Dr. Roto Podcast – Monday, March 19

Dr. Roto discusses the big NFL trade and previews the Oakland A's from a Fantasy Baseball perspective!

Matt Olson — I am “all in” on Olson of the Oakland A’s this season. I have him in FSTA, LABR, TOUT WARS, and my home league. In fact, when I couldn’t be at the Tout Wars Draft, I told the person drafting for me, “Do not come home without Matt Olson.”  Why am I so “in” on Olson this season? POWER. Many people will point to Olson’s lack of doubles (2) as a potential problem with his game. I am fine with the lack of doubles considering he hit 24 HR in 189 at bats. In fact, I think that Olson might be the only person who can beat Aaron Judge for the AL home run title this season. The key for Olson is going to be his batting average. If he can find a way to hit north of .250, he will turn out to be a monster. If he hits an Adam Dunn-like .220, he could kill you in one category.

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Marcus Semien — Semien gets overlooked by Fantasy owners (possibly because he plays in Oakland?) but he really shouldn’t. Semien has a wonderful blend of power and speed that projects out to be around 25-15 if he can get 500 at bats. Semien’s batting average will hover around .245 (which is a problem), but if you can support him with the right batting average guys around him, then I think you will be very pleased.

Khris Davis — At your draft remember that the A’s monster power hitter is Khris with a “K” and not a “C.” Davis is automatic for 40-100 and is a fixture in the middle of the A’s lineup. An interesting thing to note about Davis is that his batting average has been .247 for three consecutive years.


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