FFWC Women of Fantasy Draft Recap

#WOFF at Circa Las Vegas

FFWC Women of Fantasy Draft Recap

The inaugural Women of Fantasy Football draft at Circa Las Vegas was a raging success! FullTime Fantasy hosted some of the most respected women in the industry at the legendary Hospitality Suite, overlooking the gorgeous view of Stadium Swim. There was lots of fun, plenty of trash-talking (I’m looking at you Jen Piacenti and Lindsay Rhodes), as well as some heartwarming moments.

The entire event was a raging success and a great time was had by all. But the real question is, how did each lady do in the draft? Well, first, let’s take a look at the draft order:

  1. Madi Kroll, Fantasy Football Analyst
  2. Stephie Smalls, Fantasy Football Analyst
  3. Kimra Scheicher, 2016 FFWC Winner
  4. Kelly Singh, Fantasy Football Analyst
  5. Allison Kheel, High-Stakes Veteran
  6. Lindsay Rhodes, Pro Football Analyst (Sports Illustrated)
  7. Linda Godfrey, Fantasy Football Analyst
  8. Samantha Holt, Fantasy Football Analyst, Host & Graphic Designer (Fantasy Life)
  9. Dayna Roselli, Television Anchor
  10. Jen Piacenti, Pro Football Analyst (Sports Illustrated)
  11. JJ Snyder, Television Personality
  12. Mercedes Martinez, Television Host

All Fantasy Football World Championship (FFWC) leagues are PPR (point per reception) and this particular contest has the following starting lineup requirements: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex, 1 TK, 1 DEF. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the draft board from Thursday’s epic event!

Draft Grades

Team Kroll’s Roster & Projected Starting Lineup:

  • QB Jalen Hurts (2.12)
  • RB Nick Chubb (3.01)
  • RB Dameon Pierce (5.01)
  • WR Justin Jefferson (1.01)
  • WR Jerry Jeudy (4.12)
  • WR Michael Pittman (6.12)
  • TE David Njoku (10.12)
  • Flex Gabe Davis (7.01)
  • Flex Allen Lazard (8.12)
  • TK Baltimore Ravens (17.01)
  • DEF / ST New England Patriots (19.01)

Analysis: First of all, Madi Kroll is an absolute trooper and joined the “Fantasy Football Mile High Club” by drafting this team while she was on a flight. This is a very interesting build as Madi was the first person to select a quarterback in the league. She has the best wide receiver in Fantasy Football (Justin Jefferson) and arguably the best quarterback in Jalen Hurts.

While it was a bit too early to grab Hurts for my liking, Hurts never would have lasted until Round 4 so Madi did what she needed to do to get her guy! Nick Chubb at 3.01 was an absolute steal and Dameon Pierce has the ability to completely outperform his ADP in 2023. Pierce led all rookies in YPG last season and has an Offensive Coordinator who averages 7.5 passes per game to running backs. This bodes well for a Houston Texans offense that will be playing catch-up just about every single week. Pierce is practically a LOCK for 14+ points per game and that’s not too shabby for a team’s RB2.

This team is going to be dependent on fringe starters such as Michael Pittman, Gabe Davis, and Allen Lazard. All three of these players have potential for explosive outings but they haven’t been the most consistent players in the past. That being said, David Njoku is a great pick in the 10th round at the tight end position. Considering Madi has some great bench players with massive upside such as Aaron Rodgers, Zay Jones, Brian Robinson, and Nathaniel Dell, I like this team more than I originally did. The Jerry Jeudy injury happened the morning of this draft but I don’t hate the value.

Grade: B

Smallls Squad Roster & Projected Starting Lineup:

  • QB Daniel Jones (8.11)
  • RB Josh Jacobs (3.02)
  • RB JK Dobbins (6.11)
  • WR Ja’Marr Chase (1.02)
  • WR Tee Higgins (2.11)
  • WR Christian Watson (4.11)
  • TE Darren Waller (5.02)
  • Flex Jahan Dotson (7.02)
  • Flex Zack Charbonett (9.02)
  • TK None
  • DEF / ST Pittsburgh Steelers (20.11)

Analysis: As a fellow Giants fan, I absolutely love this build and that’s not me being a homer. Under Brian Daboll, Daniel Jones took a huge step in the right direction in 2022, finishing as the QB9, and made drastic strides in terms of taking care of the football (only five interceptions compared to 15 passing touchdowns and seven rushing touchdowns). Considering the lack of weapons at the wide receiver position in New York, Darren Waller should have no problem leading the team in receptions and receiving yards. I actually think Waller is even better than T.J. Hockenson.

Stephie also has an absolutely explosive wide receiver room led by the duo out of Cincinnati, Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins. In a tournament like this, I love the double-WR stack and her WR3 is none other than Christian Watson, someone who will dominate the target share in Green Bay. Smalls found elite value at the running back position as well. Josh Jacobs in the third round is a steal. This guy was the RB3 in most formats in 2022 and is officially back with the Raiders. And Dobbins at the tail-end of the sixth round is another great value pick. Not to mention, there has been talk that Dotson could outperform Terry McLaurin in Washington this season and he is a big-play threat that can take it to the house at any given moment.

Stephie’s last flex spot is her only weakness but Zach Charbonnet, Kadarius Toney, or Jaylen Warren could all become quite relevant early in the season. Warren is a Najee Harris injury away from having RB1 upside. Stephie knocked this draft out of the park. She will just need to add a kicker before the season begins.


 Grade: A-

Queen of Kings’ Roster & Projected Starting Lineup:     

  • QB Deshaun Watson (9.03)
  • RB Christian McCaffrey (1.03)
  • RB Javonte Williams (5.03)
  • WR Calvin Ridley (2.10)
  • WR DK Metcalf (3.03)
  • WR Brandon Aiyuk (4.10)
  • TE Chigoziem Okonkwo (12.10)
  • Flex James Cook (6.10)
  • Flex JSN (7.03) or Michael Thomas (8.10)
  • TK Seattle Seahawks (20.10)
  • DEF / ST Philadelphia Eagles (17.03)

Analysis: Kimra knows what she is doing and it shows. This woman won the Main Event ($150,000) back in 2016 and knows this format very well. She started the draft with the best running back in Fantasy in Christian McCaffrey and her RB2 is being slept on by many in the high-stakes community but the FullTime Fantasy team absolutely LOVES Javonte Williams. And if Williams isn’t able to go in Week 1 (which he should be), Kimra was able to add Buffalo Bills starter James Cook in the sixth round. He will be a weekly starter in Year 2.

As for the wide receiver room, Kimra is known as the “Yellow Sticker Girl” and for good reason. After selecting CMC, she grabbed three solid wideouts in a row: Calvin Ridley (perhaps 2023’s Comeback Player of the Year), DK Metcalf, and Brandon Aiyuk. Plus, getting Deshaun Watson in Round 9 (after Kirk Cousins, Tua Tagovailoa, and Daniel Jones) was one of her best picks of the draft. I absolutely love her Flex options between Cook, JSN, and Michael Thomas. Those wideouts have some serious upside if they can meet or exceed expectations. Both could seriously contend for WR2 numbers.

Kimra’s only weakness is at the tight end position but considering how long she waited, Okonkwo isn’t bad value late in the 12th round. Hopkins’ arrival may limit his target share but the quality of targets should improve. Kimra was even able to handcuff CMC with Elijah Mitchell, proving just how much of an expert she is at this game we all adore. Overall, this team has the capacity to win the whole league. 

Grade: A 

Kelly’s Krew Roster & Projected Starting Lineup: 

  • QB Lamar Jackson (3.04)
  • RB Dalvin Cook (4.09)
  • RB James Conner (7.04)
  • WR Stefon Diggs (1.04)
  • WR Zay Flowers (5.04)
  • WR Terry McLaurin (6.09)
  • TE Mark Andrews (2.09)
  • Flex JuJu Smith-Schuster (8.09)
  • Flex Antonio Gibson (9.04)
  • TK Buffalo Bills (18.09)
  • DEF / ST Baltimore Ravens (19.04)

Analysis: Kelly is an All-Star considering she drafted just one day after serious surgery to combat breast cancer. She also had the least traditional roster construction of anyone in this draft with a monster Baltimore Ravens stack. Four of her 11 starters are Ravens. I love the Lamar Jackson to Mark Andrews build but I think Kelly may have picked both players a tad too early. After selecting Andrews in the second round, no tight end came off the board until the fifth round. If Andrews doesn’t considerably outproduce Darren Waller, T.J. Hockenson, and George Kittle, that may have been a misfired pick.

Kelly also surprisingly took Lamar Jackson over Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen, something you don’t typically see in the Fantasy world. As much as I love bold picks, this is too risky in my opinion. Dalvin Cook was also selected far too early for my liking. I think Kelly is going to have an uphill battle to climb into the postseason but I do love her wideouts in Stefon Diggs, Zay Flowers, and Terry McLaurin. And James Conner in Round 7 is pretty solid value considering the Cardinals have nobody else to give the ball to until Kyler Murray returns. 

With Lamar Jackson receiving a contract he’s happy with, along with the addition of Offensive Coordinator, Todd Monken, the Jackson-Andrews stack was my main goal in the draft. Andrews has been the top receiver three of his five years with the Ravens (four of his five years if we count the year he was short by 60 or so yards). Todd Monken is known to utilize the TE position heavily, running plays with multiple TEs and plays designed specifically for players like Mark Andrews. I predict the Lamar-to-Andrews connection to be the stack of the season.” – Kelly Singh

Grade: C+

Football Bimbo’s Roster & Projected Starting Lineup:

  • QB Dak Prescott (11.05)
  • RB Rhamondre Stevenson (4.08)
  • RB Alexander Mattison (7.05)
  • WR Cooper Kupp (1.05)
  • WR Jaylen Waddle (2.07)
  • WR Keenan Allen (3.05)
  • TE Dallas Goedert (8.08)
  • Flex Mike Williams (5.05)
  • Flex Diontae Johnson (6.08)
  • TK Kansas City Chiefs
  • DEF / ST Buffalo Bills

Analysis: This is my favorite build of the entire draft. Allison Kheel is an FFWC veteran and she absolutely dominated this draft. In this format, wide receivers are key and she wasted no time selecting Cooper Kupp, Jaylen Waddle, and Keenan Allen within the first three rounds. That’s three top-15 receivers leading the way for this squad.

Allison remained patient at the quarterback and tight end positions and still landed Dak Prescott and Dallas Goedert, two players that should finish within the top 12 at their respective positions easily. Goedert could be a top-five tight end for that matter.

Meanwhile, she took the best player available in every other round and although her running back room is lacking a bit, her wide receivers are the best in the league with Mike Williams and Diontae Johnson serving as her two Flex spots. Not to mention, Stevenson in Round 4 and Mattison in Round 7 are solid values.

And she grabbed five late-round running backs highlighted by Rashaad Penny and Tajae Spears in case one of her starters goes down and has plenty of depth at wide receiver in rookie Quentin Jonhston and Tyler Boyd. This is the team to beat if Prescott remains healthy. Allison took a bit of a gamble by not selecting a second quarterback but I think it will pay off handsomely. 

With three WR spots and two Flex spots, you essentially need five quality wide receivers, so that was my primary goal in the draft. Generally, I tend to believe that running backs are overrated because running backs are all about volume and tend to be injury prone.” – Allison Kheel 

Grade: A+

Team Rhodes’ Roster & Projected Starting Lineup:

  • QB Patrick Mahomes (3.05)
  • RB Miles Sanders (6.07)
  • RB Alvin Kamara (7.06)
  • WR Tyreek Hill (1.06)
  • WR Devonta Smith (2.07)
  • WR DeAndre Hopkins (4.07)
  • TE T.J. Hockenson (5.06)
  • Flex Khalil Herbert (8.07)
  • Flex Skyy Moore (9.06)
  • TK None
  • DEF / ST New York Jets

Analysis: Not only does Lindsay have a scary starting lineup but she has a very deep bench led by Romeo Doubs, Odell Beckham, Kendre Miller, and Anthony Richardson. The Miller pick was pivotal considering her RB2, Alvin Kamara, is suspended for the first three games of the season.

While Lindsay’s running backs leave a bit to be desired, the Khalil Herbert pick in Round 8 was money in the bank. Plus, she arguably has the best quarterback in the NFL and has three top-tier wideouts in Tyreek Hill, Devonta Smith, and DeAndre Hopkins. Hill and Smith should each finish within the top-10 wide receivers and Nuk may not be the player he once was, but he’s a heck of a WR3.

T.J. Hockenson was an absolute monster after being traded from the Detroit Lions to the Minnesota Vikings last year and is easily a top-five tight end. Great value in the fifth round. Skyy Moore could be volatile but Lindsay has plenty of solid receivers on the bench who could take his place if he doesn’t start the season on the same page with Mahomes. If he does, that could be a league-winning stack!

I’m not a huge fan of going QB early, but I think there’s value there this year, so when 2 QBs went ahead of Mahomes, I decided to pull the trigger on his consistency. Hoping the stack with Skyy Moore- as a lower round guy I think will be targeted a lot in the offense- pays off.” – Lindsay Rhodes

Grade: B+


Linda’s Crew Roster & Projected Starting Lineup: 

  • QB Josh Allen (3.07)
  • RB Austin Ekeler (1.07)
  • RB Derrick Henry (2.06)
  • WR Drake London (4.06)
  • WR Mike Evans (6.06)
  • WR Jordan Addison (7.07)
  • TE Dalton Kincaid (9.07)
  • Flex Breece Hall (5.07)
  • Flex Courtland Sutton (8.06)
  • TK Los Angeles Chargers (18.06)
  • DEF / ST Denver Broncos (19.07)

Analysis: Linda is the only player who started the draft with back-to-back running backs and boy oh boy, did she hit the jackpot. Although the Chargers are going to throw a ton with Justin Herbert under center, the offense still runs through Austin Ekeler.

Meanwhile, Tennessee is going to run Derrick Henry into the ground and opposing defenses can no longer stack the box with DeAndre Hopkins on the outside as a deep-ball threat. Breece Hall should emerge as a top-15 running back once he’s fully healthy so she’s got an edge at the first Flex spot. And you can’t complain about Josh Allen at the quarterback position.

Although I like Dalton Kincaid and the potential stack with Allen, it was a smart move to select Evan Engram as well since we all know that rookie tight ends tend to struggle. But the biggest problem with this roster is the wide receivers. While I really like Jordan Addison, I’m not a huge fan of Drake London who has yet to prove anything in the NFL and still needs to develop a rapport with Desmond Ridder. And I just don’t see Baker Mayfield’s strengths aligning with Mike Evans’ ability to get open deep. Mayfield doesn’t have the arm strength to complement Evans’ skillset. I must admit that the late dart throw of Mecole Hardman is very intriguing, especially since Corey Davis retired from the Jets.

Overall, this team can compete but Linda may need to be active on the waiver wire early at the wide receiver position. Fortunately, she has a quarterback and running backs who she can lock into her lineup every single week without a second thought. 

Austin Ekeler finished last season No. 4 overall in PPR points. He is a touchdown machine and led all running backs in targets in 2022. Derrick Henry catches flack in PPR leagues because he’s not a pass catcher, but with his 13 touchdowns and 1,429 yards, he finished with more PPG than Stefon Diggs and AJ Brown last season in fantasy-relevant weeks (Weeks 1-17). Getting them at RB3 and RB6, respectively, was a risk I was willing to take to shore up my RB room.” – Linda Godfrey

Grade: B-

Team Holt’s Roster & Projected Starting Lineup:

  • QB Trevor Lawrence (7.08)
  • RB Jahmyr Gibbs (3.08)
  • RB Kenneth Walker (6.05)
  • WR Chris Olave (2.05)
  • WR Chris Godwin (4.05)
  • WR Christian Kirk (5.08)
  • TE Travis Kelce (1.08)
  • Flex Isiah Pacheco (8.05)
  • Flex Elijah Moore (9.08)
  • TK Atlanta Falcons (20.05)
  • DEF / ST New Orleans Saints (19.08)

Analysis: Sam went with the Travis Kelce build and can you really blame her drafting from the eight hole? She also got great value on her two Jaguars in Round 5 (Christian Kirk) and Round 7 (Trevor Lawrence). If they can do what they did in 2022, this team has some serious moxie and could make a postseason run.

While I absolutely loved the Gibbs pick in Round 3, I think Sam may have taken Chris Olave slightly early. Yes, he’s a stud but is he better than Jaylen Waddle and Devonta Smith? If Michael Thomas returns to form, Olave may not be the WR1 Sam was hoping to get in Round 2.

That said, I love her flex positions with Isiah Pacheco who should score a ton of touchdowns for one of the highest-scoring offenses in the league and I am a huge believer in Elijah Moore. Sam did an excellent job securing a quality bench, specifically with Michael Mayer (who the FullTime Fantasy team thinks will be the top rooke tight end in 2023), Marvin Mims, and Deuce Vaughn. Overall, a very solid draft.

Picking eighth, I wanted to see which top receiver I could land. Looking at who was available, Kelce provided the most secure floor. Additionally, the Jags’ offense as a whole is exciting as they’ll look to repeat and improve on their firepower from last year. I like the balance of Lawrence with Kirk. Ridley’s return to the league will have defenses looking to slow him down with double coverage, which should make Kirk a safety target for Lawrence.” – Samantha Holt

Grade: B+

Team Roselli’s Roster & Projected Starting Lineup: 

  • QB Justin Herbert (5.09)
  • RB Bijan Robinson (1.09)
  • RB Travis Etienne (3.09)
  • WR Garrett Wilson (2.04)
  • WR DJ Moore (4.04)
  • WR Treylon Burks (8.04)
  • TE Kyle Pitts (7.09)
  • Flex Rachaad White (6.04)
  • Flex Jakobi Meyers (9.09)
  • TK Las Vegas Raiders (18.04)
  • DEF / ST Miami Dolphins (19.09)

Analysis: In a PPR league, I’m just not a very big fan of Dayna’s wide receivers. Garrett Wilson was a huge value pick in the second round but DJ Moore is tough to trust on a Chicago team that should run the ball a ton and Treylon Burks will now have more competition for targets with DeAndre Hopkins joining the Titans.

That said, her running backs are elite with rookie Bijan Robinson and Jaguars RB Travis Etienne. However, I’m not on the Robinson bandwagon as much as many others and I believe Tyler Allgier will still see plenty of reps.

Subsequently, I love the Justin Herbet pick in the fifth round and simply wish Dayna could have added Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, or Quentin Johnston for a nice little Chargers stack. Instead, she has two players on what could be one of the lowest-scoring offenses in the Atlanta Falcons (Robinson and Kyle Pitts). Not a bad draft but not one of the top drafts either.

“My draft picks leave me optimistic heading into Week 1. As we all know a lot can happen once regular season play begins. As far as unproven talent goes… I think it’s a big mistake to rule anyone out just because they don’t have a professional track record. The more important thing to look at is their potential and I think Bijan Robinson has that in spades. In life, I prefer to give people a shot and that’s exactly what I’m doing with Bijan.”Dayna Roselli

 Grade: C

Team Piacenti’s Roster & Projected Starting Lineup:

  • QB Justin Fields (6.03)
  • RB Joe Mixon (3.10)
  • RB Jonathan Taylor (4.03)
  • WR CeeDee Lamb (1.10)
  • WR Davante Adams (2.03)
  • WR Tyler Lockett (5.10)
  • TE Dalton Schultz (11.10)
  • Flex Cam Akers (7.10)
  • Flex Marquise Brown (8.03)
  • TK None
  • DEF / ST Dallas Cowboys (18.03)

Analysis: If JT plays a full season (regardless of what team he’s on), Jennifer may have the best team in this league. She got immense value on Taylor (2021’s RB1) and Joe Mixon is no slouch himself. I absolutely loved the way she started her draft with CeeDee Lamb and Davante Adams (and not just because she’s a Cowboys fan). If those two receivers remain healthy, the sky is the limit for Team Piacenti.

Jennifer rounded out her starting wide receiver corps with Tyler Lockett in the fifth round. I also love the Cam Akers pick at the end of Round 7. People seem to forget just how dominant Akers was when he finally returned at the end of the 2022 season. He played 72+% of the offensive snaps in five of the last six games, including 100% in the finale. And over that span, he averaged 17.3 carries, 85.3 rushing yards, and one rushing touchdown per game. If he can replicate those numbers, he may just be the steal of the draft.

While I’m not sold on Marquise Brown (specifically without Kyler Murray), Samaje Perine or Jonathan Mingo could take his place in the starting lineup if he struggles with Arizona’s new signal caller, whoever that may be.  And despite waiting long for her tight end, Dalton Schultz has a legitimate shot at leading the Texans in receptions and receiving yards. She was able to snag Schultz AFTER Dalton Kincaid, Tyler Higbee, and Cole Kmet. Schultz should outperform all three of those tight ends so that was a money pick in the 11th round. Last but not least, Justin Fields mesmerized people last year and with a better supporting cast in 2023, there is no reason to think he won’t improve on last season’s numbers. It’s no surprise that this gal from Sports Illustrated drafted an impressive squad.

In a tournament as big as this one and in a league with such savvy drafters, there was no way to pass on the potential upside of JT in the fourth round. Even if JT doesn’t play a single snap this year, it’s possible to win a league if your fourth-round pick doesn’t pan out. If he does play, the sky’s the limit.” – Jennifer Piacenti

Grade: A-

Team Snyder’s Roster & Projected Starting Lineup:

  • QB Kirk Cousins (7.11)
  • RB Saquon Barkley (2.02)
  • RB Najee Harris (3.11)
  • WR A.J. Brown (1.11)
  • WR Amari Cooper (4.02)
  • WR George Pickens (5.11)
  • TE Pat Freiermuth (10.02)
  • Flex Aaron Jones (6.02)
  • Flex David Montgomery (8.02)
  • TK Chicago Bears
  • DEF / ST None

Analysis: JJ Snyder clearly is all in on the Pittsburgh Steelers this season! While I’m not a fan of Najee Harris at all, I do love George Pickens’ upside and Pat Freiermuth’s floor (especially in Round 10)! Team Snyder nailed her first two picks with A.J. Brown and Saquon Barkley. These NFC East players are top-tier talents and their respective offenses run through them. It’s the Harris pick that started to turn this draft sideways for JJ but she was able to keep her composure and grab some very safe players to fill out her roster.

I’m a bigger fan of Kirk Cousins than most so I don’t mind that she drafted him before Tua and Danny Dimes, but I wouldn’t have taken Cousins over Deshaun Watson. Still, this is a very respectable starting lineup even with two running backs in the Flex spots (Aaron Jones and David Montgomery).

And I love that JJ drafted both Rashee Rice and Justyn Ross. One of those Kansas City receivers is going to get it going late in the season and could potentially be starter-worthy in an 11-man lineup.

My main issue with this roster construction is that if the Steelers struggle, this team isn’t going anywhere. On the flip side, if Pittsburgh’s offense surprises folks and Kenny Pickett can put together a solid campaign, Team Snyder could finish atop the standings.  

Grade: B-

Team Mercedes’ Roster & Projected Starting Lineup:

  • QB Joe Burrow (4.01)
  • RB Tony Pollard (2.01)
  • RB D’Andre Swift (7.12)
  • WR Amon-Ra St. Brown (1.12)
  • WR Deebo Samuel (3.12)
  • WR Brandin Cooks (6.01)
  • TE George Kittle (5.12)
  • Flex Jamaal Williams (11.12)
  • Flex Tyler Higbee (10.01)
  • TK Cincinnati Bengals (18.01)
  • DEF / ST San Francisco 49ers (9.12)

Analysis: Okay, obviously Mercedes has some sort of superstition about drafting a defense early but that was clearly her biggest mistake. There is no guarantee that the Niners will have the best defense in 2023 and even if they do, the difference in points is much smaller than the difference between a top-tier skill position and an intermediate player.

Although I loved Mercades’ first two picks in Amon-Ra St. Brown and Tony Pollard, I think she took Joe Burrow slightly too early and things could get messy with both Deebo Samuel and George Kittle in the starting lineup when we know the Niners’ offense runs through Christian McCaffrey. The value on Kittle was excellent but I just don’t know if Brock Purdy can do the unthinkable again.

I do like D’Andre Swift a lot more than most other analysts but even with Swift, there are a few holes in this starting lineup, specifically at the WR3 and Flex spots. Mercedes may need to pay close attention to the waiver wire this season. 


 Grade: C-

Final Prediction:

Four teams will make the postseason. Here are the four teams I predict to make it:

  1. Football Bimbo – Allison Kheel
  2. Team Piacenti – Jennifer Piacenti
  3. Queen of Kings – Kimra Schleicher
  4. Smallls Squad – Stephie Smallls

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