MLB DFS Fastballs and Flyballs Early 4/18

Today we have a split slate with 4 games early starting at 12:10 and a main slate with 5 games starting at 7:10 which Steve Renner will be covering.

This article is gives options to use Corbin and Nova or Nova and Pineda. Value bats at each position will help with salary.



Patrick Corbin

I normally do not like to pay up, but Corbin is the best option on this small 4 game slate. He faces the Giants today who have struggled this year vs LHP with a .232 average and 25% K rate. High K rate this season so far striking out 24 batters over 19 innings. Corbin keeps the ball on the ground over 50% of the time and this should fair well vs a Giants team with limited power.


Michael Pineda

Pineda is not a pitcher I like to use very often or even at all, but on a 4 game slate against a Jays team that is hitting .207 with a 28% K rate vs RHP he is in play.

*The one bat that should take him deep today is Rowdy Tellez. 



Ivan Nova

Weather risk, but as of now the game looks like it will play. Nova has been good vs RHHs over his career with a 50% GB rate around 1 HR/9. This year he started throwing his slider more and reduced the curve-ball.  The change increased his K% a bit vs RHHs and the Tigers are loaded as 7 of 9 batters hit from the right side today.




The Braves get to hit against Luke Weaver today who has been smashed early this year. Smashed as in allowing 54% HC rate and a 95 MPH exit velocity. This Braves team has power through out the lineup and should take advantage of Weaver today.



Twins face off against Clay Buchholz today who pitched well last year and well in his first start this year( 45% HC rate). Buchholz has also seen a reduction in his pitch speed. The Twins match up well vs his pitch types- CJ Cron, Max Kepler, Eddie Rosario and Nelson Cruz match up the best. Cron is my favorite bat from the Twins as he is finally starting to hit the ball followed by Rosorio.




Yan Gomes

Tyler Flowers


First Base

Ryan Zimmerman– .475 wOBA, .295 ISO and 47% HC vs RHP last year. He goes yard today

CJ Cron

Value Tyler Austin- Corbin has given up 3 HRs to RHHs this year and Austin in the guy who can take him deep. Batting 2nd for the Giants today.


Second Base

Ozzie Albies

Value- Brian Dozier, Allen Hanson


Third Base

Anthony Rendon

Yoan Moncada

Value- Illdemaro Vargas 



Jorge Polanco

Dansby Swanson



Ronald Acuna

Eddie Rosario & Max Kepler– Rosario my favorite but both in play.

David Peralta

Juan Soto– sneaky reverse/reverse



Michael A. Taylor- in the lineup. Favorite value OF

Ender Inciarte

Jacoby Jones- power upside vs RHP with some speed.