FullTime Fantasy Show: Thursday, July 18th Notes

Follow along today's episode of the FullTime Fantasy Show hosted by Dr. Roto and Adam Ronis! Peep these summary notes provided by new comer Aren Kevakian.

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Hour 1

11:06 – 20:06: Doc talks to Ronis about the Online Championship draft and asks him about different receivers and which one he’d draft over the other.
22:25 – 32:30: Doc talks about picks that surprised him in the Online Championship draft from the different teams that participated.
40:58 – 43:11: Ronis explains why no one wants to draft Tom Brady in fantasy this year and that he wasn’t good down the stretch last season in weeks 14-16, as they go over his passing yards and TDs.
44:26 – 46:55: Doc says that Kirk Cousins is creeping up his sleeper list and Ronis says that he’s a good QB2.

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Hour 2

7:48 – 8:44: Ronis says that Phillip Lindsay is at full health and is being drafted higher than Royce Freeman.
13:13 – 21:46 : Ronis talks about the Online Championship draft and how either Saquon Barkley, Christian McCaffrey, or Ezekiel Elliott have gone No. 1, with Alvin Kamara going No. 1 in some drafts.
27:19 – 36:41: Ronis continues to discuss the Online Championship and how a lot of RBs were picked.
40:42 – 53:54: Ronis talks to Bob Lung about different fantasy football questions.
57:23 – 59:41: Ronis provides some baseball news as he wraps up the show.

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