FFWC High-Stakes Recap: Week 4

Commish Roy looks back at Week 4 and breaks down which teams are leading the Fantasy Football World Championships!


Week 4, of the 2023 Fulltime Fantasy Football season, is now complete. Scoring was down slightly from Week 3. Some early-season stars (Tagovailoa, Mostert, Hill, Hockenson) stumbled, while new stars (Fields, Montgomery, Collins, Kmet) lit up the FFWC High-Stakes Recap: Week 4 scoreboard.

Here is a look at the Top 20 Leaderboards across the four Major FTF Tournaments.

FFWC XI World Championship Tournament

Hitting the 1/4 Mile Pole, in the race to the $150K Grand Prize, the FFWC XI World Championship Top 20 Leaderboard is populated by twelve new teams this week. 

Retaining first overall, for the third straight week, Team Just(in) Time (WC SLOW 4) continues as the FFWC XI overall leader. After averaging 198.45 points, through the first three weeks, Simeon Yarbrough and Brian Marzorini slipped slightly as they posted 166.25 points this week. Despite the stumble, Team Just(in) Time (4-0) increased their overall lead from 45.20 to 50.40 points.

Moving up 21 spots, from 23rd to second overall, Fairways & Greens WC VII posted 202.00 points. A big week, from RB McCaffrey (48.7), WR Collins (35.8), and QB Richardson (33.6), helped move Curtis Hirsch to 4-0. Chasing the $10K Dominator prize, Curtis now has a 107.35-point lead and is the lone 4-0 squad in the FFWC Online 9/3 1 PM ET league

Another FFWC XI squad making a big move, Team Mean Chaz Machine (4-0) jumped from 27th to third place overall. Charlemagne McHaffie and Greg Blaszczynski racked up 202.05 points and sit just 53.30 points out of first place. 

Continuing the changes, in the Overall Top 5, Team Foster 2 (3-1) moved from 31st to fourth overall. After slipping slightly, with 149.3 points last week, Gary Foster’s FFWC Online 8/28 9 PM ET, rebounded with 200.85 points during Week 4 action.

Rounding out the Top 5, Team Meyer (4-0) slipped one position from fourth to fifth overall. After averaging 181.47 points through the first three weeks, William Meyer’s FFWC Online 9/9 1 PM ET team posted 154.0 points. 

Down from 89, in Week 3, 53 FFWC XI teams still own a perfect 4-0 record. Somewhat surprisingly, only nine of those teams are in the Top 20 overall. After 25 teams posted at least 200 points last week, that number dropped to 13 in Week 4.

Our FFWC XI “Shout Out of the Week” goes to Coyote Miscreants who set a new single-week high score with 233.35 points. Mike Santos’ FFWC Online 8/6 9 PM ET squad moved from 521st to 140th overall. 

The third and fourth-highest single-week scores were also posted during Week 4. Biplab Mandal (Bipcoin – FFWC SLOW 2) piled up 228.70 points and jumped from 213th to 33rd overall. Ken Brzozowski (Bronko WC – FFWC SLOW 1) racked up 226.40 points and moved from 184th to 24th overall.

Circa Las Vegas Fantasy Championship

Separated by just 19.80 points, the Top 5 race remains close in the inaugural FullTime Fantasy Circa LVFC Tournament. Including five teams that were 52nd or lower on the leaderboard last week, nine new squads entered the Top 20 list.

Following a relatively low-scoring week, by some of the previous top teams, the Top 50 gap fell from 95.05 to 75.85 points. That shows in the Week 4 totals as just six of the Top 20 teams posted over 190 points.

For the fourth straight week, there is a new FTF Circa LVFC leader as Team Taylor (3-1) moved from 14th to first overall. Drafted back in June, Charlie Taylor’s Circa LVFC 6/16 10:30 PM ET squad posted 194.75 points. Team Taylor was 46th overall following Week 1 action.

Continuing to climb, after sitting in 825th place following Week 1 action, Team Everything Must Go (3-1) moved from fifth place to second overall. Matthew Lyons’ Circa LVFC 8/4 11:45 PM ET squad had a down week, with 154.80 points, but still managed to move from 25.10 to 7.90 points off the overall lead.

Moving up seven spots, Team Chills jumped from tenth to third overall. Curt Hills’ Circa LVFC 7/3 9 PM ET squad posted 167.15. Team Chills (4-0) is the lone undefeated team, and owns a 118.7-point lead, in the Patriot 3 league.

Climbing from ninth to fourth overall, Team Meyer posted 162.50 points. That was good enough to move William Meyer to 4-0 and he has a 53.85-point lead in Circa LVFC 6/10 10 PM ET league.

Tumbling five spots, our Week 3 leader slipped from first to fifth overall. Following a 248.60-point scoring outburst last week, Team Weber (3-1) dipped to 117.80 points in Week 4. It’s not all bad news for Mike Weber’s squad though, as he still has a 62.8-point lead in the Circa LVFC 8/20 9 PM ET league.

Our FTF Circa LVFC “Shout Out of the Week” goes to Team UKnow in the Circa LVFC 9/1 10 PM ET league. Evan Simon’s squad posted the highest Week 4 total, 230.85 points, and moved from 265th to 30th overall.

Down from 50 teams last week, just 19 squads surpassed the 200-point plateau during Week 4 action. After 154 teams entered the week with a perfect 3-0 record, just 86 of the 1,056 Circa LVFC teams are still undefeated. For the first time this season, 20 different owners, from 20 different leagues, have a spot on the Top 20 Leaderboard.

Dynasty World Championship Tournament

With our Week 4 top two leaders as the exceptions, every position on the DFWC Top 20 Leaderboard changed this week. That includes ten new teams moving into the Top 20 overall standings. The race at the top has tightened considerably as the Top 20 gap dropped from 106.95 points last week, to just 46.80 points heading into Week 5.

After averaging 215.18 points per week, through the first three weeks, Team Mr. Two Thirty 33 stumbled last week. Steve Moreau’s squad posted 121.60 points during Week 4. Despite the dip, Steve’s team moved to 4-0 and has a 104.3-point lead in the DFWC 33 league.

Retaining second place overall, for a second straight week, Team House of Cards posted 166.85 points. Sitting 50.10 points off the pace, heading into Week 4, Biplab Mandal’s DFWC 4 squad is now just 4.85 points out of the top spot.

Making another big move, after jumping from 57th to 20th last week, Team Kelce What You Did There now sits third overall. After posting 209.60 points last week, Rob Fantauzzo’s team racked up 219.55 points during Week 4 action. That moved his DFWC 29 squad from 106.95 to just 9.00 points out of first place overall. 

A DFWC Top 20 Member, during the first two weeks, Team Incredible Crashdummies dropped off the list last week. Roaring back, Steve Atkinson’s squad piled up 220.20 points and moved from 28th place to fourth overall. His DFWC 53 league lead grew to 135.15 points.

Rounding out the Top 5, Providence Steam Roller plowed into the DFWC Top 20 for the first time this season. After sitting 71st, 25th, and 30th, during the first three weeks, Ray Flack’s team is now fifth overall. His squad piled up 212.55 points and now leads DFWC 26 by 139.35 points.

Our DFWC Week 4 “Shout Out of the Week” goes to Larry Ordet who racked up 248.10 points. That is now the second-highest weekly total – surpassing the 247.25 points his Yo Mama 32 crew posted last week. Knocking on the Top 20 door, Yo Mama 1 moved from 161st to 21st overall. 

After 50 squads posted at least 200 points, during Week 3 action, just 30 teams topped that level this week. Eight of the current top 20 DFWC weekly high totals were posted during Week 4. The gap from first to 50th overall was 127.96 points last week. That number is down to 82.95 points heading into Week 5.  

Following the second week of head-to-head battles, 169 of the 924 DFWC teams owned a perfect record. Heading into Week 5 action, that number dropped to 107 teams with an unblemished 4-0 record.

SuperFlex Bowl Tournament

Our second-annual SFB Tournament continues to be a high-scoring battle. During the first four weeks, the current top 50 squads have averaged 176.65 points. No one retained their Week 3 position, and there are eight new squads on the SFB Week 4 Top 20 Leaderboard.

Being tossed around, like a hot potato, we have a new overall SFB leader for a fourth straight week. After moving from 25th to third, with 223.60 points last week, Team ArchEnemy enjoyed another big week and moved to the top of the SFB leaderboard. Terry Ream’s SFB 9 squad scored 196.90 points and now owns a 19.60-point lead. Heading into Week 4, first and second place were separated by just 0.95 points.

Moving up 20 spots, after slipping from 11th to 22nd last week, Team Project Bluebeam sits second overall. Ryan Kania’s SFB 40 team piled up 216.15 points. That was the second-highest Week 4 total. It is also the 12th-highest single-week score so far this season.

After moving from 21st to sixth place last week, Team SuperSparty6 climbed into third overall. Drew Setter’s SFB 18 SLOW squad posted 186.55 points and now sits just 22.90 points out of the top spot.

Jumping from 29th to fourth place overall, Team Chu moved up 25 spots. David Chu earns our SFB Week 4 “Shout Out of the Week” as his SFB 39 squad posted the Week 4 high 219.90 points. That’s the 11th-highest single-week score over the first four weeks.

Climbing 10 positions, Team Colt Smokey moved from 15th to fifth overall. Ben DeWitt’s SFB 42 SLOW squad scored 185.30 points during Week 4 action. Ben has been very consistent, as his scores have been between 174.05 and 198.05 points over the first four weeks.

Terry Reams now has three Top 20 teams, followed by Ryan Kania, and Ken Brzozowski, who both have two. Ken’s crews were impressive last week as both teams topped 200 points. His DFWC 9 squad moved from 38th to tenth place and his SFB 8 team jumped from 51st to 12th overall.

Scoring dipped slightly as just 15 teams topped the 200-point level. That’s down from the weekly-high 37 squads last week. The top four Week 4 point totals moved into the Top 20 season-to-date weekly high score list.

Keep it rolling and Good Luck in Week 5 Everyone!


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