The Cycle 7/7

The Staff

Nola – He’s been practically unhittable in his last 3 starts. 28 strikeouts, 3 quality starts and 23 innings. He’s been much better at home with a 2.85 era to go along with a 27.5% k rate. Over the last 30 days he’s given up a 1.71 BA and has induced 50% of the balls in play on the ground.

Mahle – He probably won’t get the win, and will give up a homer to Lindor and Santana but Mahle does have some nice strikeout upside today against this Cleveland team. At home he owns a 3.24 era and close to a 29% k rate. He also has a 10% lead homerun/flyball rate at home as well.

Keuchel – Miami’s lineup is one of the worst I’ve seen them put out all year. They have close to a 30% k rate over the last 14 days against LHP and just 3 homers. Now, they have hit the ball hard with a 43% hard contact but they’ve also hit the ball on the ground around 49% during that time.

Others I like but little exposure




The Bats 

Pittsburgh – I wish they had more righties in this lineup with Anderson being reverse splits. Still a good spot for them as a team who can explode on anyone.

Washington – This is more of a small stack for me with Turner and Rendon. You can add Soto to get a lefty bat against Junis.

Toronto – The 2 Jr’s and little Biggio.

Minnesota – Favorite stack today left for last on the list. LeClerc is starting and it looks like LHP Palumbo should follow. Palumbo is a guy who struggles against righties so check off the Cruz homer today. The sneaky play is Garver who’s hitting .367 against LHP with 5 homers and .444 with 2 homers over the last 14 days against the split.