2018 Fantasy Football World Player Rankings Revealed (#1 to 30)

FullTime Fantasy Sports is proud to reveal our annual Fantasy Football World Rankings! We've now revealed the #1 to #30 ranked players.

2018 Fantasy Football World Rankings!

30. Tom Northrop

29. Michael Foresta: We spoke to Michael about his ranking – “Being one of the best in the world at something…no matter what it is…is a huge accomplishment…it’s a bonus if it’s in something that you absolutely love and would be doing even if you were one of the worst in the world at it.”

28. Frank Taddeo:

My overall world ranking is truly an honor. I am humbled and blessed for the opportunity to be ranked among the world’s greatest players.  For me, it all began over 25 years ago back in Staten Island playing in home leagues against friends. The passion for fantasy sports began years before the birth of the internet, waiting for box scores to come out in the newspaper the day after the games, and updating the league standings with pencil and paper. To be able to hone my skills over nearly three decades led to creating and operating the only successful over-the-counter fantasy betting program in a Las Vegas Sportsbook years before the arrival of DraftKings and FanDuel. I have several top 8 overall finishes in the FFWC Main Event and numerous high stakes league championships and dominator awards. However, becoming the first ever back-to-back FFWC Top 100 Players in the World Invitational Champion the past two years against the best season long players in the world, is easily my proudest accomplishment thus far playing high stakes.

27. Tyler Shamy
26. Craig Bodenmiller

25. David Kheel: It’s a great honor to be ranked in the top 30. Last year was just my third year playing high stakes fantasy football and I’ve loved every minute of it. The challenge of playing against so many other great players makes playing at FFWC truly special, and to be ranked in the top 30 makes me truly proud. Of course, like any good competitor I want to be #1 so I’m looking forward to another great year this year and hopefully I can continue to climb up the rankings.

24. Paul Felker
23. Joe Lynott
22. James Stroud
21. Matt Mitchell
20. Ryan Sevier
19. John Rozek
18. Jason Conn

17. Danny Gipson – “There are so many talented fantasy football players and to be recognized as one as well is very rewarding. Many feel fantasy football is all about luck and while there is some luck involved, it’s a game of decision making and skill and I’m honored to be recognized in this capacity.”

16. Mark “Dr. Roto” Bloom

15. Darren Newberry – “It’s exciting to be considered one of the top 30 players, especially knowing the many talented players out there.  That recognition is awesome and I’m looking forward to trying to move up the rankings even more in the coming years, which is going to be tough with the competition out there.”

14. David Strand
13. Richard Mallon
12. Matt Bayley
11. Don Terminiello

10. Andrew Palermo – “There’s no better contest in the world, iron sharpens iron”

9. Kevin Kirves
8. David Martino

7. Pat Sorge – “I’m honored to be in the top 30 players in the world with all the great fantasy footballers out there. Truthfully I had a really good year last year but I don’t think my accomplishments hold a candle to those folks!”

6. Brad Kruse – “I’m honored and pleased to be considered amongst the top fantasy football players.  This hobby attracts some of the greatest sports enthusiasts and analytical minds. It’s always fun talking with the fantasy community at the annual event in Vegas.  Thanks for all the hard work compiling this list and tracking the data.”

5. Kimra Schleicher

4. Mike Santos

3. Kurt Kuekes

2. Brian Owens

1. Chad Schroeder

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