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I don’t think I’ll be rostering Ross tonight. Digging more into him, I’m liking Boston 2-3-4 here, even though it’s a little cold there  they’re just underpriced. To fit them and Houston, I’m going to have to take a shot with Means as well. 


The Staff 

Lyles – He’s averaging just over a strikeout an inning so far this year and has back to back quality starts. Pittsburgh has been one of the best in the league as far as starting pitching, and Lyles has been a huge part of that.

(Risk factor 5)

Ross – Boston has been terrible so far this year, but we know this is how they always are to start a season. It’s still chilly for in bean town and the Sox unimpressive start will probably continue tonight.

(Risk factor 5)

Buehler – I love this kid. He’s arguably one of the most mechanically sound pitchers in the league, and coming off his best start of the year. It’ll be cool with a light wind blowing in at Wrigley. Walker has been extremely tough on righties, with almost a 30% k rate.

(Risk factor 5)

The Bats 

Baltimore – Santana has given up 10 runs in 2 starts this year. Baltimore is one of the pesky teams in the league, and can string together a few singles and doubles. I love Villar and Mancini at the top.

Mets – Velasquez has been good this year, but has struggled his entire career against lefties. New York has a ton of pop from the left side, along with one of the best young players in Alonso.

(Lefties with Alonso)

Pirates – Kelly struggles with LHB. Polanco in the lineup just boosts the top a lot, and Bell is one of their hottest hitters.