Fantasy Football World Championships Welcome Gary Allen!

Help us welcome last year's 15th place finisher in the FFWC, Gary Allen, to the seventh annual Fantasy Football World Championships hosted by FullTime Fantasy Sports at The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas!

Help us welcome Gary Allen to the seventh annual Fantasy Football World Championships hosted at The Palms Casino & Resort! Allen began playing in the FFWC in 2014 when he just missed out on a postseason berth. Since then, he’s been dominating his league mates each and every season.

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Last year, Allen submitted two entries, winning the DOMINATOR prize, league championship and finishing 15th overall with one team. This was his best finish in the FFWC to date. His other squad wasn’t too bad either, as he went 9-4 and made the postseason but wasn’t able to take down a league prize. Still, Allen netted over $10,000 for his efforts and is back to make an attempt at the 2018 Championship belt!


In 2016, Allen drafted three teams, two of which made the postseason, and one of those squads won the $10,000 DOMINATOR prize and the league championship. He finished the 2015 season with the exact same results as the 2016 season, which means he has dominated at least one of his leagues three seasons in a row! That is quite an accomplishment.

His next goal is to improve upon his best overall finish (15th overall) and to take home that $150,000 over-sized check on Super Bowl weekend! As one of the best Fantasy Football players in the world, Allen’s league mates are surely taking him seriously in 2018!

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