Jaguar Lou’s Starting Five – 12/6/17

Jaguar Lou's Starting 5 – 12/6/17


PG Dennis Schroder – 8,100 FD & 8,200 DK 

Dennis Schroder faces a Magic team that has allowed 54.9 points to opposing point guards over their last five. Considering Atlanta’s current injury situation, Schroder will need to increase his overall involvement in the offense. Schroder has a nice ceiling tonight and a safe floor against Elfrid Payton and the Orlando Magic.

Other GPP PG Option(s): Austin Rivers & Jamal Murray (GPP)


SG Victor Oladipo – 9,400 FD & 8,900 DK

Victor Oladipo has an extremely favorable matchup against a Chicago Bulls team that just cannot guard the shooting guard position. Yes, he is priced up, but I think with his recent game logs paired with the favorable matchup we could be seeing a massive game out of Victor Oladipo tonight.

Other GPP SG Option(s): Jrue Holiday


SF Kevin Durant – 10,000 FD & 10,100 DK

With Steph Curry out for tonight's game and Draymond Green currently designated as questionable, the Golden State Warriors will heavily rely on Kevin Durant. At a reasonable salary, Durant is somewhat of a lock/must play tonight considering his upside due to Golden States injuries.

Other GPP SF Option(s): Jimmy Butler


PF Kenneth Faried – 5,600 FD & 5,000 DK

Kenneth Faried faces a New Orleans team that has allowed massive FD points to opposing Centers since Anthony Davis' injury. Faried has been getting ample minutes and should perform tonight in a nice matchup.

Other GPP PF Option(s): Taj Gibson & Jordan Bell (if Draymond out)


C DeMarcus Cousins – 11,300 FD & 11,300 DK

DeMarcus Cousins is the easy lock of the night, if you can afford him. His usage is through the roof without Davis, if you have the salary roster DeMarcus Cousins – the safest play with the highest upside of the night. 

Other GPP Center Option(s): Robin Lopez (GPP)