The Cycle

The Staff

Ray – Pirates are by far one of the worst teams in the league against LHP. As a team they’re striking out over 28% of the time against the split. Ray has been solid as of late, he just needs to keep his PC low.

(Risk factor 4)

Peacock  – Coming off a monster start where he struck out 12 Royals in 7 IP. He’s always been a high k guy, and should be able to work his way through this Detroit lineup. Only real worry is Rodriguez.

(Risk factor 4)

Lopez – This is the GPP dart. He absolutely destroyed Detroit 3 starts ago, and since has given up 9 runs. He has electric stuff and this Cleveland lineup really isn’t scary.

(Risk factor 6)


The Bats

Philly – Fastball Freddy will have a tough time getting through this order. I like the bottom half a bit more though today.


Minnesota – Minnesota has a few guys at the top who can really punish lefties. Rosario is also hitting lefties extremely well this year also.


Seattle – I love that Crawford is hitting up at the top, he’s cheap and can steal bases. Fiers threw a ton of pitches in his no hitter, so we’re hoping some arm fatigue is the case.