FullTime Fantasy Show: Friday, July 19th Notes

Follow along today's episode of the FullTime Fantasy Show hosted by Dr. Roto and Adam Ronis! Peep these summary notes provided by new comer Aren Kevakian.

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Hour 1

1:38 – 21:40: Doc and Ronis talk about Tyreek Hill and how he won’t be suspended by the NFL. Ronis doesn’t understand how Zeke was suspended for 6 games but Hill wasn’t suspended at all for a much more severe case. They also discuss how young athletes aren’t mature and how veteran athletes are humble and don’t do outlandish things.
25:54 – 36:32: Doc and Ronis discuss where Tyreek Hill will get drafted ahead of certain receivers and if Mahomes can repeat his success from last season.
41:07- 45:00: Doc and Ronis discuss their draft from mockdraftnow.com and who they picked.
45:05 – 48:51: Doc and Ronis talk about Dan LeBatard discussing Trump on ESPN and how you shouldn’t mix sports and politics together, as Ronis explains that people watch sports to get way from politics.
49:03 – 51:41: Doc asks Ronis what prevents people from waiting to draft a QB in later rounds.
51:42 – 54:25: Doc and Ronis talk about the Texans schedule and how Deshaun Watson can beat some of the tough defenses they face late in the season.

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Hour 2

11:31 – 18:43: Ronis compares Tyreek Hill to other receivers and says he’d draft some of them over Hill and that he’ll get drafted in the early 2nd round.
27:25 – 31:07: Ronis talks about some things he likes and doesn’t like about the Online Championship from July 17.
32:13 – 45:41: Ronis talks to Andy Singleton about where he would draft Tyreek Hill and how that affects where the other Chiefs are drafted, such as Travis Kelce and Damien Williams. Ronis asks him what he thinks about Le’Veon Bell.
47:08 – 49:07: Ronis gives some baseball news and wraps up the show.

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