Manic Monday: Week 8

I’ve got to stop buying candy. This year I actually did forget but ran into the drug store during halftime of the early games and got just one bag. Because this may be the final year my son goes trick or treating, I was out and about in the prime hours. Oh, props to this guy.

By the time he was done and I clicked on the light, not one knock. Now I’ve got this entire bag of 50-plus pieces of candy to sit here and tempt me. And of course, I bought the variety pack of the good stuff. Twix, Snickers, Milky Way Midnight.

As I’m catching up on the Dallas/Minnesota game, it made me think of some of the memorable performances from Week 8 and how I could assign a candy grade award system.

Candy Is Dandy

Since I’ve got all this leftover candy that I’d rather distribute than be forced to slowly eat over the next few weeks, I’d like to hypothetically award it to players who came through in Week 8.

I know somebody in a Superflex league who had to pick Mike White up just to have one QB in their lineup. Talk about coming through. Gonna have to reward White with a Reese’s, but let go full-on Reese’s pumpkin.

Tyler Lockett gets a Snickers for finally coming through for those of us who kept trotting him out in our lineups.

Rookie RB Michael Carter is starting to become a beast. Carter got 24 touches and went for 172 scrimmage yards, a touchdown, and the No. 1 overall fantasy running back award for Sunday. Carter would definitely deserve a full-size Kit Kat bar.

We all had to lower expectations for the Dallas offense this week, yet Amari Cooper still delivered top-5 fantasy numbers. Gotta lean with a left Twix for Coop.

As we predicted, not all Cowboys came through for fantasy managers. Ezekiel Elliott and other top-5 studs like Dalvin Cook and Derrick Henry had underwhelming outings that stung. Therefore, seems appropriate to give those backs these terrible strawberry-filled candies that normally go right into the trash.

Were the Vikings upset they missed out on trick of treating? All around uninspiring performance for the Minnesota offense, but by guy Justin Jefferson had an egregious dud, so he gets Milk Duds and gets to deal with them being stuck in his teeth. Thanks for nothing.

Tight end was particularly difficult this week. Pretty much any guy that most of us view as a top-10 option this week…Tyler HigbeeDalton Schultz, Noah Fant, Hunter Henry…thanks for nothing. Y’all don’t even get candy. Go pick up some pecans out of my neighbor’s yard.

Where We Were Right

The Jets have been inept against the run, so we projected Joe Mixon as our overall RB3 for Week 8. Entering Monday, Mixon currently ranks No. 2 thanks to a productive day through the air and a pair of touchdowns.

Cole Beasley in the top-20 is something that stood out as risky, but after 10 grabs and 110 receiving yards, Beasley is the WR16 and easily had his best game of the season against Miami.

Overall, tight end was rough, but we weren’t so sure Rob Gronkowski was going to be that effective after a fairly long layoff. Gronk came in outside out top-20 this week and, predictably, didn’t finish the game or even score a point on his one target.

Where We Were Wrong

What was I just saying about the Vikings? Oh yeah, they didn’t exactly take advantage of a game where they were favorites against a Dallas squad playing without Dak PrescottWe missed on many of Minnesota’s studs, like Cook, Jefferson, and Kirk Cousins, who we liked as a top-5 option.

The way Tom Brady has been playing, we weren’t too worried about Mike Evans being shadowed by Marshon Lattimore. While Evans did get a TD, Lattimore did an admirable job in coverage, limiting Evans to just two catches and a WR28 finish.

I host the FullTime Fantasy Discord chat each week and one of the questions was about Kenneth Gainwell and the Eagles’ backfield. Man, the process was so right as Philadelphia crushed Detriot, and Jalen Hurts was held out of the end zone, but I thought it would be Gainwell, not Jordan Howard and Boston Scott who would be making multiple house calls.

Speaking of Discord, join us in Week 9:

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