2019 NFL Draft: 4 Rookie Quarterbacks You Need To Know

These are the 4 quarterbacks you need to know ahead of the 2019 NFL Draft brought to you by the Fantasy Football guru Dr. Roto!

2019 Rookies You Need To Know
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Kyler Murray, Oklahoma

  • Height / Weight: 5’10” – 207 pounds
  • Projected Round: Top 3 pick
  • Potential Landing Spots: ARI
  • Compares To: Russell Wilson
  • Projected Dynasty Pick: 2.7

Analysis: Murray is a rare playmaking talent who dominated college football in his one year as a starter at Oklahoma. He is relatively small for a QB, but he has excellent pocket awareness and a powerful arm. He goes through his progressions well and is very effective and accurate while throwing on the run. His elusiveness is beyond reproach, and he can outrun linebackers when he breaks into the open field. The biggest concerns for him are clearly his durability and throwing over taller defenders. Murray is a game-changing type of talent, but he will need a coach (Kingsbury?) and team which is committed to changing their style of play much like the Ravens did last year with Lamar Jackson. For now, he looks like a Fantasy backup in 2019, but he easily could be a starter in 2020 and beyond.

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Dwayne Haskins, Ohio St.

  • Height / Weight: 6’3″ – 231 pounds
  • Projected Round: Top 15 pick
  • Potential Landing Spots: NYG, WAS, DEN
  • Compares To: Joe Flacco
  • Projected Dynasty Pick: 2.9

Analysis: Haskins is the prototypical pocket passing QB that NFL GM’s love. He is big, strong, and willing to take a hit to make a big play downfield. While he will never win games with his mobility, he is mobile enough in the pocket to avoid the big hit. His arm is strong enough to challenge the best defenders, and he has an exceptional sense of dealing with defensive pressure. The biggest concerns with Haskins is his ability to throw into zone coverage. Ohio State was involved in many mismatches, so it’s hard to predict how good he will be at the next level of competition. Fantasy-wise Haskins could surprise in his first season if he ends up on a team with good weapons around him, but he will have to stay away from dangerous throws which could lead to untimely interceptions.

Drew Lock, Missouri

  • Height / Weight: 6’4″ – 228 pounds
  • Projected Round: Top 20 pick
  • Potential Landing Spots: NYG, WAS, MIA
  • Compares To: Josh Allen (minus the gutsy rushing)
  • Projected Dynasty Pick: 3.8

Analysis: Lock will fit in perfectly on a team that has a huge offensive line that will give him time to throw. When he has the time to assess the defense, he can be deadly accurate with his passes and throws with great anticipation. He is confident in his arm and has no problem challenging defenders with downfield strikes. Lock’s biggest flaw is his inaccuracy (something that really cannot be taught). He also tends to make an easy throw difficult for his receivers to catch. Playing at Missouri, Lock did not excel at the top levels of competition; it will be interesting to see how he fares at the NFL level. In term of Fantasy, Lock will need a year or two of seasoning before he can be relied upon to be a starter.

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Daniel Jones, Duke

  • Height / Weight: 6’5″ – 221 pounds
  • Projected Round: Late 1st, early 2nd
  • Potential Landing Spots: CIN, LAC, WAS
  • Compares To: Chad Pennington
  • Projected Dynasty Pick: 4.12

Analysis: Jones has exceptional training at the college level as he has been a starter at Duke for the past few seasons. Duke Head Coach David Cutcliffe is best known for his mentoring of Peyton and Eli Manning, so we know that Jones has a great understanding of the position and has learned the nuances of the game. Jones’ biggest strength is probably his biggest criticism–he has often been called a “game manager” at the college level. This is usually a kiss of death in the Fantasy Football world because it means that the QB is unwilling to take chances downfield. In sum, Jones is a cerebral QB who will be able to excel with the right players and system around him.

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