MLB Data Sheets 6/26

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Team, Batter and Pitchers stats.


Pitching Matchup Sheets

High Priced

Kluber vs Cardinals- power RHP have done well vs them.


Severino vs Phillies.


Paxton vs Orioles


Morton vs Jays


Stripling vs Cubs


Mid Price

Godley vs Marlins


Peralta vs Royals



Hardy vs As


Few Teams/Hitters I like.

Red Sox vs Lamb- I normally don’t play Sox vs LHP, but this is Avery good spot for them. Nice weather, wind out. Betts, Benintendi, JD, Bogaerts and or Moreland.


Angels vs Price-Chris Young back in Fenway. Like him to go yard. Kinsler, Trout, Upton and or Maldonado.


Braves vs Harvey. Camargo rates very high today, Santana, Freeman, Markakis and Albies.


Padres vs Bibens-Dirks-Sneaky stack vs RHP. Nice park, weather and wind. Myers, Renfroe(yes vs RHP), Spangenberg, Hosmer and Hedges.