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Awarded in 2022 - Fulltime Wins Most Accurate Contest

Why? How? There are a thousand fantasy sites out there. How do you cut through all the noise? This site is built by winners, for winners. We’re not a bunch of celebrity journalists that have never won ten cents. We’ve rounded up the top high stakes players in the world, because when our league money was on the line, these were the people we called and they never let us down. We’ve brought our rolodex of winners to you.

Backed by award-winning Player Rankings, these High Stakes Winners bring you — the #FullTimeFam — expert rankings, tools and cheatsheets, daily in-depth content, draft reviews, expert Discord chats and advice for your team, along with our weekly Picks & Strategies to help you crush your leagues across all formats!


The cast of FFWC High-Stakes winners along with our on staff experts: Shawn Childs, Jody Smith, Adam Krautwurst & Scott Atkins, will give you an edge with their over the target analysis so you can be prepared each and every week. Get personal lineup and trade questions answered by Jody, Adam and Shawn, plus all the advanced tools and analytics you need to make winning lineup decisions.


1. In-Season Weekly Player Rankings customized for your specific league scoring and lineup requirements. With our customizable rankings, you’ll be a step ahead of your competition each and every week. Your opponents are probably just following some random rankings they found on Twitter without taking your league settings into account. You won’t make that mistake. These rankings are personalized just for you, not for the masses. You’ll be a full step ahead of the rest of your league before games even kick off.

2. Premium Chat: Personal fantasy consultants for your specific “Who-Do-I-Start” and waiver wire questions answered on our member-only forums every day of every week. FullTime Fantasy is defined by our community! The #FullTimeFam! Be sure to head over to our forums, especially on Sunday mornings where Jody Smith, Adam Krautwurst and Shawn Childs will answer your WDIS questions!

3. Premium WR Matchups: Now you’re really starting to gain an edge. This new featured tool displays how each defense performs against their opponent’s receiving yardage gained by position. So for example, if you see a team is ranked 1st vs. WR #1, that defense is currently the best at limiting their opponent’s WR #1 yardage compared to other teams. Or if you see a team is ranked 32nd vs. WR #2, that defense is allowing the most yards to WR #2s compared to the other teams in the league. This a great tool to find and exploit useful matchups.

4. Premium Snap Counts: Snap counts are a vital piece of information for any fantasy owner. You can buy low and sell high on players whose playing time is trending upward or downward. Be the first to find in-season sleepers. Every single player from the four major skill positions is listed in there. You can trust you are getting accurate information from the best in the industry.

5. And even more NFL Tools

6. Free Mock Draft World Championship Entries – (5 per month)

NEW THIS YEAR: To many of us, fantasy football is a 365-day, year-round experience. But for some, you don’t need it after you’ve secured that fantasy trophy. Well good news. You never have to email us (or worse yet, get us on the phone like the old subscriptions) to modify, pause or cancel (gasp!) your subscriptions. Here at FullTime Fantasy, you are always 100% in control of your membership at all times. Simply visit your My Account page and toggle your subscription on/off for just the periods you want/need it. Whenever you’re ready to come back, simply visit your account and turn it back on.


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Motto: How are YOU treating life? I'm pretty chill with a wife (Erin), 2 teenage boys Simon & Elston), a dog (Revis) and a cat (Willow). As VP at Sports Illustrated, I helped built out SI Fantasy /Gambling and returned to rebuild FullTime Fantasy to continue hosting the Fantasy Football World Championships. Previously I had founded the Fantasy Players Association, an industry watchdog group dedicated to trabsparenct and player advocacy. I regularly appear on ESPN Radio, SiriusXM and FNTSY. I contribute sports handicapping, dynasty rankings and NFL/NBA DFS advice and strategy on the FullTime Discord. I have several 5 figure finishes including winning a DraftKings Atlantis qualifier (valued at over $70,000) and multiple $30,000+ finishes in NFL and NBA. A long-time high-stakes competitor and ranked #50 in the Fantasy Football World Rankings, I understand and teach bankroll management. You may remember me from the Red vs Blue high stakes fantasy Podcast. I was also featured as a Dynasty "Greats of the Game" by DLF and FBG. I've played high stakes since it's inception and have enjoyed Top 10 finishes in both NFFC and FFPC as well as an RTSports Overall Championship. link: link: