The Cycle 8/13

The Staff

May – Getting wild in this slate for pitching. May gets a great park shift, against a team that can be shut down with his stuff. He’s basically free on both sites, so he’s worth the flyer on FD and absolutely an SP2 on DK.

Kikuchi – Throwout the game against LA and Kikuchi has been good at home over the last month. Detroit is hitting just .233 against LHP over the last 2 weeks, which included a 23% k rate to just an 8% walk rate.

Flaherty – Since July 7th Flaherty’s numbers are insane

.144 average

0.94 era

34.3% k rate

7% walk rate

5% HR/FB

He’s just been in complete control in every single game since 7/7. He’s still underpriced and gets his catcher Molina back as well tonight.


The Bats 

Dodgers – They roughed up Yamamoto last time they saw him. Lefties do damage again. Big series for them I think offensively. Won’t be surprised to see them put up 8 runs a game. 

Nats – Rendon has destroyed Wood in his career and Turner has been hot over the last few weeks. Nice value here as well. 

Cubs – Castellanos has been one hell of a pickup for them, now gets to see soft tossing Vargas tonight. Automatic homer. Give me the righties.

Cards – Molina is back which is a nice boost for them. Goldy also continues to destroy pitchers after a Pittsburgh series, So if you want a one off anywhere it would be him.