Jaguar Lou’s Cash Play’s – 10/27/17

PG Russell Westbrook – 11,500 FD & 11,400 DK

The Minnesota Timberwolves allow the most points to opposing point guards, allowing 60.9 FD points per game (which is a significantly higher number than the next team down (The pacers allowing 56.8 FD PPG). Westbrook has been impressive to start the year and has consistently produced on the stat sheet. His $11,000 salary range on Fan Duel and Draft Kings is reasonable, you should still be able to have enough lineup flexibility for a solid remaining team. Russell Westbrook is matching up against Jeff Teague, I don’t have to tell you that Teague will not be a problem. The OKC thunder are favored at -2.5 in a 219 over-under.

Other Cash PG Option(s): Kemba Walker & Spencer Dinwiddie (Safer GPP without Russell)


SG Klay Thompson– 7,200 FD & 6,800 DK

Klay Thompson is a safer, reasonably priced play on a night were nothing is guaranteed. Thompson matches up against Bradley Beal all night which solidifies his minutes and should be able to dominate in the transition game. Exposure to both Beal and Thompson is viable but Klay Thompson ranks slightly higher on my list of cash league play’s. The over-under is sky high at 230 favoring Golden State by -12. Let’s just hope Washington can keep it close!

Other Cash SG Option(s): James Harden & Courtney Lee (GPP)


SF Kevin Durant – 10,100 FD & 9,400 DK

The Small Forward position is rough today! I recommend for cash lineups to find a way to lock in Kevin Durant and Paul George/Jimmy Butler *If Playing*. The margins between the elite options and the mid-tier option are just too large. In other words, Durant might not hit value tonight but, on Fan Duel specifically where position eligibility is less flexible, he might be your best and only option. GPP is another story but for cash leagues I’m going to assume you will need Kevin Durant in your lineup to win.

Other Cash SF Option(s): DeMarre Carroll


PF LaMarcus Aldridge – 9,000 FD & 8,200 DK

LaMarcus Aldridge without Kawai Leonard is as safe as it gets. Aldridge has averaged 41.6 FD points over his first four games. His worst game was against Toronto where he totaled 38.1 FD points. Aldridge is the feature player in this offense until Leonard returns. His prices are high are the industry, but he is a safe play against the Orlando Magic –  a poor defensive team. The San Antonio Spurs are favored at -5.5 with a 206 over-under.

Other Cash PF Option(s): Carmelo Anthony


C Steven Adams– 7,000 FD & 6,000 DK

Steven Adams has had impressive game logs in three out of his first four games. His role in this new Oklahoma City Thunder offense obviously benefits his style of play. Adams matches up against Karl – Anthony Towns, which at first glance might seem like a bad matchup but KAT often allows high ceilings to opposing centers due to his role as Minnesota’s primary scorer. Steven Adams will benefit from good game out Russell Westbrook, so I recommend pairing them together. The Oklahoma City Thunder are favored at -2.5 in a 219 over-under.

Other Cash Center Option(s): Karl-Anthony Towns, Enes Kanter & Marcin Gortat (GPP)