MLB Playoff DFS: Monday, 10/9

Ladies and Gentlemen…  Boys and Girls…. ScoutArmy….  It’s back…

The Chase Field Roof is OPEN tonight for the Dodgers-Diamondbacks playoff game…   And we’re gonna be all over it like Jake Lamb Splish Splashing into the pool.

Four games today, but there are some weather concerns




Houston @ Boston – First game of the day and it has rain issues.  Looks like rain all day in Boston and they do NOT have to play through it as they could easily shift the game to tomorrow when it is clear.  The good news here is that we might get a PPD on this game before anything locks.

On the surface this game looks like it has some upside with 75 degree temps, tons of humidity and two bad pitchers going.  Springer, Reddick, Correa and Marwin Gonzalez are the 4 Astros I would stack.  For Boston, Dustin Pedroia is the man to make things happen today.  Pedroia-Moreland-Devers-Vazquez … Oh look, those two stacks work almost perfectly together…  You’re welcome.  That said…  I am only touching this game if I think it looks REALLY bad for weather and it becomes contrarian, otherwise I’ll be swimming in the Chase Field pool.

LA @ Arizona – The ROOF IS OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Luis Severino … As everyone knows, Sev was smacked around in the wild card game and pulled quickly.  That’s not gonna happen tonight. The Yankees stayed alive and they’re going to send this series back to Cleveland for a game five.  In fact, I think tonight the Yankees are absolutely going to DESTROY Bauer and Severino is going to pitch the best game anyone has thrown all playoffs so far (which isn’t saying much)

Max Scherzer … Max vs the Cubs at a reduced price?  Uhh.  Yes, please?  Nats win today, Cubs win tomorrow and all of DC loses their minds in game 5.   Max is just as good as Severino today but I have a sneaky feeling about Sev throwing a gem.

Jose Quintana … Third choice just in case you wanted a third.  I wont be playing him.



  1. C’mon.  Arizona folks.  All day.  Little Dodgers too.
  2. Yankees – Love the RHB for the Yanks today
  3. Mini BOS/HOU Pedroia, Moreland, Correa and Springer




  • Yasmani Grandal – Grandal vs Greinke in Chase with the Roof Open.  Science folks!   SCIENCE!
  • Jeff Mathis


  • Cody Bellinger
  • Paul Goldschmidt


  • Daniel Descalso (or Drury — use late swap to determine which one, pick the guy who is priced higher on the site of your choice)
  • Starlin Castro
  • Daniel Murphy
  • Dustin Pedroia


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  • Corey Seager …
    • 6 for 11 with a double, 2 HR, 5 walks against Greinke …
    • 18 games, .320 BA, 11 XBH career in Chase Field
    • He’s 3 for 8 in this series, so that elbow seems fine to me
    • Batting 2nd in Chase Field as the opponent where he is ASSURED of a 9th inning AB …

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  • JD Martinez
  • David Peralta
  • Josh Reddick
  • Aaron Judge
  • Chris Taylor



  • Josh Reddick
  • Marwin Gonzalez
  • Matt Holliday
  • Michael A. Taylor



  1. Corey Seager – SS – Chairman
  2. Jake Lamb – 3B
  3. David Peralta – OF
  4. Chris Taylor – OF
  5. Yasmani Grandal – C
  6. Dustin Pedroia – 2B
  7. Ryan Zimmerman – 1B
  8. Marwin Gonzalez – OF
  9. BONUS …………………… Carlos Correa – SS





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