The Staff

Teheran – He’s never given up a home run in coors in his career, and over His last two starts he’s struck out 11 batters without yielding a run. Colorado is plagued by even more injuries with Dahl and Story exiting early last night. Tonight’s lineup is very watered down, and should set up well for Teheran to ring them up. 

(Risk factor 4)

Verlander – Yankees don’t scare me even with what they did yesterday, this team can still strike out a ton. Road Judge is bad Judge, and until this team gets healthy I’m going to continue to target them with good pitchers. 

(Risk factor 5)

Chacin – By default he’s pretty safe. He’ll go 5 innings and get you 30-35 FanDuel points and nothing much else. He’s a little pricey, but he’s one of the safer arms on the slate. 

(Risk factor 4) 

The Bats 

Seattle – Haniger In the lead off spot is money, and now that Vogelbach is finally getting his shot he’s just another big bat in that lineup. This team is dangerous and should put up a ton of runs against Homer. 

Dodgers – I know they flew into St. Louis late after their game last night, but I don’t think Mikolas is going to slow them down. He’s given up 8 runs in 2 starts already this year, and the runs should continue for this Dodgers lineup. 

KC – Felix shut down a bad Angels lineup last outing, so don’t expect that again. Mondesi has been slumping a bit, but this is the spot where I think he goes 3-4 with a few stolen bags. If KC could get some production from the back end of their lineup, this team could be extremely dangerous.