MLB DFS Fastballs and Flyballs 9/17

14 game slate



Sonny Gray

Gray has pitched well this year and both times vs the Cubs. Tonight the Cubs don’t have Rizzo in the lineup. The wind is blowing in tonight which will help along with Gray’s high K rate and ability to keep the ball on the ground. With a few other higher priced arms I don’t see many going with Gray tonight. I can see him going 6 innings 8-9 Ks and allowing a run.


Alex Young

Young has shown his upside against the Reds going 8 innings and striking out 12 hitters. He gets a solid matchup against the Marlins who have limited power and are worse vs LHPs. The current lineup  has over a 50% GB rate and over a 30% K rate vs LHP. Young could have himself a nice game tonight going 6-7 innings with 8-9 Ks and maybe a run or two.

*Verlander is an option if you wish to pay up tonight.



Nathan Eovaldi

Eovaldi has pitched better as of late and gets a decent matchup vs the Giants at home. His velocity is coming back along with the increase in strike out. The Giants current lineup has a 25% K rate and he should be able to get through most of the lineup. I do think Yaz goes deep tonight and possibly Belt, but should do ok otherwise.


Marco Gonzalez

Gonzalez has been pretty good for the most part and  he gets a price decrease against a Pirates team with out 2 of their best players. Can see him going 5-6 innings striking out 4-5 and allowing a run or two.


Martin Perez

Cheap option against a team that does not hit as well vs LHP and strikes out at a high clip.



Coors Field 

Melville allows a lot of contacts and give up the long ball- Nimmo, McNeil, Conforto, Cano, Davis, Alonso  all in play.

On the other side Stroman has been decent this year, but Story, Arenado and Blackmon are in play vs him and Hillard a nice value play.

* Can use the value arms along with Coors bats


Toronto BlueJays

The Blue Jays face a Shepard who has pitched a few innings so far in the majors this year. He has good strike out stuff but has not failed well otherwise. The Jays young lineup head into Baltimore and should do well tonight.

*Bichette, Biggio, Guerrero, Grichuck, McKinney(value).


*Also consider the Braves vs Valasquez


Andrew Benintendi/Xander Bogarts

Webb has allowed 11 runs over the last two games. Beni leading and X is going to give it to Webb.


Mike Yastrzemski/Brandon Belt

Yaz in the park where his grandpa played. I feel a dong coming oh maybe a double dong! Belt and Yaz both matchup well vs Eovaldi.


Klye Seager/Kyle Lewis

Seager continues to hit the ball well and Lewis has been crushing since being called up.




Sam Hillard

Travis Shaw