FFWC High-Stakes Recap: Week 16

The FFWC high-stakes leaderboards and playoffs recap


We are now just one week away from awarding the Fantasy Football World Champion. Before we see if the current leaders can hold on, the FFWC High-Stakes Recap: Week 16 looks back at the penultimate week of this wild 2022 season.

FFWC World Championship

Two of the three 2022 Fantasy Football World Championship playoff rounds are now complete. For a second straight week, the standings changed dramatically. We have a new overall leader and 14 new teams entered the Top 30 Leaderboard. Plus, three new teams entered the Top 5 and just 25 points separate those squads.

After entering the playoffs in 81st place, then moving up to second last week, Miss New Booty (Online #21) has completed his climb to first overall. Oliver Dawoud posted 175.50 points and now leads the FFWC X race to $150,000 by a slim 4.57 points. 

Moving up eight spots, Zefurs (Online #23) jumped from tenth to second place. KJ Dukesherer posted 190.90 points, which was the highest WC Week 16 score. A rare feat, KJ activated a perfect lineup and his eleven starters all scored double-digit points.

Climbing two spots, Coyote Miscreants (Online #26) moved from fifth to third overall and sit just 7.09 points out of first place. The Mike Santos/Kurt Kuekes squad had three players crack the 30-point barrier and finished with 175.75 points.

Jumping five positions, Detroit Iceholes (Vegas LIVE #2) went from ninth to fourth place. Adam Rouls’ squad posted 175.10 points and sits 19.02 points out of the FFWC X overall lead.

Making the biggest move, of the Top 10 teams, Cruze Control (Online #13) moved from 55th to fifth place. Sean Cruzen’s crew racked up 189.40 points, which was the third-highest Week 16 World Championship total.

Our FFWC X Shout Out of the Week goes to Oliver Dawoud who enters the final week of the playoffs with three teams on the FFWC X Top 30 Leaderboard.

PlayerProfiler Championship

Similar to the WC battle, changes were plentiful in the PlayerProfiler Championship Tournament as well. We have a new overall leader, 14 new squads entered the Top 30, and three new teams entered Top-5 positions.

Completing a rapid rise to the top, Bronko 2212 RvB1 (Red vs Blue #1) jumped from 13th to first overall. After scoring 195.15 points last week, and moving up from 266th, Ken Brzozowski posted 202.95 points.  That was the third-highest PPC Week 16 total, and is a classic example of “it ain’t over – till it’s over”.

Slipping one spot, Excellsworth 4 (PPC SLOW 8) dropped from first to second overall. Brian Ellsworth posted 164.85 points and continues to ride his dynamic Kirk Cousins/Justin Jefferson duo. They accounted for 58.45 of his total points. Brian also received 30 points from George Kittle and is just 9.84 points out of first.

Retaining his position, The Godfather (PPC SLOW 1) sits third overall for a second straight week. Also led by a Cousin/Jefferson mini-stack, Tony Colavita posted 160.15 points. The Godfather now sits 20.87 points off the pace.

Making a big move, High Plains Drifter (PPC 8/20) jumped from 35th to fourth place. Clint Sloan posted 190.50 points, which was the fifth-highest Week 16 PPC score. Patrick Mahomes, Justin Jefferson, and T.J. Hockenson racked up 93.2 combined points.

Rounding out the top five, Riverdog 2 (PPC 8/7)) made a huge move from 89th to fifth overall. Todd Ullman racked up 207.90 points, which was the second-highest Week 15 PPC total. Familiar starters, Riverdog also rolled out Cousins, Jefferson, and Hockenson, plus a big week from Cam Akers (34.70), in his starting lineup.

Our PPC Shout Out of the Week goes to Chad Cacchione. His Top Dog (PPC 9/3) team racked up 215.75 points, which was the highest PPC weekly total. Chad jumped from 195th to 12th overall. A second shout out goes to Glenn Karant who moved from 66th to sixth overall. His Snake II crew (PPC Dominator 6/29) posted 201.70 points, which was the fourth-highest Week 16 PPC total. 

Dynasty Football World Championship

There were major changes in the Dynasty Football World Championship race as well. For the first time this season, we have a new overall leader and 13 new players entered the Top 30. There are also three new teams in the Top 5.

Making a big jump, KM ENTERPRISE 21 2, moved from 18th to first overall. After scoring 200.85 points last week, Kyle Knapp’s DFWC 29 team racked up a Week 16 high 229.75 points. Kyle had two players rack up over 30 points and three players score over 20 points.

Falling out of the top spot, for the first time this season, Classic Wizard slipped one spot to second place. Ben Foster’s DFWC 21 crew posted a respectable 178.50 points and sits 7.22 points out of first place.

Also slipping one spot, TURD V fell from second to third overall. It wasn’t due to a lack of trying as Jon Mares’ DFWC 69 team posted 182.60 points. Jon is still well positioned to take down the $10,000 top prize, as he is just 11.51 points out of the top spot. 

Racking up the second-highest DFWC Week 16 total, Pimpin Aint Easy jumped from 31st to fourth overall. Led by Dak Prescott, Saquon Barkley, and Justin Jefferson, who scored 91.05 combined points, Jeff Antley’s DFWC 8 team posted 222.85 points. Jeff is just 16.72 points out of first overall.

Rounding out the top five, Crown Their Ash has moved from 94th to 46th, and now fifth overall, during the past two weeks. Mark Porwit’s DFWC 3 crew posted 220.80 points, which was the fourth-highest DFWC Week 16 total. Mark is just 24.39 points out of first place.

Our DFWC Shout Out of the Week goes to Frank Shinnick and his DFWC 19 squad. Racking up 220.00 points, the fourth-highest Week 16 total, BrightSideOfLife moved from 102nd to 11th overall. 

SuperFlex Bowl Tournament

Similar to the WC, PPC, and DFWC FullTime Fantasy formats, the SuperFlex Bowl championship leaderboard changed significantly as well. Two weeks into the race, for the $5,000 top prize, we have a new leader and nine new teams entered the Top 30 list. Plus, four new teams entered the Top 5 overall.

After jumping from 58th to second place last week, Pleebland.Browns has moved into first overall. Jason Conn’s SFB 24 SLOW squad posted 195.40 points. With several top contenders falling back, Jason’s overall lead is now 23.59 points.

Slipping from first to 15th last week, Glenneration X enjoyed a solid rebound and moved up to second overall. Glenn Lowy’s SFB 8 SLOW team posted 193.65 points.

Making a big jump, Draft Guy moved from 32nd to third overall. Adam Krautwurst’s SFB 3 SLOW crew piled up 213.05 points, which was the highest SFB Week 16 score. Draft Guy moved from 49.21 to 23.66 points out of first place.

Moving up 14 positions, Team Taylor jumped from 18th to fourth overall. Charlie Taylor’s SFB 8/6 squad posted 199.45 points, which was the fourth-highest SFB Week 16 total. Team Taylor now sits 25.32 points out of first place.

Rounding out the top five, Irish 7 moved from 11th to fifth overall. Jim Lowder posted 174.80 points and sits 34.06 points behind the overall leader.

Our SFB Shout Out of the Week goes to Jim Lowder, Billy Muzio, Matthew Lecomte, and Matt Groth, who enter the final week of the playoffs with two teams in the Top 30 list

Good Luck during the final round of the playoffs everyone!

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