FFWC High-Stakes Recap: Week 1

Billy Muzio looks at the FFWC high-stakes fallout from Week 1


Football is back, and week 1 did not disappoint! With the FFWC High-Stakes Recap: Week 1, we grind our way through box scores, snap counts, and player utilization to make sense of what we have learned, to better our fantasy teams, and make better decisions on who to add through waivers and grind our way to the top of the leaderboards.

Below are the top 10 most added players across the FFWC and each tournament’s leading teams in The World Championship, The PlayerProfiler Championship, and the Superflex Bowl

Fantasy Football World Championship

This year’s Fantasy Football World Championship is comprised of 540 teams competing for a grand prize of $150,000. After week 1, Mark Palmer and team ZCRiley lead the leaderboards with 218.9 points, followed by Seth Kahler and Austin Martin at number 2 with 208.45 and Mark Mitchel at number 3 with 194.4.

ZCRiley drafted from the No.3 spot on 9/4/2022. He started his draft with Jonathan Taylor, Travis Kelce, and Deebo Samuel, securing a top player at each position. He took an unconventional approach at the FFWC going double elite TE and loading up at RB in the flex position.

A few noteworthy items in this build include: He hit on every RB he selected. Darrell Henderson shocked the fantasy world when he carried the rock 13 times for 47 yards, adding another five receptions for 26 yards and dominating snaps 82.1% vs. Cam Akers’ 17.9%.  Cordarrelle Patterson finished week one as the RB#5 in PPR scoring dominating snaps at 65.3% vs. Avery Williams at 30.7%. Damien Williams left Week 1 with a rib injury. Jamaal Williams finished as RB16, seeing 33.3% snaps and scoring two touchdowns.

It will remain to be seen if he can hold onto the lead in this format with a WR corps including Deebo Samuel, Michael Thomas, Jarvis Landry, Christian Watson, Jamison Crowder, and Demarcus Robinson

Here are the Top 10 waiver wire additions in the Fantasy Football World Championship

The PlayerProfiler Championship

This year’s PlayerProfiler Championship is comprised of 936 teams competing for a grand prize of $50,000. After Week 1, Hardy Mogel and team CRUSH IT top the leaderboards with 215.85 points. William Lu is second with 199.55 points, and DT ranks third with 198.8. 

CRUSH IT drafted from the No. 2 spot on 7/31/2022. He started his draft with Justin Jefferson, Michael Pittman, Javonte Williams, and Breece Hall. He then circled back in round 5 with Josh Allen and came back in round 6 with A.J. Dillion. This was another conventional approach to most FFWC drafts, as CRUSH IT snagged four running backs with their first eight picks.  

Justin Jefferson finished Week 1 as the No. 1 wideout and Michael Pittman finished as No. 5. AJ Dillon ranked as the RB9, seeing 50.8% of snaps to Aaron Jones’ 60.7%. But Dillon made the most of his 10 carries for 45 yards and a score adding another 5 receptions on 6 targets through the air. Javonte Williams finished the week as RB#12, splitting the backfield with 57.6% snap share with teammate Melvin Gordon, who saw 40.9%. 

The Top 10 waiver wire additions in the PlayerProfiler Championship

SuperFlex Bowl

The inaugural FFWC SuperFlex Bowl is comprised of 552 teams competing for a grand prize of $5,000. After Week 1, Glen Lowy and team Glenneration X  lead with 223.65 points. Yours truly, Billy Muzio is second with 213 points and third with 207.4, respectively. 

Glenn faded QB in his Superflex draft that took place on 6/4/22 from the 10 spot. He started his draft with Justin Jefferson, Jamar Chase, Travis Kelce, Saquon Barkley, and Breece Hall. YIKES, that’s going to be tough to beat. He took his QBs Trevor Lawrence, Daniel Jones, and Marcus Mariota in rounds 6,8, and 11. 

It was a great opening slate for Glenn, who had the No. 1 and No, 4 WR in Jefferson and Chase, as well as the No. 1 RB Saquon Barkley. Not to be outdone, Glenn also had the No. 1 TE, Travis Kelce. He also hit on 20th-round Curtis Samuel, who finished Week 1 as the WR13 in PPR leagues with 19.2 fantasy points. Glenn’s final build consisted of 3QBs-6RB-9WR-2TE. 

That’s it after a wild opening week of FFWC action.

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