NFL Week 3 RB Report


Week 3 RB Report


Favorable Matchup


Matchup Risk/Against the Grain

Tough Matchup with Limited Upside


Le’Veon Bell (DK – $8,800/FD – $8,700): After two games, Bell only has 20.80 Fantasy points in PPR leagues. This is well below his expected value, which just calls for a makeup game. Le'Veon has 138 combined yards on 44 touches, but he's gaining only 3.2 yards per rush and 2.7 yards per catch. Last week he had 31 touches for 91 combined yards and four catches while being on the field for 68 of 74 plays. The Bears gave up 97 combined yards with six catches and a TD to the Falcons’ RBs in Week 1. The Bucs gained 118 yards from the RB position in Week 2 with a TD and two catches. In 2016, Chicago ranked 5th in the league vs. the RB position. He's projected for 183 combined yards with 1.35 TDs and 5.6 catches in Week 3 giving him elite projections. To believe or not to believe. I say get on board of this impact game.

Kareem Hunt (DK – $8,000/FD – $8,300): Hunt is the best RB in the land after two games. He has 355 combined yards with five TDs and eight catches. His success in Week 1 led to Charcandrick West only being the field for 11 of 53 plays compared to 24 of 69 in Week 1. The Chargers allowed 240 yards rushing and a TD over the first two games on 59 carries with minimal value in the passing game (3/11). Priced at the top shelf with a growing opportunity. Tough to bet against him, but I see more steady than explosive while being a huge part of the Chiefs' offense.

Jay Ajayi DK – $7,700/FD – $8,200): Miami gave Ajayi 30 touches last week leading to 126 combined yards and two catches. His lack of TDs led to him being a bad investment in Week 2. Jay was on the field 64 of 68 plays, which is a step up in opportunity that 2016. The Jets held him to 51 yards on 19 carries at home last year while showing more risk in Miami (130 combined yards with a TD and three catches). New York had no answer for the Raiders' RBs in Week 2 (193 yards with two TDs and six catches) never mind the long TD run by Cordarrelle Patterson. The Bills drilled the Jets for 208 yards and a TD and seven catches the previous week. Nice matchup with multi TDs and 100+ yards being a viable outcome. His lack of catches does lower his explosiveness. Almost too easy meaning a possible trap as both failures by the Jets’ defense has come on the road.

Melvin Gordon (DK – $7,600/FD – $7,600): After two games, Gordon has 39 touches for 157 yards with 12 catches and two TDs. In his only game vs. the Chiefs in 2016. Melvin had 14 rushes for 57 yards and two TDs. Kansas City held RBs to 13 rushes for 52 yards in Week 2 with four catches for 27 yards. They did allow three rushing TDs vs. the Patriots with 147 combined yards and four catches. High volume back with pass catching ability and scoring. His salary commands over 30 Fantasy points (less at Fanduel), which only happened four times in 2016 against the Chiefs. I'd say Melvin will be low percentage play, which may be an edge if he comes in. Gordon has a high floor from week-to-week.

LeSean McCoy (DK – $7,000/FD – $8,100): After a big game at home (159 combined yards with five catches), McCoy has a non-factor in Week 2 (43 combined yards with six catches). The lack of WR options will restrict the play making ability of LeSean especially vs. a top defense. The Broncos have a great defense, but they did have risk vs. the run in 2016. Over the first two games, RBs have 80 yards rushing on 33 carries plus nine catches for 39 yards and a TD. Tough to believe this is a winnable matchup even with his success at home with his high salary.

Ty Montgomery (DK – $6,900/FD – $7,200): Montgomery was one of my top plays at RB in Week 2 and he rewarded Fantasy owners for their support. Ty had 110 combined yards with six catches and two TDs in a favorable matchup vs. the Falcons. The injuries to the WR position will create more targets. This week the Packers have stated they want to make sure they don't overwork him. Montgomery has 39 touches in two games while being on the field for 139 of 158 plays (85.4 percent). The Bengals played two low value offenses so far this season. RBs have 256 yards rushing on 71 carries with a TD plus nine catches for 75 yards. Ty will be active in this game, but his salary is rising. He's rated highly based on matchup and playing time. With a drop off in snap by ten percent, he's still offers playable value in the daily games.

Devonta Freeman (DK – $6,700/FD – $8,200): Freeman is a great back. He runs hard with decisive cuts, vision, and power. Last week he has 21 touches for 100 yards with two TDs and two catches to place sixth RB scoring in PPR leagues. The Falcons give him about 60 percent of the RB playing time. Last year he scored 14 of his 16 TDs at home over 19 games played. The Cardinals had 138 combined yards from the RB position in Week 1 with a TD and nine catches. New York gained 55 yards on 16 rushes plus six catches for 42 yards. Atlanta will move the ball with their RBs and score TDs and Devonta is a big part of their success. I like Coleman better this week so I'm going to fade Freeman based on his recent history scoring TDs on the road.

Christian McCaffrey (DK – $6,100/FD – $6,800): Fantasy owners continue to wait for the impact value of McCaffrey. After two games, he has 129 combined yards with nine catches while receiving 15 touches per game. Christian has been on the field for 67 percent of the offensive plays. The Saints allowed 174 combined yards and six catches to RBs in Week 1. The Patriots dominated them as well from the RB position (234 combined yards with 13 catches and two TDs). This points to special matchup for McCaffrey. Excellent chance at scoring his first NFL TD with plus yards in all areas. Sure sound like Million Dollar ride…

Marshawn Lynch (DK – $6,000/FD – $6,700): What did we learn from the Raiders' offense in Week 2? If you stack the run at the goal line with one-on-one coverage on the outside, Derek Carr is going to take the easy throws to Michael Crabtree. Second, the Raiders will ride Lynch when they need to, but the other backs behind him are going to be in the mix on passing downs. Third, when possible, Marshawn is going to rested in blowout games. With that said, Lynch looks good. He may only be a power back with TD ability going forward with minimal value in the passing game. Washington played well vs. the run at home (20/52) while Todd Gurley finished with a nice day (16/88/1). Marshawn should settle into 13 to 15-point player in PPR leagues with a chance to score a TD in many weeks. Based on his salary, he needs over 100 yards rushing with two TDs to be in play. I'll say that doesn't happen this week.

Dalvin Cook (DK – $5,900/FD – $6,500): Cook ran the ball well in Pittsburgh (5.3 yards per rush), but he only had 12 runs. The drop down in QB led to short drives and less chances. He flashed his high upside in Week 1 (137 combined yards with three catches) while he's still looking for his first NFL TD. The status of Sam Bradford remains in flux, which is the key to Dalvin upside. Tampa dominated the Bears on the ground (16 rushes for 20 yards) while allowing eight catches for 55 yards. The Vikings still have weakness on the offensive line, which isn't helped by a low value QB. May surprise and score his first NFL TD, but he has a fade feel to him due to questions at the QB position. Against the grain play while needing to become the next Adrian Peterson.

C.J. Anderson (DK – $5.800/FD – $6.900): Late in the season long draft season, I started to warm up to Anderson due to his sliding value. I didn't end up getting him in any leagues. Over the first two games, C.J. averaged 24.5 touches per game. This is an elite opportunity. He outplayed Ezekiel Elliott in Week 2 while posting the top score at RB (30.40) after gaining 154 combined yards with a TD and three catches. The Bills played well vs. RBs in the run (36 rushes for 88 yards and no TDs) in both games in 2017. Buffalo could be without top DT Marcell Dareus (ankle), which is an upgrade for Denver's run game. The Broncos played well at home, but I don't trust they'll have the same success on the road. I'll pass on Anderson this week.

Mike Gillislee (DK – $5,700/FD – $6,800): Gillislee sure looks like LeGarrette Blount in 2016 after two games. He has 33 rushes for 114 yards and four TDs. His yards per rush (3.5) are well below his success with Bills in 2016 (5.7). Last year Blount had 24 runs for 105 yards and two TDs in the regular season against the Texans and only eight rushes for 31 yards in the playoffs. RBs have 205 yards on 56 carries and a TD vs. the Texans in 2016. Below par matchup even with New England expected to play from the lead. I do expect a TD and a chance at 100 yards rushing.

Tarik Cohen (DK – $5,600/FD – $5,600): With Howard neutralized and battling a shoulder issue, Cohen led the Bears in RB snaps (40) vs. Tampa. He finished with 12 touches for 68 combined yards with eight catches to deliver steady value in the season long games. The Bucs kept him contained for the most part (1.3 yards per rush and 6.9 yards per catch). Tarik has 25 touches over the first two games with 181 combined yards with 16 catches and a TD. RBs only have 11 catches for 71 yards vs. the Steelers in 2017. Jordan Howard is listed as questionable this week so Cohen should be active again this week. I don't believe he'll get a huge bump in runs, but the Bears should be chasing on the scoreboard. His fly value in the passing game give him a solid floor with his winnable value coming with a TD.

DeMarco Murray (DK – $5,500/FD – $6,500): With Demarco battling a hamstring issue, I have Murray rated with minimal playing time in Week 3 while expecting him to miss this week's game. After two games, he has 21 rushes for 69 yards (3.3 yards per rush) with three catches for 19 yards. His path falls in line with his failure in Philly in 2015. Pure avoid this week while his value is falling with each touch by Derrick Henry.

James White (DK – $5,400/FD – $5,600): The Patriots have used four RBs in each of the first two games. White had the most RB snaps (43) in Week 1 while tying Mike Gillislee (30) vs. the Saints. Game score will be the key to his opportunity in most weeks. The injuries to the WR position created more chances for James vs. New Orleans (eight catches for 85 yards plus two runs for 11 yards). Last season in two games against the Texans, White had two catches for 21 yards and a TD in three targets. RBs have nine catches for 59 yards and a TD against Houston. The Patriots should play from the lead so James will have a step back in chances this week. I'd avoid White in the daily games in Week 3.

Tevin Coleman (DK – $5,300/FD – $5,500): If Coleman didn't score a TD last week, he would have had poor game in the season long formats. After two weeks, Tevin has 103 combined yards with six catches and a TD. He been on the field 47 of 117 plays (40.2 percent), which was in line with his 2016 season (353 snaps over 13 games – 27.2 snaps per game or 41.4 percent for the full season). His value tends to come in matchups while offering big play and scoring ability. Last year Tevin scored eight of his 11 TDs in the regular season on the road leading to three impact games (@NOR – 89 combined yards with three TDs and three catches, @DEN – 163 combined yards with a TD and four catches, and @CAR – 135 combined yards with a TD and two catches). Let's call him a road warrior and I expect him to be the top RB in Atlanta this week. Sneaky value at Fanduel in Week 3.

Derrick Henry (DK – $5,300/FD – $6,400): A hamstring injury led to Henry finally getting a chance to shine in the second half vs. the Jaguars. He rushed for 92 yards on 14 carries with a TD in Week 2. With Titans playing from the lead in the second half, Derrick didn't have a catch. Last week Henry was on the field for 30 of 68 plays compared to 37 by DeMarco Murray. After holding the Packers' RBs to 102 combined yards with a TD and four catches in Week 1, Carlos Hyde had a nice game against Seattle (143 combined yards with three catches). Tennessee produced a top five RB in 2016 and the same should be expected this season. Derrick has fair salary with value in the passing game. I don't expect DeMarco to play this week. If he does, it will be a limited role. This give Henry a 20+ point opportunity with multi TD upside. I don’t fear the Seahawks’ defense vs. RBs.

Theo Riddick (DK – $5,100/FD – $5,600): Riddick continues to be dead in the water on early downs (10/19) while offering his best value in the passing game (9/44/1). Game score led to the Lions not needing to pass to beat the Giants and a short game by the Theo. This week the Falcons will score pointing to a high volume of passes by Matthew Stafford. RBs have 21 catches for 143 yards and two TDs against Atlanta in 2017. Riddick could lead the Lions in catches this week with a chance at a TD. His lack of value as runner does hurt his overall upside. He needs a 6/60/1 game to be in play.

Lamar Miller (DK – $5,000/FD – $6,100): There was a point in last week's game where a Fantasy owner feared Miller was going to lose his starting job to D'Onta Foreman. Later in the game, Lamar showed some fight and that he belongs in the starting lineup. He finished with 21 touches for 87 yards and three catches, which almost matched his first week opportunity (97 combined yards with two catches on 19 touches). Miller has been on the field for 113 of 145 plays run by the Texans. Last year he had 196 combined yards and eight catches in two games vs. the Patriots. We all know New England's failure vs. Kareen Hunt in Week 1 (246 yards with three TDs and five catches). The Patriots allowed 156 combined yards with seven catches to the Saints' backs last week. Not sexy, but his matchup may lead to a playable score.

Jordan Howard (DK – $4,900/FD – $6,800): I must say I'm a proud non-Howard owner in 2017. He played great last year, but his stats looked unrepeatable in yards per carry (5.2) and yards per catch (10.3). After two games, Jordan has a bum shoulder while showing failure risk vs, the Bucs (nine carries for seven yards). He's been on the field for 69 of 131 plays with Tarik Cohen stealing his thunder in the passing game. Pittsburgh held Isaiah Crowell to 33 yards rushing on 17 carries in Week 1. Dalvin Cook had 12 runs for 64 yards last week. Too much injury risk plus the Bears could be chasing on the scoreboard giving Cohen more playing time. Jordan just needs some time to heal.

Chris Carson (DK – $4,900/FD – $6,000): The tide at RB in Seattle is shifting to Carson after Eddie Lacy was inactive last week. Seattle give Thomas Rawls the start vs. the 49ers, but Chris was the top player on the roster in rushing yards (93) and snaps (50) while receiving 20 rushes and one catch for seven yards. Carson has a low resume in college (231/1076/13 with 30 catches for 298 yards and a TD) over two seasons at Oklahoma State. He is a north/south type runner that fits the Seahawks' mold. His change of direction speed is limited while lacking the gear to offer impact explosiveness. Chris has plenty of power to earn carries on early downs with value at the goal line. He won't be on the field on passing downs. The Titans were third in the league vs. RBs in 2016. Tennessee allowed 170 yards rushing to RBs on 47 carries over the first two weeks of the season with a TD. Playing time risk with Rawls still in the mix for touches on early downs.

Isaiah Crowell (DK – $4,700/FD – $6,600): The Browns thought they had a top offensive line headed into 2017, but they have struggled to run block. Crowell has 27 rushes for 70 yards while only catching two passes for 33 yards. Isaiah has been on the field for 87 of 137 plays, which is good opportunity for success. The Colts held the Rams and the Cardinals to 134 rushing yards on 49 carries (2.7 yards per rush) with two balls finding the end zone. The lack of wide receiver options and subpar QB play will allow Indy to attack the run game again this week. Possible improvement, but the Browns won't score enough TDs to give Crowell high upside in the daily games.

Jonathan Stewart ($DK – $4,700/FD – $6,200): After two games, Stewart has 35 touches for 122 yards with two catches. He's been on the field for 54 of 135 plays compared to 90 by Christian McCaffrey. In 2016, Jonathan had a nice game in New Orleans (19/85/2) with less success at home (18/31/1). The Saints allowed 233 yards rushing with a TD over the first two weeks. I'm sure the Panthers will score a rushing TD, but it's not a lock to go to Stewart. Favorable matchup, but he's the number two RB on the roster with McCafferty just waiting to shine.

Ameer Abdullah (DK – $4,700/FD – $6,100): Over the first two games of the season, Abdullah has 35 touches for 127 combined yards with three catches. He's gaining only 3.6 yards per rush and 3.7 yards per catch. Ameer did break lose in the second half against the Giants to push his final total to 17 rushes for 86 yards. He's been on the field for 64 of 133 plays run by the Lions. The Falcons allowed four TDs to RBs in 2017 with two coming on the ground and two via the air. Atlanta allows 4.7 yards per rush to RBs with backs catching 21 passes for 143 yards. The Falcons will be without their top LB Vic Beasley, which is a win for Detroit’s RBs. One of the Lions' back should post 20+ Fantasy point this week. I'd like to see better run blocking by Detroit while a do fear the goal line careers will go to Zack Zenner this week with Dwayne Washington banged up. Let's call him a maybe with a favorable matchup.

Jacquizz Rodgers (DK – $4,600/FD – $6,600): In his first start in 2017, Rodgers had 19 rushes for 67 yards and a TD. Tampa played for a big lead leading to Jacquizz losing some carries to Peyton Barber. The Vikings held the Saints' RBs to 54 yards rushing on 21 carries in Week 1. The Steelers gave Le'Veon Bell 31 touches last week vs. Minnesota, but he gained only 91 yards without a TD. I can't trust Rodgers' value in the passing game. Boring options with a tough matchup.

Mark Ingram (DK – $4,500/FD – $5,800): Ingram only has 23 touches after two weeks, but he's gaining 4.9 yards per rush and 8.7 yards per catch. He's been on the field for 61 of 127 plays run by the Saints in 2017. Last year Mark had two flat games vs. the Panthers in 2016 (60 combined yards with two catches and 75 combined yards with three catches). I view Ingram as the best all-around option in this offense at RB and he should be a steady 15-point player in PPR leagues going forward. He'll have downside in TDs with Adrian Peterson sitting behind him on the roster plus Alvin Kamara is talented pass catcher. The Panthers held Carlos Hyde to 77 combined yards with six catches and LeSean McCoy to 43 combined yards and six catches. Only a steady option while a TD could push him over the top based on his low salary.

Joe Mixon (DK – $4,500/FD – $5,100): Mixon goes down as bust so far this season. He's averaged 2.6 yards per rush on his 17 carries plus 5.0 yards per catch. Joe has been on the field for 38 of 125 plays, which is well below Giovani Bernard (62). In comparison, Jeremy Hill gained 3.6 yards per rush. This is in line with his last two seasons so I don't see the point of giving him playing time. Cinci added Mixon to upgrade the run game. The change as offensive coordinator should change the rotation at RB. The Bengals need to lean on one lead guy (Mixon) while rotating a pass catching option (Bernard). Either way, better play by the offensive line is needed for improved success by anyone carrying the ball. Only a gamble in Week 3.

Samaje Perine (DK – $4,500/FD – $5,600): The injury to Rob Kelley is just enough of an opening for Perine to showcase his talent while stealing the job long term. Kelly did run the ball well last week (12/78) after struggling in Week 1 (10/30). Samaje ended up with less than stellar stats vs. the Rams (21/67 with one catch for no yards), but he did improve as the game went on. Oakland allowed 164 rushing yards with no TDs on 39 rushes to the RB position over the first two weeks. Power runner with goal line value. The coin toss is his ability to rush over 100 yards and score multiple TDs. A floor of 70 yards and a TD puts him in play in the season long games for sure. Let's call him a flier for now.

Chris Thompson (DK – $4,500/FD – $5,600): Some Fantasy owners will look at Thompson's yards (106) and TDs (2) in Week 2 and be drawn to him as a play this week. Washington had 36 runs from the RB position against the Rams, but Chris only had three rushes with two resulting TDs (seven yards and 61 yards). After two games, Thompson has 162 combined yards with three TDs and seven catches. Oakland played well vs. the RB position in the passing game over the first two games (7/61) while playing from the lead in the second half in two games. Tempting due to salary and his TD total, but Chris has that Week 2 smell to him even with upside in pass catching ability.

Matt Forte (DK – $4,300/FD – $5,500): Forte looked to have a bounce in his step last week. He gained 5.9 yards per rush and 12.7 yards per catch leading to 91 combined yards with three catches on 12 touches. Matt was on the field for 27 of 56 plays run by New York vs. the Raiders with game score putting him on the bench late in the game to keep him fresh. In 2016, Forte had 97 combined yards with a TD and a catch in his best game vs. the Dolphins. I'm giving him the lead role this week with a TD being a likely possibility. Rated highly by my last update giving him upside at this price point in the daily games.

Duke Johnson (DK – $4,200/FD – $5,700): The preseason pump up show for Johnson hasn't materialized after the first two games of the season. Last week he had his best game (80 combined yards with three catches) in this young season. Over two weeks, Duke has the edge at RB snaps (87 to 84) over Isaiah Crowell. Johnson only has one TD over his last 17 games. After two weeks, the Colts allowed eight catches for 68 yards to the RB position. Pass catching option, but his low scoring ability limits his explosiveness.

Frank Gore (DK – $4,200/FD – $6,300): The RB situation in Indy is a mess after two games. Gore led the team in RB snaps (19) in Week 1, but he barely edged out Marlon Mack (17) and Robert Turbin (14). A blowout game didn't help his situation. Last week Frank was on the field for 32 of 71 plays with Turbin finishing just behind him in playing time (28 plays). Over two games, Gore has 98 combined yards with a catch and a TD. Too much playing time risk to be played in the daily games.

Bilal Powell (DK – $4,200/FD – $6,000): The Powell excitement on draft day has been short lived. He's gained 52 yards with five catches in two games while touching the ball only 18 times. After having about 50 percent of the RB split in snaps in Week 1, Bilal was only on the field for 18 of 56 plays vs. the Raiders. His best value tends to come when the Jets trail. This didn't happen last week suggesting that he has an underlying injury. History of playable games, but his situation looks cloudy at this point of the year putting him in the avoid column even with a great game (162 combined yards with 11 catches) on his resume vs. the Dolphins in 2016.

Rob Kelley (DK – $4,200/FD – $5,600): Kelley left last week's game with a rib issue. He escaped without any broken bones. I have him listed as out this week, but Rob did turn in a limited practice this week. At this point, it comes down to his ability to play through the pain. Too much downside to be a consideration.

Jalen Richard (DK – $4,100/FD – $5,500): The Raiders gave Richard only eight touches in Week 2 while being on the field for 17 of 57 plays. Jalen hit on a 58-yard TD run setting up a nice day at the office (109 combined yards with a TD and two catches). In Week 1, he had three less snaps with a sharp decline in results (28 combined yards with a catch on six touches). Low volume opportunity with game score being his friend. Richard needs the Raiders to play from a big lead or behind on the scoreboard to improve his opportunity.

Alvin Kamara (DK – $4,000/FD – $5,200): Despite falling behind early in the game, Kamara was only on the field for 17 plays vs. the Patriots. This just shows New Orleans doesn't trust him in pass protection. He caught only three of his seven targets for 51 yards. Talented receiving back, but Mark Ingram is the clear lead dog on passing downs for now. Still a chance at catching a TD even with limited chances.

D’Onta Foreman (DK – $4,000/FD – $4,700): In his first chance at reasonable carries, Foreman gained 40 yards on 12 carries while being on the field for 17 of 66 plays. I thought he flashed explosiveness with his cuts and moves. D'Onta is going to be dangerous in the open field. For now, just a player to follow.

Rex Burkhead (DK – $4,000/FD – $5,400): Fantasy owners still don't know what they have with Burkhead in 2017. Last week he scored an early TD only to leave the game after being on the field for eight plays. The lack of WR options on the roster was expected to bump his opportunity in Week 2 vs. The Saints. He's listed as questionable for this week's game and there's no reason for New England to push him with Dion Lewis on the roster as well. On the positive side last week, Rex had six touches for 44 yards and a TD, which is high rate when matchup to his playing time.

Shane Vereen ($4,000/FD – $4,800): In his first two games, Vereen has nine touches in both games. His best success came in Week 1 due to nine catches for 51 yards on ten targets. Last week Shane was only on the field for 17 of 56 plays even with New York chasing on the scoreboard in the second half. Tough to trust while his best upside comes when New York plays from behind.

Thomas Rawls (DK – $4,000/FD – $5,400): Rawls drew the start last week, but he saw minimal playing time after the second quarter. Thomas gained only four yards on five carries while losing the luster battle to Chris Carson (20/93 with a catch for seven yards. Too much playing time risk to play in any format.

Adrian Peterson (DK – $3,900/FD – $5,500): Over two games, Peterson has 14 rushes for 44 yards while being on the field for only 25 plays. The Saints need to establish the run game, but their offensive line continues to struggle blocking in the run game. He's going surprise in a game soon, but it's only a guess when that will happen. The lack of defense by New Orleans doesn't help his chances in the second half of games.

Charles Sims (DK – $3,900/FD – $5,500): Game score led to Sims having minimal value and chances in Week 2. Tampa gave him 21 plays compared to 34 by Jacquizz Rodgers and 16 by Peyton Barber. Charles had only four touches for nine yards. His best value will come in a chaser game, but his opportunity isn't defined enough to even think about him in Week 3.

LeGarrette Blount (DK – $3,900/FD – $5,500): Blount was only on the field for six plays last week no touches. It appears he's been passed on the depth chart by Wendall Smallwood. Losing gamble at this point of the year.

Darren Sproles (DK – $3,900/FD – $5,200): Over the first two weeks of the season, Sproles led the Eagles in snaps at the RB position. Last week Darren was on the field for 50 of 72 plays compared to 14 by Wendall Smallwood, and six by LeGarrette Blount. He finished with 12 touches for 78 yards and two catches vs. the Chiefs. In 2016, Sproles had 134 combined yards and five catches in two games against the Giants. New York ranked 6th in the league defending RBs in 2016 with backs catching 83 of 127 targets for 579 yards and no TDs. Dallas' RBs caught five passes for 36 yards in Week 1 and the Lions' backs had only three catches for 17 yards on Monday night due to game score. His lack of TD upside would keep me away.

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