The First EVER Dynasty Marketplace is Now LIVE!

Are you a Dynasty Football fanatic? FullTime Fantasy is proud to bring you the first EVER Dynasty Marketplace! You won't want to miss this opportunity!

Oakland Raiders RB Josh Jacobs

The new DYNASTY MARKETPLACE has arrived!

We’re excited to bring you this exciting opportunity to SELL your existing Dynasty Team for big profits!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter any Dynasty League, drafting, trading and building your team how you see fit.
  2. At any point, you can LIST your team FOR SALE.

Why would I want to sell my team? 

Well, half the fun is playing, the other half is winning. If you think you have a winner, who knows what someone would be willing to pay for it.

Let’s say a DFWC team costs $299 to enter and you think you can win this year. Good! Maybe somebody else looks at that team and says, I could win several years with that team. I’ll pay $2,500 for it. Deal!

Maybe you’re an awesome Dynasty drafter, but don’t really want the weekly grind of managing a team. The Marketplace is PERFECT for you.


1. Inside your league, on the EDIT TEAM page, place the words FOR SALE in the Phone Number Field.
2. Place the Amount you’d be willing to sell the team for in the 2nd Phone Number Field.
(numbers only, no $ signs or cents) Example: 400

Visit the Dynasty MarketPlace to see your team FOR SALE.

A few rules:

1. Your current year dues MUST BE PAID in FULL in order to LIST.
2. Teams can ONLY be sold BEFORE the NFL Season begins.
3. You cannot LIST for MORE THAN 10X of the entry fee of the contest.
4. You cannot LIST for LESS THAN 75% of the entry fee of the contest.

    • DFWC Team $299 – Minimum $225 – Maximum $2990
    • Dynasty 75 – Minimum $57 – Maximum: $750
    • Dynasty 150 – Minimum $113 – Maximum: $1500
    • Dynasty 500 – Minimum $375 – Maximum: $5,000
    • Dynasty 1000 – Minimum $750 – Maximum: $10,000

5. Our administrative fee is 10% to cover administrative and credit card fees.
6. You are NOT allowed to purchase ANY team in a league which you are already part of.

That’s it! I think many of you will see this as the tremendous opportunity it is.

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  • DFWC Startup $299 – Starts Tomorrow 9am eastern – 5 Spots Left
  • $75 Dynasty Startup
  • $150 Dynasty Startup
  • $500 Dynasty Startup
  • $1,000 Dynasty Startup