FullTime Fantasy Show: Friday, July 26 Notes

Follow along today's episode of the FullTime Fantasy Show hosted by Dr. Roto and Adam Ronis! Peep these summary notes provided by new comer Aren Kevakian.

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Hour 1

5:21 – 9:20: Ronis asks Jim Day where he would draft Tyreek Hill. Tyreek Hill vs. Michael Thomas
10:45 – 19:50: Ronis asks Jim if he’d drop Sterling Shepherd because of his thumb injury. Jim says he’ll drop him a little bit. Ronis and Jim discuss Corey Coleman’s ACL injury and which Giants receiver is most appealing. Ronis asks if the Giants are becoming unwatchable like the Mets.
21:49 – 28:10: Ronis says 49ers RB Jerick McKinnon will start camp on the PUP list. He asks Jim how this will affect where he drafts him and Ronis says that he wasn’t impressed by Tevin Coleman last year.
28:55 – 30:30: Ronis says he doesn’t know if he’ll take Melvin Gordon early. He asks Jim where the right spot to take him is.
34:28 – 37:00: Ronis and Jim continue to discuss the Melvin Gordon situation and how holding out affects players. They discuss how NFL guaranteed money is not fair compared to the NBA and MLB.
37:01 – 46:05: Jim teases Adam about the Cowboys. Adam argues that they have won the division three out of the last five seasons and his problem is with the coaching staff. Ronis asks Jim if he is concerned about Zeke and his holdout. They also discuss how Dallas can’t pay all three main guys (Dak, Zeke, Cooper) top-dollar money, and they have to decide which they want to pay. Adam says that Amari Cooper is happy in Dallas. Amari Cooper vs. Adam Thielen and A.J. Green.

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Hour 2

2:38 – 8:40: Ronis and Jim discuss the Dolphins RB situation.
14:40 – 16:00: Ronis asks Jim if he prefers Geronimo Allison or Marques Valdez-Scantling.
18:17 – 20:11: Ronis wonders why Kareem Hunt’s ADP is so high at 108, since he is missing most of the regular season.
27:51 – 28:22: Ronis says that Jerry Jones spoke about Zeke and said that ‘this doesn’t diminish excitement for this team.’ Jim asks Ronis if he would draft Tony Pollard if Zeke does holdout.
41:19 – 44:42: In Steelers camp, the receivers in 12 personnel are JuJu Smith-Schuster and Donte Moncrief.
44:44 – 53:40: Ronis goes over the ADPs of Seahawks running backs Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny. Ronis asks Jim about Russell Wilson’s throwing stats.
57:47 – 59:32: Ronis and Jim talk about the Texans receivers and Ronis wraps up the show.

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