Fantasy Football: Dr. Roto’s Way Too Early Second Round Mock Draft

Every Fantasy expert does a first round mock draft, but not every Fantasy expert is Dr. Roto! Doc takes it one step further in this Way Too Early Second Round Mock Draft!

Daily Dr. Roto — June 25, 2018

Way Too Early Second Round Mock Draft

Everyone in the industry mocks Round 1; I am going to be mocking Round 2! Click here to see Doc’s Round 1 mock.

My Round 1 went as follows:

  1. Le’Veon Bell
  2. Todd Gurley
  3. Ezekiel Elliott
  4. David Johnson
  5. Alvin Kamara
  6. Antonio Brown
  7. Kareem Hunt
  8. Saquon Barkley
  9. DeAndre Hopkins
  10. Odell Beckham Jr (Roto)
  11. Leonard Fournette
  12. Melvin Gordon

I am going to continue from this point on to see what the best picks are for each team in Round 2.

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Pick 2.1 Julio Jones (Roto) — There are a few good choices at this spot, but I went with the highest upside impact player in Jones. Dalvin Cook is an attractive option here, as I like starting with two RBs, but I do question how the Vikings will use Cook with Shurmur gone. Keenan Allen Roto is another good choice here, but Jones is one of those players, like OBJ and Antonio Brown, who can win you weeks by themselves when they have a huge game.

Pick 2.2 Keenan Allen (Roto) — Once again, I thought about Cook, but the more significant problem is that if I pass on a WR here, I am looking at Jarvis Landry or Juju Smith-Schuster as my WR1 with a late third round pick. I think I’d rather secure Allen and look for my RB in rounds 3-5.

Pick 2.3 Dalvin Cook — I love this pick here. Taking OBJ and Cook together comes with considerable risk. However, I never worry about being risky if I am taking players who can win me Fantasy Championships. No one ever remembers who came in second place, so I like the “go for it” type move here with Cook.

Pick 2.4 Jerick McKinnon — I might be a few picks too early here, but I can live with going away from ADP. At some point, you need to draft with your gut, and my gut tells me that this guy is going to get fed the football all season long. He can run, catch, and has been gently used to this point. I think 250+ touches are not out of the question.

Pick 2.5 Michael Thomas — At this point in the draft, it becomes a little about preference. There are a bunch of receivers (AJ Green, Adams, Evans) who could all go around the same time. Fantasy owners need to pick their guy here and hope he has a tremendous season. For my money, I will go with Thomas because at the end of the day when I am deciding between two players I always focus on three things: dynamic offense, playoff schedule and QB. With Brees throwing to Thomas, I know I am in good hands.

Pick 2.6 A.J. Green — Green is the right pick here, and he might be a steal at this point in the draft. For the past two years, we have seen Green go in the mid to late first round, and now he is going mid-second. The emergence of Joe Mixon and John Ross should help Green even more this season.

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Pick 2.7 Christian McCaffrey (Roto) — I thought about taking Davante Adams here, but I went with CMC. McCaffrey may not ever get the carries that I am hoping, but in PPR formats he could have close to 80 receptions. I feel that it took CMC time to warm up in the Panthers offense last season and former OC Mike Shula could not find ways to get him into space. With a new OC and another year under his belt, CMC ascends to the upper echelon of Fantasy RBs in 2018.

Pick 2.8 Davante Adams — With Jordy Nelson in Oakland and Randall Cobb dealing with one injury after another, Adams is Aaron Rodgers’ number one WR option and needs to be valued that way in drafts.

Pick 2.9 Doug Baldwin — The Seahawks passing game is going to struggle without Jimmy Graham and Paul Richardson. Tyler Lockett is not a guy you can feed the football to all game, so it will be incumbent upon Baldwin to be Wilson’s go-to target machine all season. He makes for a smart pick here.

Pick 2.10 Devonta Freeman — This is the point in the draft that I start to get queasy. It’s not that I don’t like these players, it’s that I don’t love them. Freeman’s terrific, but he shares time with Tevin Coleman, and he can’t seem to stay healthy. I am putting Freeman’s name here because of his talent and because I think that this is where most people will take him — I might not be one of those people.

Pick 2.11 Tyreek Hill — I am going to take Hill here for one main reason: I know that there are a few RBs I like here (Mixon, McCoy, Henry, Howard) and I know if I take Hill here I will be able to get at least one of them as my pick in the 3rd round. This way I don’t lose the player I want (Hill), and I can still get one of the players I also want with my next pick.

Pick 2.12 Joe Mixon — Once again, this pick is up for debate. I think a lot of Fantasy owners might look at LeSean McCoy here, while others might take Jordan Howard or even TY Hilton. I will take Mixon mainly because I think the Bengals misused him all last season (remember that Jeremy Hill was their starter?) and they will do whatever they can to put the ball in his hands in 2018.

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