FFWC High-Stakes Recap: Week 10

The FFWC high-stakes leaderboards and review after 10 weeks


The fantasy playoffs are rapidly approaching. And in the world of high-stakes football, the excitement is building. Our FFWC High-Stakes Recap: Week 10 dives deep into all the FFWC high-stakes action.

Let’s see how things are shaking out after 10 weeks of action.

FFWC World Championship

Does anything in life fly by faster than an NFL season? With Week 10 now complete, the Fantasy Football World Championship race is down to just four regular season weeks. Large totals were rare during Week 10 action. Just one player topped 200 points, down from four last week, and ten players (down from 18) posted at least 180 points. For a second straight week, four new players entered the Top 20 Leaderboard.

Cocktails & Dreams III (8-2) endured a rough week but was able to retain the top perch for a fourth consecutive week. Chad Schroeder, our FFWC 2018 Champion, posted 111.15 points in FFWC #3 and his overall lead slipped from 61.80 to 38.60 points.

Moving up five spots, Team Extreme (7-3) jumped from seventh to second overall. Chris Lejawa racked up 174.45 points, which moved him from 101.90 to 38.60 points out of first place. He also increased his lead in FFWC #27 from 11.10 to 41.30 points over The Godfather STK.

Our FFWC 2021 Champ, Abe Prowse, held on to third place for a second straight week. Team Mesalex (8-2) posted 139.35 points and now leads FFWC Vegas #2 by 154.45 points. He also moved from 72.85 to 44.65 points out of first overall. 

Miss New Booty (9-1) moved up one spot from fifth to fourth place. Oliver Dawoud posted 150.40 points and went from 97.20 to 57.95 points out of first place. He also increased his FFWC #8 lead, from 44.00 to 74.60 points, as he chases the $10K Dominator prize.

Slipping one spot, Bluffing Rivers-2 (8-2) rounds out the top five. A rough week for A.J. Brown (1.7), Jerry Jeudy (0.0), and Zach Ertz (2.2) led to Billy Muzio posting 114.25 points. The good news is Billy still leads FFWC #2 by 116.85 points.

Our FFWC X Shout Out of the Week goes to Coyote Miscreants in FFWC #31. Mike Santos (204.65) was the only WC Owner to crack the 200-point barrier during Week 10. That squad jumped from 94th to 30th overall.

Fairways & Greens WC IV (FFWC #15) now stands alone as the only WC player with an undefeated record. After ten teams entered Week 10 at 8-1, just six head into Week 11 with a 9-1 record.

PlayerProfiler Championship

The rollercoaster ride continued during Week 10 of the PlayerProfiler Championship Tournament. Position changes were plentiful again, as no one retained their previous week’s Top 20 position. We have a new overall leader and two players moved into the Top 5. There are also seven new teams on the Top 20 list.

After entering the Top 20 in Week 6, jumping from 51st to 14th, Team Anderson (7-3) has completed the climb to the top perch. Michael Anderson’s PPC 9/7 9 PM ET squad piled up 179.55 points and moved from second to first overall.

Climbing back into second place, for the first time since Week 6, TheGreatGatsby PPC 13 (9-1) moved up three spots. Ray Cowart’s PPC 8/5 11:45 PM ET squad racked up 192.55 points, which was the eighth-highest PPC total during Week 10. Ray is now just a minuscule 0.60 points out of first overall.

Slipping three spots, The Deal No Deal Team 7 (8-2) dropped from first to third. Michael Foresta’s squad posted 151.40 points and is 19.10 off the lead. The good news is Michael won his H2H matchup and increased his lead in PPC 9/10 9 PM ET to 195.25 points.

Moving up two spots, Mr. Yellow Stickers 3 jumped from sixth to fourth overall. Michael Schlissberg posted 167.15 points and he is 27.55 out of first place. Plus, he has a 9-1 record and leads PPC 8/7 10 PM ET by 126.05 points. 

Rounding out the Top 5, Team Mitchell1 moved from seventh to fifth overall. Mark Mitchell’s Grind Time PPC #2 7/29 9 PM ET team posted 171.60 points and is just 29.25 points off the pace. 

Our PPC Shout Out of the Week goes to Derek Sadlocha who racked up a PPC Week 10 high 204.30 points. His Cash Is King squad (PPC 9/4 11 PM ET) jumped from 271st to 100th overall. Posting 201.75 points, Axeman (Lynn Renfrow – PPC 9/10 10:30 PM) was the only other PPC player to reach the 200-point plateau. 

Through ten weeks, Team Mitchell1 and High Plains Drifter remain as the only teams with a perfect 10-0 record. There are 14 one-loss teams (down from 23) that head into Week 11 with a 9-1 record.

Dynasty Football World Championship 

For a seventh straight week, 20 different Dynasty Football World Championship leagues are represented on the Top 20 Leaderboard. Tying the previous season-low, just two new teams joined the Top 20 list. Our overall leader retained the top perch and five of the highest nine Week 10 DFWC totals were posted by Top 20 players.

Seemingly unstoppable (no jinx) Classic Wizard (9-1) retained first overall for a tenth straight week. Ben Foster’s crew racked up 214.20 points, which was the second-highest DFCW Week 10 total. Ben extended his overall lead from 86.95 to 124.00 points. Plus, his lead in DFWC 21 is now a massive 410.90 points. WOW!

A Top 10 contender, throughout the 2022 DFWC season, TURD V (9-1) moved from sixth into second place. Jon Mare’s squad piled up 202.30 points, which was the seventh-highest Week 10 total. Jon’s lead in DFWC 69 now stands at 202.35 points.

Dropping one spot, Trailers (9-1) slipped from second into third place. It wasn’t for a lack of trying though, as Kris Wocks’ crew posted 173.15 points. His total was well above the 129.78 Week 10 average points posted by 888 DFWC players.

Moving up four spots, Team Morrison (8-2) jumped from eighth into fourth place. After posting 199.00 points, Jordon Morrison enters the Top 5 for the first time this season and now leads DFWC 17 by 147.95 points. 

Rounding out the top five, St. Louis Gunners (9-1) retained fifth overall for a second straight. Ray Flack posted 158.50 points and our Orphan King now leads DFWC 35 by 370.40 points.

Our DFWC Shout Out of the Week goes to School One (8-2) in DFWC 31. Adam Godlewski’s squad racked up a DFWC Week 10 high 223.95 points and jumped from 66th to 26th overall.

Heading into Week 10 action, there are five teams (down from nine) with a perfect 10-0 record. For a third straight week – none of them cracked the Top 20 list. Another 50 squads (down from 72) have a 9-1 record, and 11 of those teams are in the Top 20.

SuperFlex Bowl Tournament

Week 10 brought several changes to the SuperFlex Bowl Top 20 Leaderboard. That includes a big jump by our new overall leader. The changes were mostly amongst the Week 9 leaders as a season-low two new players joined the Top 20 list. It was a fairly high-scoring week as 39 players (up from 23 last week) posted at least 182.55 points.

Back on the top perch, for the first time since Week 7, Glenneration X (SFB 8 SOW) is the new SFB overall leader. Glenn Lowy posted his highest total since Week 1 (223.65) as he racked up 218.95 points. Glenn received a huge boost from WR Christian Watson who scored 32.70 points. Prior to that, Watson had 26.70 total points during six games played.

Holding on to second place, Kohlscheen SFB15 posted 163.90 points. Just 0.70 points out of first entering the week, Jack Kohlscheen is now 44.75 points off the pace. The good news is MaxJack still leads SFB 17 SLOW by 120.85 points. 

Falling two spots, from first to third, Team Mahoney posted 147.45 points. It’s not all bad news for Jim Maloney, as he still leads SFB 2 SLOW by 200.70 points. Plus, the majority of his BYE weeks are now complete, and he should get his Burrow/Chase super-stack back soon.

Hanging around the Top 5, for a seventh consecutive week, Moose Superknuckle 4 dropped from third to fourth place. Mark Sadler posted 141.10 points and slipped from 8.15 to 75.00 points out of first place. 

Rounding out the Top 5, Da Godfather (from Canada) moved up two spots from seventh to fifth. After racking up 209.95 points last week, Kevin Vobeyda posted 187.60 points during Week 10 action. He now leads SFB 18 SLOW by 41.35 points.

Our SFB Shout Out of the Week goes to Billy Muzio in SFB 8 SLOW. Billy racked up an SFB Week 10 high of 233.90 points and jumped from 232nd to 98th overall. He also moved into the second playoff qualifying position in that league.

Good Luck in Week 11 Everyone!


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