The Cycle

The Staff 

Max – Angry broken nose max tonight. Philly has been struggling at the plate aside if kingery which he’s on the wrong side of Max’s bad split.

Ponce De Leon – Little bit of weather in this game, but I like the strikeout potential here for him tonight. We saw the Marlins free swinging early last night, then they made some adjustments. I expect the same tonight, so Ponce will need to adjust to them as well.

Richards – St Louis has to be one of the worst teams against the change up. They’ve been struggling against these marlins pitchers who have made them look bad at the plate against the pitch.


I think Plutko pitches well tonight also 


The Bats 

Cleveland – I don’t usually play Slamtana against a lefty, but I don’t expect him to be in long. Lindor lead off homer incoming.


Atlanta – righties are going to crush Matz tonight. I even think Tyler Flowers gets into one tonight. Top stack for me with Acuna/Riley/Donaldson

Angels – Hot Bats right now, and what looks to be what we expected from a loaded lineup. Calhoun in on fire, and don’t forget Upton in front of him.