fantasy relevance. It's not the only step. Don't emphasize snap counts over production.
The Snap Counts report and tool is invaluable in breaking down what's happening behind the numbers. SNAPS Total offensive snaps played by player. SNAP % Percentage of offensive snaps played. RUSH % Percentage of snaps played where player had a rushing attempt. TGT % Percentage of snaps played where player was targeted by a pass attempt. TOUCH % Percentage of snaps played where player touched the football (includes pass attempts, rush attempts and receptions). FPTS Fantasy points scored by player. PTS/100 SNAPS Average fantasy points scored by player per 100 snaps Gain access to incredible data like this each and every week! To read the rest, become a Fulltime Fantasy Member and get access to Waiver Wire/FAAB, Snap Counts Report, WR Matchups, Customized Weekly Rankings, and Private WDIS help on Sunday Mornings. USE BLITZ50 for 50% off your first 2 months or SAVE20 for 20% OFF OUR 6-MONTH PACKAGE! Sign up here!.
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