MLB DFS Fastballs and Flyballs 8/29/2019

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

6 game slate giving you 2 of my favorite pitchers with a few teams and value bats tonight.



Pitchers stats over last 30 days


Jacob deGrom

The Cubs put up over 10 runs last night in Thor, but I don’t see them doing that tonight vs deGrom who is a better pitcher. Pitching very well as of late with a 1.35 ERA and 44 Ks over 33 innings in the last 30 days. The Cubs current lineup has a 25% K rate and could see deGrom go 7 innings with 9-10Ks and 1 run. The Marlins value bats pair well with deGrom tonight. Casteo, Alfalo, Dean & Bronson my favorite for the price.



Dereck Rodriquez

Rodriquez is the best of the value arms tonight. I don’t see Hernandez doing well in Texas and the other 2 arms are in Coora. The Padres are ice cold right now and Rodriquez should do well be them tonight at home. Looking at 6 innings 6 Ks and a run or two.



Coors Field

Pirates vs Rockies with 2 bums on the mound. Bats are priced up as expected and will use a few from each team.

Pirates- Bell is starting to heat up and Chi Chi no good vs LHHs. Reynolds and Moran

Rockies- Blackmon should destroy Williams tonight along with Arenado and McMahon.


ARI Diamondbacks vs Ryu- low ownership

Ryu has allowed 15 hits,  7 runs , 5 HRs  and HC% up 15% to 50% over his last 2 games. 5 of the DBacks hitters have an ISO over .200 with 2 over .300 and a few others just shy of the .200 mark. Price has come down on most of the hitters making them easier to play. Marte(listed DTD) Escobar are both in very good spots with Flores, Ahmed & Kelly in good spots as well and make good value plays.


Kyle Seager & Daniel Vogelbach

Seager has been swinging a hot bat as of late. Lynn has been a bit off lately and shows struggles vs LHHs. Also, Seager and Vogelbach destroys the fastball. Lynn throws it over 50% off the time. High 90s tonight in Texas.


Mets vs Lester

McNeil, Davis, Alonso & Rosario all matchup well vs Lester. They will do the damage tonight. Lester has been pretty bad as of late and the Mets are hitting close to .300 over the last 14 days vs LHP.



Like the Marlins bats vs Wood

Starlin Castro- hitting well as of late with a 78% HC. Hits well vs LHP. Wood 2.4 HRs/0 to RHHs. Castro/Alfaro value Lock.

Jorge Alfaro

Austin Dean/Lewis Brinson

Logan Forsythe

Jake Fraley

Nick Solak