Week 5: What the experts are saying now in our premium forum

Find out what the experts are saying now in our premium forum! We've highlight a few recent questions from our subscribers and our experts' responses.

Jacksonville Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette

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QUESTION: I asked this before and forgot to mention brown is a keeper for me and I’m hesitant to do the trade because I believe he has not hit his peak value yet. But convince me otherwise I have been contemplating the trade still haha. There are no other keepers involved in the trade

Getting the thielen side of this deal in ppr..

Hollywood brown and golladay for Jacobs and thielen.

Rest of my roster is…(starting qb, 2rb,1te3wr, 2flx)

K.murray,Mixon, miles Sanders, golladay, e.sanders, dj Moore,j.graham, D.singletary, Hollywood brown


C.davis, C.hyde, Mclaurin, Drake, Keesean Johnson, A. Isabella

Would you do this deal? My initial reaction is no because the volume brown is getting alone is better than thielens I believe and I think golladay has wr1 upside still.

ANSWER: From Shawn Childs – Golladay is worth more than Thielen in a keeper league due to age.

Jacobs is a better keeper than Brown.

I’d much rather own Thielen than Brown.

I’d rather own Golladay than Jacobs.

Therefore, keep Golladay and do what you must with Brown.

Editor’s reply: I much prefer the Brown/Galladay side of the deal.

QUESTION: Eagles vs Jets, Panthers vs Jags, Jags @ Panthers, or 49ers vs Browns? Standard scoring. Thanks for the help.

ANSWER: From Matt De Lima – The Eagles are the play here. Love the matchup

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QUESTION?: PPR – All leagues .5 PPR.

League 1
FLEX pick 1- C. Thompson, M. Williams, C. Davis, R. Freeman, Gallup, Wilkins
League 2
FLEX pick 1-  A. Robinson, G. Tate, McCoy, Gallman, Montgomery, Breida

ANSWER: From Shawn Childs – Need more info on Williams

Thompson for now

Gallman if Barkley doesn’t crawl on the field.

Editor’s reply: If Williams plays, I go with him. If he’s out, I prefer Gallup. Then in your other league I think Gallman is the play assuming Barkley is out of course

QUESTION: Is Darrel Williams worth dropping in a 12-team Non PPR League? My RBs are Kamara/Fournette/Freeman/Murray.

Hunter Henry, Mostert, Wilkins are on waivers. My current TE is Walker. Thoughts? Thank you in advance.

ANSWER: From Shawn Childs – He played well enough to keep and Damien Williams isn’t a lock to start or even see RB2 snaps.

Editor’s reply: I’d keep Williams but I also want Hunter Henry. I’d drop a backup QB or backup DEF if those are options.

QUESTION: Would you trade make this trade in 1 point PPR? my fournette for his D Montgomery and Agholor?

Initial thoughts are no,  but may be able to counter Montgomery/ertz for dissly/fournette. Trying to look toward the future for a playoff run. my other players are:

RB: Kamara, Penny, R Jones, Singletary

WR: Godwin, G Tate, Moore, Chark

ANSWER: From Shawn Childs – I’m not doing the first deal. I’d keep Fournette.

Editor’s reply: Agree with Shawn, I’d keep Fournette as well.


ANSWER: From Shawn Childs – So you have ten WRs? Diggs and Woods would have been my top choice followed by Fuller and Ridley.

Editor’s reply: I’ll pick four like Shawn did and say Diggs, Woods (little late now but I’d still have played him.) Then Ridley and Fuller. I’m not in love with Fuller this year though.