NFL Snap Counts Report (Week 16 Recap)

Snap counts tell us who is playing but they don’t always paint a clear picture of who is producing for our fantasy football lineups. By digging deep into the snap counts from Week 12, we are able to pull some […]

The Snap Counts report and tool is invaluable in breaking down what's happening behind the numbers.     SNAPS Total offensive snaps played by player. SNAP % Percentage of offensive snaps played. RUSH % Percentage of snaps played where player had a rushing attempt. TGT % Percentage of snaps played where player was targeted by a pass attempt. TOUCH % Percentage of snaps played where player touched the football (includes pass attempts, rush attempts and receptions). FPTS Fantasy points scored by player. PTS/100 SNAPS Average fantasy points scored by player per 100 snaps It's playoff time. You can't afford to make a single mistake with your lineup! To read the rest, become a Fulltime Fantasy Member and get access to Waiver Wire/FAAB, Snap Counts Report, WR Matchups, Customized Weekly Rankings, and Private WDIS help on Sunday Mornings. Sign up here.
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