FFWC High-Stakes Recap: Week 3

Billy Muzio looks at the FFWC high-stakes fallout from Week 3


I hope everyone is enjoying the 2022 FFWC X Season. Shout out to those on the Fantasy Football World Championship Top 20 list. Special acknowledgment to Chad Schroeder (Cocktails & Dreams), the only owner with multiple teams on the list, with three inside the top 20! Here is my FFWC High-Stakes Recap: Week 3.

Chad’s first-place team has a coaching efficiency of 90.6% through three weeks. FFWC #10 and FFWC #25 both have a big battle ongoing as they are the only World Championship Leagues with two Owners in the Top 20 list. It’s great to see a nice mix of new World Championship Owners and seasoned Vets make the top 20 in week 3.


FFWC World Championship


Let’s dive deeper into win percentages by draft slots in the FFWC World Championship. Drafting from the 9,11, or 12 spots has been more rewarding in 2022. Below you can find a breakdown of every draft by pick number, record, win percentage, points, and average points scored per week.

The top added players in the World Championship by the number of adds were:


PlayerProfiler Championship


Let’s see what’s shaking in the PlayerProfiler Championship (PPC).  Our 2022 Week 3 PPC overall leaderboard is filled with a solid mix of experienced veterans, regulars, and newcomers.

In his inaugural FFWC  season, Jack Kohlscheen is the only owner with two teams on the list. It’s somewhat shocking that we have three leagues, with two owners from each, on the PPC Top 20 list. Jack is in two of them. Those leagues are Red vs. Blue No. 3, PlayerProfiler Championship 7/24 10:30 PM ET, and PlayerProfiler Championship 8/12 11:45 PM ET.

Nice to see the Red vs. Blue, Grind Time, online PPC, and slow draft formats represented. Also lovely to see four months represented: June (3), July (8), August (6), and September (3), in the Top 20.


Now we’ll dive deeper into win percentages by draft slots in the PlayerProfiler Championship. Like the World Championship, the 12 spot has been succeeding. But, it is interesting that the middle picks, 5,6, and 7, are more rewarding. It could be that value fell in these drafts, and the middle board swooped up.

The top added players in the PlayerProfiler Championship by the number of adds were:


SuperFlex Bowl Tournament


Last but not least, the inaugural SuperFlex Bowl Tournament! The SuperFlex Bowl Tournament (SFB) was wildly popular with FFWC, dynasty vets, and new players. Thank you all for your Support!

Billy Muzio, Jack Kohlscheen, Matthew Lecomte, and Da Godfather of The True North all maxed out (18) the SFB. It seems like poetic justice that they each have two teams on the top 20 Leaderboard. Our 2022 Maui Madness Champion Jeffrey Jurist sits third overall behind Jack and Matthew.

It’s no surprise that the No. 1 spot, AKA the Josh Allen teams, lead the pack with a weekly average of 162.77 points. Followed by teams 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, who all got a top-tier QB or positional player. Unlike the PPC and the WC, the 12 spot is the worst draft spot in the SFB through three weeks of football. I will keep a close eye on that detail and see if it holds all year.

As a reminder: Mock Draft World Championship entries are for sale until the first kick-off of the Week 18 action. You can draft a new team and view the current standings here!

Good luck in your Week 4 matchups, and make sure to tune into the FullTime Fantasy Podcast today at 7 PM ET.


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