4th and Goal NFL DFS PLAYS

NFL WEEK 3!!!! We have a ton of great plays this week, with some being pretty chalky. There’s some rain in 3 games (Denver/Baltimore, Philly/Indy and GB/Wash) albeit not heavy rain. Let’s crush this today!  


Watson – I think this is the last week we see Watson under 8K on FanDuel. Like I mentioned in the podcast, Watson is starting to use his legs and trusting his knee. Eli Apple and Olivier Vernon are both out to the Giants. With Vernon out Watson should have a little more protection in the pocket, while Apple being out helps Fuller tremendously. 

Ryan – This is more so picking on a high total. As Steve Renner said, Sanu could be in for a big game. Ryan was on record saying that New Orleans gives them trouble with their multiple look defense. They’ll try to slow Julio one on one with Lattimore, which should open up secondary reads for Ryan. 

Goff – The more time we get closer the kickoff, the more I’m loving this matchup for Goff. I think San Diego does enough scoring for the Rams to throw the ball all game. He has a ton of weapons around him, so a Goff/Gurley/Woods or Kupp stack is where I keep falling into. 

Garroppolo – Jimmy G finally gets an “easier” matchup on paper this week. Going against a KC team who have been lit up by Rivers and Big Ben. I think this will be the highest scoring game of the week, with plenty of touchdowns from each QB. I think he finds Breida and Kittle for scores, along with running one in. 

Manning – He is just too ridiculously cheap. With Clowney questionable going into the game, Houston will try to do all they can to stop the run. This could be a game where we see more than 2 70+ passing touchdowns. 


Gurley – the best running back in the league…..against a bad run defense. He scores again (through the air) 

Hunt – Kareem Hunt should be the biggest fan of Mahomes right now. Let’s think game theory. With teams scared about Mahomes throwing all over them, what does that force defenses to do?………add another defensive back. And let me ask, what’s one thing defensive backs don’t really do all that well?………TACKLE. So, you add a defensive back, eliminate a front 7 guy who can stop the run that equals a prime spot for Kareem Hunt. 

Drake – Gore has been cutting into Drakes’ touches, but Miami should be able to establish the run with him early in this game. Oakland is 31st against the run and in a game where there could be some South Florida showers, I fully expect Drake to handle the load. 

Breida – I said on the podcast last week, that Breida would distance himself as the RB 1 from Morris as the RB1 on that team, and he did. I do think they get him more involved in the passing game, while also giving him around 15 carries. He’s one of my top 3 backs this week. 

Ekeler – Phillip Rivers and co. score enough In this game. Ekeler has been a great compliment to Gordon so far this year and has done it both in the running and passing game. 


Mike Boone – Everyone is on Lat Murray for good reason, who does score a touch down. This game gets out of hand quick, and Boone gets the call early in the 3rd quarter. The rookie out of Cincinnati was great in the preseason, and should get around 10 touches today. 





Coleman (favorite of this bunch and chalky)



Beckham/Shepard – Like I said, I love Eli today and how I think Houston has to play this team defensively. They’re going to try and stop Barkley and make Eli beat them with his arm. This will be a back and forth game with 4 explosive receivers so can take it 80 yards at any time. 

Keenan Allen – I mentioned this on the pod and Renner wrote it up as well. I don’t think the Rams can play single coverage today. Maybe Peters will, but there’s no way Talib can anymore. And, with Allen in the slot against a zone coverage, you’ll see him find those open windows for the 8-10 yards can’t and fall first downs. 

Hopkins/Fuller – Not much else to say on this game except we’ll see some huge plays today. 

Hill – No one can tackle Tyreek in the open field, I’ll take him all day against any defender. He’s been extremely efficient with his targets catching 12 of 14. In a game where there will be a ton of scoring, you can bet on Hill either catching a long one, or returning one. 

Woods – well, we need someone to pair with Goff. Woods has 9 targets in each of the first 2 games. He was their play maker last year on the outside and possession guy. Goff and Woods hook up for a 64 yarder today. 

Martavis Bryant – what?!?!? Not Amari??? Nope! Miami can’t cover the DEEEEEEP ball and Carr targets him for a 50+ big gainer today. 


Kittle – Jimmy G’s safety valve and favorite target. These 2 torched Minnesota and should hook up a couple times today. 

Kelce – 16 targets so far this year and gets roughly the same matchup as he did last week. Limit expectations cause I think KC does a lot of damage on the ground today. 

Ebron – Athletic freak, and without the other monster Doyle this week. Should be pretty chalky though. 

Hooper – I mentioned that Ryan should have his secondary reads open today with Lattimore trying to slow down Julio. Hooper is more so a 3rd read, but he’s cheap and should have a few balls thrown his way

Dissly – Seattle offensive is in shambles and he’s really the only target they have. I do like Dallas D, but you can run them with Dissly.