FFWC SuperFlex Bowl Draft Recap

Superflex Bowl

On this week’s FullTime Fantasy Podcast, Jody Smith and I participated in a live FFWC Superflex Bowl draft. The competition was fierce and the draft quickly took a turn. This FFWC Superflex Bowl Live Draft Recap breaks down my overall thoughts, plus the pros and cons for all 12 participants.

If you’re new to the SuperFlex Bowl concept, it is a bestball contest that allows you to use a second quarterback as a flex option. It also boasts a nifty $5,000 Grand Prize for the best team. It’s a 20-round bestball draft with PPR scoring that features a 9-man starting lineup. The top two finishers in each 12-man league advance to the championship round in Weeks 15-17 and are guaranteed to win at least $100 while advancing with a shot at the $5,000 grand prize.

Click above for more information on the SuperFlex Bowl. Now, let’s get on to my FFWC SuperFlex Bowl Live Draft Recap that was featured on the FullTime Fantasy Podcast show.

Team 1

I really like this team. Of course, having the 1.01 doesn’t hurt. However, the build of elite quarterbacks and wide receivers early was great. Especially in the SuperFlex Bowl tournament because you have to start 3 WRs and can start up to 5. Johnston was a steal and could thrive as a YAC monster in this offense. A possible league winner if the cards fall right.

Hit: Quentin Johnston (WR) Los Angeles Chargers

Miss: Rachaad White (RB) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Team 2

This is also another well-built team. The Allen-Diggs stack is sweet and hard to come by in Superflex drafts. Unfortunately, after Diggs though the wide receiver depth is thin. Allen is over the hill and has a ton of target competition now. Also, I would have rather seen another wideout there or even a running back. Rookie RB Devon Achane at RB 42 might steal the show for this team.

Hit: Stephon Diggs (WR) Buffalo Bills

Miss: Keenan Allen (WR) Los Angeles Chargers

Team 3

I would never call out my partner @JodySmithNFL. However, after committing to Jalen Hurts at 1.03, I would have followed up with A.J. Brown at 2.10. Stacking is critical in these best ball tournaments. I do like Lamb as a player though. If Stafford returns to form and Kamara plays most of the season then this team could contend.

Hit: Amon-Ra St. Brown (WR) Detroit Lions
Miss: CeeDee Lamb (WR) Dallas Cowboys

Team 4

I LOVE the players drafted on this team. In a vacuum, there is excellent pick-by-pick value. However, the problem is the build. I would have gone Lamar Jackson or Justin Herbert over Joe Burrow. But, if you are going to take Burrow, stacking is crucial. Also, this is Superflex and you need to start two signal callers every week. There is a good shot that this team will not have that for a healthy portion of the season. Consequently, that will ultimately hurt a team that I overall like.

Hit: Garrett Wilson (WR) New York Jets

Miss: Kyler Murray (QB) Arizona Cardinals

Team 5

Contrary to a couple of the preceding teams, Team 5 spent too much draft capital on QB. Now I certainly get the strategy of dominating the quarterback position in Superflex. But, when you start the draft QB-QB you have to bank on them carrying you and load up elsewhere. Three QBs can work, but only if you start taking them later. Unfortunately, that was not the way this draft played up and positional depth is a concern. Also, the lack of a proper team stack could prove to be an issue.

Hit: Najee Harris (RB) Pittsburgh Steelers

Miss: Derek Carr (QB) New Orleans Saints

Team 6

Similar to the preceding team, I don’t love the QB-QB-QB start. Plus, I have doubts that Travis Etienne can fill the Hero RB role. This squad probably needed to take another running back much earlier with this build. However, I do love the Deshaun Watson-Elijah Moore stack. As long as DeAndre Hopkins doesn’t sign there, which is a real possibility.

Hit: Elijah Moore (WR) Cleveland Browns

Miss: Daniel Jones (QB) New York Giants

Team 7

It is hard to not like a team that starts with Justin Jefferson and Travis Kelce. Acquiring the consensus No. 1 player at two positions is unheard of. Jody Smith poignantly pointed this out during our live coverage of this very draft. However, I question the logic of avoiding valuable positional depth for the sake of two reserve signal callers who underperformed last season. A three-QB build with more flex depth would have been better advised.

Hit: Travis Kelce (TE) Kansas City Chiefs

Miss:  Mike White (QB) Miami Dolphins

Team 8

First, this might be my favorite team. I love the build and the players at their values. Secondly, Justin Herbert is my QB 5, so QB7 is a value. My only complaint is that the team is stackless. Also, snagging Colt McCoy with the final pick was far from egregious. However, a fourth QB left this squad awfully thin at wide receiver. That may hurt during a race for $5K with other really good teams. Finally, if Brock Purdy plays the whole season this may be the team to beat in this league.

Hit: Justin Herbert (QB) Los Angeles Chargers

Miss: Colt McCoy (QB) Arizona Cardinals.

Team 9

I appreciate the guts to fade Qb in a superflex format. That strategy was executed correctly, as well. By getting an elite tight end and loading up on pass catchers. Tee Higgins was a bit early for me as I have Chris Olave, DeVonta Smith, and DK Metcalf all ahead of him. Will need some luck at the QB position to make this work but could be a juggernaut.

Hit: Jonathan Mingo (WR) Carolina Panthers

Miss: Tee Higgins (WR) Cincinnati Bengals

Team 10

I figured I would be fading QB early and was happy to get Geno Smith and Russell Wilson at the 3/4 turn. Also, Austin Ekeler as the RB4 was the only reason I passed on Travis Kelce. Honestly, I could have gone either way. I got sniped quite a few times by a very tough room.

Jody Smith’s analysis: Adam was right about the quality of the drafters in this room. Adam did well to snag Russell Wilson away from me. I had every intention of taking him at 46 and that led to my panicked selection of Matthew Stafford. Jayden Reed and Rashee Rice stand out as savvy late-round additions to this squad. However, Adam’s backfield is thin and an Ekeler injury could wreck his chances of winning in Weeks 15-17.

Hit: Austin Ekeler (RB) Los Angeles Chargers

Miss: Mike Williams (WR) Los Angeles Chargers

Team 11

Clearly, this team had a plan and stuck to it. If you are gonna go with a 3-QB start then this is the way to do it. However, the wideouts are so weak that it will likely cost this squad. Also, several quality wide receivers went directly after Dallas Goedert in Round 7. Ultimately, a Mike Evans or Brandon Aiyuk are likely better bestball options when this team could have landed a solid tight end several rounds later.

Hit: Rhamondre Stevenson (RB) New England Patriots

Miss: Dallas Goedert (TE) Philadelphia Eagles

Team 12

Anthony Richardson was my favorite pick of the entire draft. I was going to take Richardson at 3.10 but got greedy. I think a QB or WR at the 3.12 would have been a better option than a running back since you want to start two QBs and must start at least three WRs. Still, this team turned out just fine. If Richardson lives up to his immense upside, expect Team 12 to be a serious contender for the crown.

Hit: Anthony Richardson (QB) Indianapolis Colts

Miss: Josh Jacobs (RB) Las Vegas Raiders


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