Jaguar Lou’s Cash Play’s – 10/21/17

PG D.J Augustin – 3,000 FD & 3,100 DK

Okay, so this is more of a risky cash play but at such cheap salaries, rostering D.J Augustin allows for flexibility when making the rest of your lineup. Elfrid Payton sprained an ankle last night and will be benched for tonight’s game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. With Derek Rose doubtful for tonight’s game, Augustin will be matching up against another back-up point guard, Jose Calderon – a matchup I’m not afraid of. The over-under in this game remains at 215 despite the absence of both starting point guards. My only worry is that Orlando will be blown out – Vegas has Cleveland at 11.5-point favorites. Despite Vegas’ line, I believe Orlando makes this a game factoring in the mismatch at point guard. D.J Augustin is a younger, faster and overall better player than Jose Calderon, if given the minutes I expect Orlando’s backup point guard D.J Augustin to capitalize off increased usage/playing time and exceed value tonight at minimum salaries around the industry.

**Monitor Aaron Gordon’s injury, if he’s out usage goes through the roof for Augustin, Vucevic and Fournier – I have no problem playing all three if Gordon is ruled out**

Other Cash PG Option(s): Kyle Lowry (If DeRozan is out), Eric Bledsoe & Mike Conely


SG Norman Powell – 5,000 FD (Not on DK slate)

**Play contingent on DeMar DeRozan not playing (Illness GTD)**

DeMar DeRozan is the safest shooting guard play on the slate as he matches up against the Philadelphia 76ers. The 76ers have had trouble guarding opposing shooting guards so far, this season, allowing 45 Fan Duel points to Beal in their first game of the season. If DeRozan is out due to illness lock and load Norman Powell (AND Lowry for that matter) The absence of DeMar DeRozan would mean increased usage rates for the guard positions and considering how poor the 76ers play against opposing point guards/shooting guards, fantasy goodness is likely. The Toronto Raptors are favored by 9.5 points in a 217 over-under.

Other Cash SG Option(s): Evan Fournier & Victor Oladipo


SG/SF Wesley Matthews – 5,400 FD & 5,200 DK

Wesley Matthews will be matching up against James Harden all night against a “Chris Paul-less” Houston Rockets team. Since Chris Paul’s injury it should come as no surprise that James Harden has taken control of Houston’s offense. With these added responsibilities, I am expecting Wesley Matthews to significantly benefit on the defensive side of the court with rebounds, steals and blocks. While I expect Harden to put up the usual, in the process, Wesley Matthews should benefit from the fact that he’s the only Maverick that can guard James Harden – a player that will be on the court for 35+ minutes. Matthews is very capable and involved on the offensive side of the court as well. Expect Wesley Matthews to slowly but surely reach value in the 33+ minutes I’m expecting him to play. The Dallas Mavericks are underdogs at +12 with a 215 over-under.

Other Cash SF Option(s): Kevin Durant & Lebron James


PF Kristaps Porzingis – 8,600 FD & 7,900 DK

The Knicks are favored by 2 in a 206 over-under for their Home Opener against the Detroit Pistons. Madison Square Garden will be electric (or as electric as it could get considering the Knicks stink) and Porzingis will want to show up for the Knicks fans tonight. Kristaps Porzingis matches up against Tobias Harris, a 6’9’’ tall 235 lbs power forward.  Kristaps Porzingis is a 7’3’’weighing 240 lbs and has a killer three-point shot. In my mind, there’s no question Porzingis will win this matchup. With a 206 over-under, Porzingis will run this offense benefiting off points, rebounds, blocks and steals – a variety of stats allowing me to project a 35+ FD point floor with a 50-point ceiling.

Other Cash PF Option(s): LaMarcus Aldridge


C Kevin Love – 7,600 FD & 7,500 DK

Kevin Love is a safe play on tonight’s slate for a reasonable salary. The only thing that worries me about this play is the blow out potential but I have no doubt that if given the minutes Love will produce! With no real point guard tonight, this offense will be running through Lebron James and Kevin Love. I don’t think / I know Calderon won’t be the GPP pick of the night, so where does Vegas have their 113-point implied team total coming from? It’s no secret! Lebron James and Kevin Love will be putting the team on their backs and exploiting an Orlando Magic team that is NOT known for their defense, racking up all the fantasy goodness. Invest in shares of Kevin Love and LeBron James, just do it!

Other Cash Center Option(s): Clint Capella