2020 Fantasy Baseball: Doc’s FSGA Draft Review (Rounds 5-6)

Dr. Roto breaks down the fifth and sixth round of the 2020 FSGA Fantasy Baseball draft, where he doubled up at the hot corner when a gem slipped!

Oakland A's 3B Matt Chapman

Daily Dr. Roto—January 22, 2020

Rounds 5-6 of FSGA Fantasy Baseball Experts Draft

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Last week, I began my quest to win the 2020 FSGA Fantasy Baseball League. I had the fifth pick (out of 14 teams) and am competing against some of the top Fantasy Baseball experts in the industry. Although we are drafting in January, this draft unofficially “kicks off” the Fantasy Baseball season.

The first eleven rounds were completed last week in Las Vegas. A slow draft will complete the remaining rounds over the coming weeks. You can follow the draft along here!

Round 5

  • 5.1 Matt Olson Oak (1B)
  • 5 .2 Gary Sanchez NYY (C)
  • 5.3 Clayton Kershaw LAD (SP)
  • 5.4 Tommy Pham SD (OF)
  • 5.5 Patrick Corbin WAS (SP)
  • 5.6 Zack Greinke HOU (SP)
  • 5.7 Eugenio Suarez CIN (3bB)
  • 5.8 Giancarlo Stanton NYY (OF)
  • 5.9 Vlad Guerrero Jr TOR (3B)
  • 5.10 Noah Syndergaard NYM (SP)
  • 5.11 D.J. LeMahieu NYY (3B)
  • 5.12 Bo Bichette TOR (SS)
  • 5.13 Eloy Jimenez CWS (OF)
  • 5.14 Victor Robles WAS (OF)

My pick

“If I only had known”…these are words that are oft-uttered at a Fantasy Baseball draft. In my case, if I only had known that Reds 3B Eugenio Suarez was going to be available in Round 5, I might not have selected Rafael Devers in Round 2. It’s not that I don’t like Devers (I do!). It’s just that if I knew I could get an excellent third baseman three rounds later, I might have chosen to go that direction. That said, I had to figure out how to construct my team best from where it was at that very moment—and at that moment, I knew that I needed to get a good SP2 considering I have a somewhat sketchy anchor in Blake Snell.

By adding Corbin here, I have added another top starter from a good team that should win 14-15 games with a low ERA and gets around 200 Ks. My only hesitation with selecting Corbin is that it feels like I am chasing his last year’s success, but sometimes this is necessary when it comes to drafting starting pitching.

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Round 6

  • 6.1 Shohei Ohtani LAA (SP)
  • 6.2. Yoan Moncada CWS (2B)
  • 6.3 Yu Darvish CHC (SP)
  • 6.4 Eddie Rosario MIN (OF)
  • 6.5 Luis Severino NYY (SP)
  • 6.6 Josh Hader MIL (RP)
  • 6.7 Mike Soroka ATL (SP)
  • 6.8 Max Muncy LAD (1B)
  • 6.9 Tyler Glasnow TB (SP)
  • 6.10 Matt Chapman OAK (3B)
  • 6.11 Jose Berrios MIN (SP)
  • 6.12 Josh Donaldson MIN (3B)
  • 6.13 Jose Abreu CWS (1B)
  • 6.14 Zach Wheeler PHI (SP)

My pick

New York Giants GM George Young had a simple drafting philosophy called, “Always pick the best player.” It’s a philosophy that I have generally tried to use in all my drafts, regardless of sport. I try never to draft from a position of weakness or worry too much about position scarcity. I try to find the best player and then figure out how that player can work best into my lineup. Additionally, I don’t mind taking a player at the same position if I am in a trading league because I know that I can trade one of the players later to get what I need elsewhere. In this case, I felt that I could not pass up on taking A’s third baseman, Matt Chapman. In 2019, Chapman hit .249 with 36 HR and had 91 RBIs to go along with 102 runs scored. I think he can improve upon those numbers in 2020, especially in batting average. If he can hit .278 as he did back in 2018 and knock in 40/100, I know I am off to a solid hitting start.

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