FFWC High-Stakes Recap: Week 4

The FFWC high-stakes leaderboards and review after four weeks


It has been a crazy opening month of fantasy football action. That’s especially true in the high-stakes world. Our FFWC High-Stakes Recap: Week 4 dives deep into all the FFWC high-stakes action.

Let’s see how things are shaking out after the first month of the 2022 football season.


FFWC World Championship

The FFWC X World Championship Tournament experienced a massive overhaul from Week 3 to Week 4. In fact, only eight managers remain in the top 20 list from last week. I’m no math wizard but that means 12 managers moved out. That also means a dozen new teams moved in. Welcome to the FFWC X WC Top 20!

Congratulations to Chad Schroeder who enters Week 5 as the owner of the top TWO overall perches. Scan down a little further, and we also find Cocktails & Dreams XIV occupying the 12th OA perch – just 39.40 points off the lead. Chad is the only person with multiple teams on the Week 4 top 20 list.

Yak Farmers, FFWC Vet David Strand, moved into third place and is just 15.00 points back. The Yaks have been grazing at the FFWC, and finding fertile pastures, for a decade now.

New to the FFWC this season, Oliver Dawoud owns a healthy stable across FFWC World Championship and Player  Profiler  Championship leagues, plus FullTime Fantasy highest stakes contests like the Top Gun $10K and Commander $5K Drafts.

Oliver is in a battle with “since the beginning” FFWC Vet Frankie Taddeo (FatStacks) in the FFWC ONLINE #8 League. They battled back in Week 3 and Oliver won by 5.25 points. New Miss Booty has an 8.15-point lead over FatStacks in that league.

Long time Friends of the FFWC, Evangelos Lilas (Ruthless 1) and Robert Gross (My Boy RJ 1) are the only other two owners that are in a “same-league” battle within the WC Top 20. Their league, FFWC ONLINE #1, was our first LIVE WC Draft of the season. Evangelos has a 1.75-point lead in that race. They go head-to-head in Week 8.


PlayerProfiler Championship

Similar to the World Championship and SuperFlex Bowl Tournaments, the Top 20 Player Profiler Championship overall standings look very different after Week 4. As indicated by ‘NR’ on the list, we had 11 owners move out. That also means 11 new teams moved in – Welcome to the FFWC X PPC top 20 leaderboard!

Making a massive leap, from 14th to 1st overall, Team TD’s N Beer (PPC SLOW 7) is our new leader after Week 4 PPC action. Kelly racked up an impressive 213.30 total points.

Our Week 3 leader, Team PEACHO8 (Red vs Blue #1), dropped from first into second place overall. Red vs Blue #1 is also represented by Team Muzio RvB, who enters the PPC top 20 list in third place overall. The RvB #1 battle is a beauty as Michael leads Billy by just 16.60 points.

Also new to the PPC Top 20 list this week, Team Scotydog (PPC 9/5 10 PM ET) posted 192.85 points and moved into fourth overall.

Jumping from 16th into 5th overall, Team No Sleep Till Vegas (PPC 6/11 10 PM ET), rounds out the Week 4 PPC Top 5.


FFWC X Dynasty Football World Championship

Week 4 of the FFWC X Dynasty Football World Championship season is now in the books! While not as dramatic as our other three overall leaderboards – there are changes beyond the top three leaders this week. Following Week 4 action, there are six new Owners on the DFWC Top 20 list.

With the dust settled, Team Classic Wizard (DFWC 21) retained top spot in the overall standings. Ben increased his lead, from 7.25 points to 50.60 points, over Kris and Team Trailers (DFWC 1) who remain in second place.

Also owned by Ben Foster, who is the only DFWC Owner with two teams in the Top 20, Team Hooyah (DFWC 73) retained his third-place overall perch. 

Team Wonder Twins (DFWC 68) made a jump from ninth to fourth place overall. 

Team Schoolone (DFWC 60) slipped from fourth to fifth place to round out the top-5.


SuperFlex Bowl Tournament

The top-20 SuperFlex Bowl Overall Standings changed the most following the Week 4 action. As indicated by NR on the list, we had a whopping 14 owners move out of the top 20. That means 14 new SFB players moved in,

Piling up an impressive 213 total points, Team Moose Superknuckle (SFB 14 SLOW) not only enters the top 20 list, but Mark settles in as the new overall leader. He must have loved watching TE T.J. Hockenson rack up 39.90 points.

Kohlscheen SFB15 (SFB 17 SLOW) slipped slightly – from first into second overall. After averaging an impressive 202.76 points, during the first three weeks, MaxJack experienced a down week as he posted 137.1 points.

Also slipping one notch, Team Steven Gundy (SFB 3 SLOW), owned by FFWC Vet Matthew Lecomte, dropped from second to third place overall.

Team Glenneration X (SFB 8 SLOW) made a big move as our 2013 FFWC Champ Glenn Lowy jumped from 10th into 4th place overall.

Team Its Likely I Win (SFB 8/22 9 PM ET) dipped from 3rd to 5th, as our 2022 Maui Madness Champ Jeffrey Jurist rounds out the SFB top 5 through four weeks.

Ahead of Week 4 action, 47.05 points separated the top 10 on the SFB leaderboard. With the dust settled, there are now just 45.45 points separating the top 20 heading into Week 5 action.

Good Luck in Week 5 to everyone across all FFWC X Leagues! 


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