FFWC High-Stakes Recap: Week 1

Commish Roy looks back at Week 1 and breaks down which teams dominated in the first week of the Fantasy Football World Championships!


Following the five-month FullTime Fantasy 2023 draft season, Week 1 is now in the books. Let’s take a look at how the week went across our four major tournaments in our FFWC High-Stakes Recap: Week 1.

FFWC XI World Championship Tournament

In the race to the $150K Grand Prize, in the FFWC XI World Championship, Team Meyers (WC 9/1) is our Week 1 leader. William was led by the dynamic duo of QB Tua Tagovailoa (34.8) and WR Tyreek Hill (44.5). Also, he got a big day from WR Jakobi Meyers (29.1). That trio accounted for 108.4 of Team Meyers’ 192.30 total points.

2023 FFWC Week 1 Leaders

Not far back, Nugget 11 (WC 9/3) posted 189.05 points and sits just 3.25 points off the pace. Justin was also led by Tyreek Hill, plus his QB Trevor Lawrence (21.15) and WR Calvin Ridley (24.1) stack.

Just 3.40 points out of first place, Ruthless m4 (WC 8/20) racked 188.90 points to finish third overall during the opening week. Evangelos also started QB Tagovailoa, plus he enjoyed a big day from RB Aaron Jones (26.7) and RB Austin Ekeler (26.4).

Very close at the top, The Champs (WC 8/30) posted 186.35 points and are just 5.95 points off the lead in fourth place. John was another Week 1 leader with WR Hill. He also enjoyed a big day from WR Brandon Aiyuk (32.9), WR Calvin Ridley, and QB Anthony Richardson (24.15).

Adding a second team to the top five, Team Meyer (WC 9/9) racked up 183.40 points and sits 8.90 points back in fifth place. QB Tagovailoa, WR Jakobi Meyers, and WR Puka Nacua (21.9), led the way for William.

The Top 20 World Championship teams are separated by just 18.9 points. The list includes four teams drafted LIVE in Las Vegas. Plus three that used the FullTime Fantasy SLOW DRAFT format. Our “Shout-Out of the Week” is an easy one, as William Meyer has FIVE teams in the Top 20. He was also the only player to score at least 190 points.

Circa Las Vegas Fantasy Championship

While not as tight at the top, as the World Championship Tournament, the inaugural Circa Las Vegas Fantasy Championship is a close race after Week 1 as well.

Fast out of the gate, FullTime Fantasy veteran Kurt Kuekes owns the top two positions on the Circa LVFC leaderboard. Sitting in first, Honorable Mention posted a whopping 209.10 points. Led by QB Tua Tagovailoa (34.8), and WR Tyreek Hill (44.5), five of Kurt’s eleven players scored at least 21.40 points.

Just 9.70 points behind in second place, Stale Smokes and Scotch, piled up 199.40 points during the opening weekend. That Kuekes squad was also led by QB Tagovailoa and WR Hill, plus WR Brandon Aiyuk (32.9) and Calvin Ridley (24.1). 

Sitting in third place, Team Taylor also enjoyed a big Week 1 as he piled up 194.80 points. Similar to other top Week 1 squads, across all formats, Charlie was led by QB Tagovailoa and WR Hill. Also, a big game from WR Jakobi Meyers (29.1). Team Taylor is just 14.3 points out of first place.

Spartan Nation 2 sits fourth overall as they racked up 193.4 points. Michael Schlissberg’s squad was led by WR Hill, plus RB Aaron Jones (26.7) and the Cowboys DST (30.0). That leaves Mike just 15.7 points out of first place.

Rounding out the top five, LOB posted 191.05 points and stands 18.05 points out of the top spot. QB Trevor Lawrence, RB Austin Ekeler, RB Travis Etienne, WR Brandon Aiyuk, and WR Calvin Ridley, scored a combined 125.95 points for Team LOB.

Our Circa LVFC “Shout-Out of the Week” goes to Team Rhodes from the Women of Fantasy Football league that drafted LIVE at Circa. Lindsay piled up 189.30 points, which was the sixth-highest total out of the 1,056 teams in the tournament. Lindsay sits just 19.80 points out of first overall.

FullTime Fantasy Dynasty Tournament

The FullTime Fantasy Dynasty Tournament is off to a high-scoring start. FTF Veteran Matthew Bayley is our Week 1 leader as he posted 209.30 points. The familiar trend continues as WR Tyreek Hill (44.5), WR Brandon Aiyuk (32.9) and WR Jakobi Meyers (29.1) racked up 106.50 combined points for Team Scope in the DFWC 16 league.

Not far off the pace, Team The Sunday Ticket (DFWC 35) posted 198.20 points and sits second overall. Led by WR Tyreek Hill, Jeff Cannon’s squad had eight of eleven players post at least 14.9 points. Jeff heads into Week 2 just 11.1 points out of first place.

Team Mr. Two Thirty 33 (DFWC 33) sits third overall as Steve Moreau posted 197.9 points. Steve’s squad was another team that was led by WR Hill, and all of his eleven starters posted double-digit points. Steve is 11.4 points out of first place.

Following Week 1 action, Team Big DK Energy (DFWC 39) sits fourth overall. Rob Fantauzzo’s squad posted 195.80 points and was led by WR Hill and the Cowboys DST (30.0). Rob sits 13.5 points out of the top spot.

Rounding out the top five, Kaboomerang (DFWC 45) racked up 195.35 points during Week 1 action. Blake Bernstein’s squad was also led by WR Hill, and ten of his eleven players scored double-digit points. 

Our Dynasty “Shout Out of the Week” is goes to Blake Bernstein, and Bruce Lamb, who both have two teams on the Dynasty Top 20 Leaderboard.

SuperFlex Bowl Tournament

Week 1 of the SuperFlex Bowl Tournament delivered the closest top two finishes of our four tournaments. BLUEDOG (SFB 41 SLOW) was the TOP DOG with 210.60 points. Joseph Tusa, a FullTime Fantasy Veteran, was led by QB Tua Tagovailoa (34.8) and WR Tyreek Hill (44.5), plus all nine of his players posted at least 13.4 points.

Just a minuscule 0.4 points behind, Team Black (SFB 34) finished with 210.20 points. Nathan Blackburn was also led QB Tagovailoa and WR Hill, plus he received a big game from WR Jakobi Meyers (29.1) and QB Mac Jones (28.3).

Team D (SFB 21 SLOW) was the third team to top the 200-point plateau during Week 1 action as Marcos Diaz posted 200.80 points. Team D was led by QB Tagovailoa and QB Mac Jones (28.3), plus WR Brandon Aiyuk (32.9), WR Stefon Diggs (26.2) and WR Michael Pittman (23.7).

Another FullTime Fantasy Veteran, Matthew Lecomte, finished Week 1 in fourth place overall. His Darius the Great squad (SFB 16 SLOW) posted 196.30 points. Matthew was another player who was propelled to the top by Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill. Plus, six of his nine starters scored at least 22.20 points.

New to the FTF Family this season, Chris Beall rounds out the top five in the SFB. His Small’s Squad (SFB 3 SLOW) racked up 190.75 points. Led by WR Aiyuk, five of Chris’s nine players racked up at least 21.0 points. Small’s Squad heads into Week 2 action just 19 points out of first place.

Our SuperFlex Bowl “Shout Out of the Week” is shared by Joseph Tusa and Marco Diaz.  They both have two teams in the SFB Top 20 after Week 1 action. 

Good Luck in Week 2 Everyone!

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