FFWC High-Stakes Recap: Week 15

Commish Roy looks back at Week 15 and breaks down which teams are leading the Fantasy Football World Championships!


Happy Holidays Everyone! Round One of the 2023 FullTime Fantasy Football playoffs is now complete. Stars being studs, like RB Christian McCaffrey, studs being duds, like QB Dak Prescott, plus some unlikely hero’s, like WR Jordan Addison, contributed to major moves in the overall standings. Here is a look at the Top 30 Leaderboards from our four Major FFWC XI Tournaments.

Fantasy Football World Championship

Massive is an understatement when it comes to changes in the FFWC XI overall standings. Of the 30 teams that entered the week at the top of the leaderboard, just eight remain following Week 15 action. The race to claim the $150,000 top prize is close as the top ten teams are separated by just 25.54 points.

Two-time FFWC Champion, Chad Schroeder, is one of the teams remaining in the Top 30 as his Cocktails and Dream 1 squad jumped from seventh to first overall. Christian McCaffrey (41.7), James Cook (36.1), and Sam LaPorta (28.6) helped Chad post 207.9 points. That was the fourth-highest FFWC XI Week 15 total and exceeds Chad’s 161.67 regular season average.

Making a huge leap, team Ruthless m5 jumped from 116th to second place overall. Led by C. McCaffrey, Jaylen Waddle (28.2), and Tee Higgins (22.1), Evangelos Lilas’ squad piled up a FFWC XI Week 15 high 214.95 points. Picking the perfect time to get hot that is well above the 14-week 148.17 regular season average for his FFWC Online 8/22 9 PM ET squad.

Jumping from 133rd to third place overall, Nugget III made a massive move as well. Led by J. Cook, S. LaPorta, plus Kyren Williams (28.5) and Ty Chandler (24.7), Justin Herron posted 213.7 points. That’s the second-highest Week 15 total as seven of Justin’s eleven starters posted at least 21.9 points. 

Slipping one position, despite a big week, Mr Yellow Stickers dropped from third to fourth overall. Co-owned by a Father/Son duo, Ralph and Mike Schlissberg’s FFWC CIRCA 9/9 3 PM PT squad posted 192.4 points. C. McCaffrey, J. Cook, K. Williams, and Brock Purdy (28.1) helped Mike and Ralph post the tenth-highest Week 15 score. They also exceeded their 164.71 weekly average.

Adding a second team to the top five, Justin Herron guided his Nugget II squad from 148th to fifth overall. Another team led by James Cook, plus Amon-Ra St. Brown (24.2) and Davante Adams (24.1), Justin’s FFWC Online 9/4 10 PM ET team racked up 208.4 points. That was the third-highest total and made Nugget II the biggest mover during Week 15 action.

Click the CHAMPS PLAYOFFS button on the FFWC Online 8/23 10 PM ET league page, which is home to our current overall leader, to view the Championship Round standings.

Circa Las Vegas Fantasy Championship

Our inaugural Circa Las Vegas Fantasy Championship tournament leaderboard looks very different following the Week 15 action as well. Of the 30 teams that started the week on the LVFC leaderboard, just seven remain. In the race to claim the $50,000 first-place prize, six teams posted at least 202.70 points. Those squads now occupy the top six positions in the overall standings.

Jumping up 57 spots, team Chills moved from 58th to first overall on the LVFC playoff leaderboard. Led by Christian McCaffrey (41.7), a season-high 34.85 points from Baker Mayfield, plus Jordan Addison (29.1) and Kyren Williams (28.5), Curt Hills racked up 222.15 points. That’s the highest Week 15 score across our four FullTime Fantasy tournaments.

One of the few original Top 30 teams, still on the board, Margin Call moved from 21st to second overall. Another team led by C. McCaffrey, K. Williams, and S. LaPorta, Brad Sutherlin’s Circa LVFC SLOW 6 squad scored 202.7 points. That’s the fifth-highest LVFC Week 15 total and well above Margin Call’s 160.51 points per week average. Brad added a second team to the Top 30, as his Junction Boys crew jumped from 290th to 28th overall.

Moving into the Top 30, Team Taylor climbed from 40th to third overall. Selected early during the 2023 FTF draft season, Charlie Taylor’s Circa LVFC 6/16 10:30 PM ET squad racked up 203.4 points. During the seventh LVFC draft of the year, Charlie was the first Owner to select C. McCaffrey with the first overall pick. Jared Goff (33.9), J. Addison, and Terry McLaurin (26.1) helped Team Taylor post the fourth-highest Week 15 LVFC total.

Making a big leap, team ElbowsRingers moved from 199th to fourth overall. Daryl Dorsey’s Circa LVFC Top Golf 9/8 7 PM PT squad posted 210.2 points. C. McCaffrey, J. Cook, and Brock Purdy (28.1) helped lead ElbowsRingers to the second-highest LVFC Week 15 total. Now sitting as the 53rd and 62nd highest-scoring wide receivers, Tee Higgins (22.1) and Noah Brown (22.2) both posted a big number as well.

Rounding out the top five, Mr Yellow Stickers IV jumped from 93rd to fifth overall. Mike Schlissberg’s Circa LVFC VEGAS 9/7 11 AM PT team posted 202.5 points, which was the sixth-highest Week 15 LVFC score. J. Cook, Cooper Kupp (25.1) Ty Chandler (24.7), and Davante Adams (24.1) led the way for Mike. Running hot, in three of our four tournaments, Mike has an impressive six teams on the LVFC Top 30 leaderboard.

Click the CHAMPS PLAYOFFS button on the Circa LVFC PATRIOT 3 7/3 league page, which is home to our current overall leader, to view Championship Round standings.

Dynasty Fantasy World Championship Tournament

Our Dynasty Football World Championship leaderboard was also hit with a ton of changes. Somewhat surprising, given that most of the playoff teams are stacked with talent, just seven of the original Top 30 teams remain on the leaderboard after the first round. In the race to claim the $10,000 first-place prize, seven teams posted at least 200.35 points. Five of those squads sit in the top five overall standings.

Moving up 40 positions, from 41st to first, GetPaddled is our new overall DFWC tournament leader. Christian McCaffrey (41.7), Jared Goff (33.9), and Jaylen Waddle (28.2) helped Greg Dietzler’s DFWC 9 squad rack up 215.7 points. That was the third-highest DFWC Week 15 total. It’s also just 3.25 points below Greg’s 218.95 season-high total, which he posted during Week 3 action.

After reaching 90th place overall back in Week 13, as their highest regular season position, Bean Juice Junkies jumped from 97th to second place. Another squad with C. McCaffrey,  and J. Waddle, plus James Cook (36.1), Eric Mauch’s DFWC 53 team piled up 216.65 points. In addition to being the second-highest Week 15 DFWC total, that’s also a new season-high score for Eric. His previous high was 206.65 points, which he posted during Week 13 action.

Also making a big move, Punisher 10 jumped from 129th to third overall. Led by J. Cook, J. Waddle, and Davante Adams (24.1), Sean Pescador’s DFWC 47 team posted a DFWC Week 15 high 219.35 points. Another team getting hot at the right time, Sean’s total eclipsed his previous high score (209.20), which was posted back in Week 3. His previous high, in the overall standings, was 59th place back in Week 7. 

Climbing 46 spots, Filly Cheese III moved from 50th to fourth overall. With C. McCaffrey, D. Adams, David Njoku (26.4), and Trey McBride (20.2) leading the way, Josh Filipek’s DFWC 40 crew racked up 205.15 points. That was the fourth-highest DFWC Week 15 total and a new season-high score for Filly Cheese III. The previous high was 203.85 points posted back during Week 4. Josh also surpassed his previous high in the standings, which was 17th place back in Week 5.

Rounding out the top five, Surf n Turf 2 moved from 40th to fifth overall. Led by C. McCaffrey, J. Waddle, and Terry McLaurin (26.1), John Ross’s DFWC 2 squad posted 202.0 points. That was the fifth-highest DFWC Week 15 score, plus John’s highest total since he posted 211.2 points during Week 8 action. Surf n Turf 2 finished 12th overall during the DFWC playoffs last season.

Click the CHAMPS PLAYOFFS button on the DFWC 9 league page, which is home to our current overall leader, to the positioning of all 310 playoff-qualifying teams.

FullTime Fantasy SuperFlex Bowl Tournament

While not as drastic as our other three FullTime Fantasy tournaments, the leaderboard shifted in our second-annual SuperFlex Bowl Championship as well. Of the original Top 30 playoff teams, 15 remain following Week 15 action. In the race for the $5,000 SFB top prize, just three teams posted more than 200 points and they all sit top three in the standings.

Moving up, from tenth place heading into Week 15, ArchEnemy is our new SFB playoff leader. Led by James Cook (36.1), Baker Mayfield (34.85), and Sam LaPorta (28.6), Terry Ream’s SFB 38 team posted 213.80 points. In addition to being the highest Week 15 SFB score, Terry also surpassed his previous high SFB 38 total (209.7), which he posted back during Week 3 action. As he has all season long, Terry is running red-hot as he has five teams on the SFB Top 30 Leaderboard.

Sitting just 7.51 points out of first place, Mr Yellow Stickers jumped from fifth to second overall. Led by B. Mayfield and Christian McCaffrey (41.7), plus a season-high 25.50 points from Chris Godwin, Mike Schlissberg’s SFB 26 squad scored 202.85 points. That was the third-highest Week 15 SFB total. It’s also 0.05 points better than Mike’s previous high score (202.80), which he posted during Week 2 action.

Making a big move, Blue Team jumped from 64th to third overall. Another squad led by B. Mayfield and J. Cook, plus Jaylen Waddle (28.2), Amon-Ra St. Brown (24.2), and Rashee Rice (24.2), Ray Snyder’s SFB 13 SLOW team posted 210.1 points. That was the second most points scored during SFB Week 15 action. It’s also well above Team Blue’s previous high score (185.55), which was posted back in Week 2.

Climbing three positions, Bronko SFB 08 moved from seventh to fourth overall. Led by J. Cook, S. LaPorta, and Davante Adams (24.1), Ken Brzozowski’s SFB 9 crew posted 194.85 points. Seven of his nine starters posted at least 20.2 points. Low scores from A.J. Brown (10.6) and Quentin Johnson (10.3) kept Ken below the 200-point plateau. Bouncing around in the top 16, since Week 4, Bronko SFB 08 is back in fourth place for the first time since Week 5.

After entering Week 15 sitting 31st overall, Junction Boys jumped to fifth place. Brad Sutherlin’s SFB 21 SLOW squad posted 199.8 points, which was the fourth-highest Week 15 SFB score. It’s also slightly higher than the Junction Boys’ previous season-high score (195.05), which was posted back in Week 8. J. Cook, C. Godwin, S. LaPorta, and David Njoku (26.4), led the way for Brad. In a close race, Junction Boys are just 20.27 points behind our overall SFB leader.

Click on the PLAYOFF button on the SFB 38 league page, which is home to our current overall leader, to view the positioning of all 92 SFB playoff-qualifying teams.

Good Luck in Week 16 and enjoy a wonderful Holiday Season Everyone!

May it be filled with health and happiness, love and laughter, plus lots of caring and sharing with Family and Friends.

Commish Roy

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